A 23-year-old man may be sent to prison for breaking into the Napa Valley residences of Nancy Pelosi, minority leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, actor Robert Redford and others in 2012, according to court records.

Kevin Hagan of Napa pleaded guilty last week in Napa County Superior Court to five counts of burglary with special allegations for the residential burglaries in St. Helena and in the eastern hills above the Silverado Trail, according to records.

Hagan is scheduled to be sentenced Dec. 4. Under the plea agreement, Hagan will be sentenced to four years, eight months in state prison, court records indicate.

Hagan, who could have faced more than two decades in state prison, is expected to receive credit for his time served in the Napa County jail since his arrest in November 2012, according to Jess Raphael, his defense attorney, and Napa County District Attorney Gary Lieberstein.

Hagan was charged with burglarizing the Pelosi residence in St. Helena on Election Day when she was winning re-election to Congress from her district in San Francisco, according to court records.

Hagan was apprehended on Nov. 7, 2012, after the fifth burglary. He did not know he had entered Pelosi’s home until he saw a piece of mail and realized he had a big problem, said his attorney.

At the time of his arrest, he had a watch from Pelosi’s house and Bose headphones from another residence in his possession, the Napa County Sheriff’s Office said.

Raphael said his client suffers from Klinefelter’s syndrome, a chromosomal disorder similar to autism, and a heart condition. The chromosomal disorder causes an impulse control issue that led him to commit the burglaries, he said.

Raphael said his client “did not appreciate the wrongfulness of what he was doing.” He did not know who Redford was, Raphael said.

California is among a handful of states that do not recognize irresistible, impulsive behavior caused by a mental or physical disability as a defense, Raphael said.

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