Mike Levin and Harley Rouda

Democratic candidates for the U.S. Congress from Southern California, Mike Levin, left, and Harley Rouda spoke Sunday at Lyman Park, along with Congressman Mike Thompson and members of Students for Change, including its founder Larkin Dewyer. The event was sponsored by Blue Wave Napa Valley.

More than 60 Napa and Sonoma valley residents joined Congressman Mike Thompson and Blue Wave Napa Valley in Lyman Park on Sunday to meet Democratic Congressional candidates Harley Rouda and Mike Levin.

Blue Wave Napa Valley has pledged to raise $100,000 to support three California candidates that have a good chance to help “flip” Congress from red to blue in the November election. The third is Katie Hill, who could not be present on Sunday because of a previous engagement. All three are running in districts listed as toss-ups or leaning blue, which is why Blue Wave Napa Valley is trying to help “flip” them.

Thompson spoke highly of the three candidates, who have also been endorsed by former President Barack Obama.

“This election is so important and we do not want to end up on Nov. 7 wondering if we could have done more. We have a chance to win back Congress because of exceptional candidates like Harley, Mike and Katie,” Thompson said.

Rouda, Hill and Levin are all first-time candidates. On Sunday, Rouda and Levin spoke about why they decided to run in this election.

Rouda (District 48) is a successful businessman and entrepreneur living in Orange County. He understands the need to foster a robust economy but also wants to see all boats rise in the process.

Levin, an environmental lawyer from San Clemente (District 49), has two young children and said he is concerned about climate change and clean energy. Both candidates spoke about the importance of providing educational opportunities, access to health care and nurturing families. All three have refused to accept corporate PAC funds for their campaigns.

Also speaking on Sunday was St. Helena High School student Larkin Dewyer, who is founder of Students for Change.

Julie Jenanyan, Lisa Toller, Mary Stephenson, Beth Myers, Susan Duryea and Larkin Dewyer make up the steering committee for Blue Wave Napa Valley.

“These candidates embody the values, integrity and goals that our own Mike Thompson brings to his office and need our help to win their districts,” said Jenanyan, founder of the group.

To learn more or to donate, visit bluewavenapavalley.com.

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