This past weekend, I attended my cousin’s wedding in the small coastal town of Matunuck, R.I. It had been way too long since all of the living generations had been able to be in one place at the same time.

As nuggets of our lives were shared, a few of the cousins playfully teased our aunt who isn’t exactly Steve Jobs. She chooses to keep her world the way it always has been with no cell phone or tablet to preoccupy her time.

This sparked a fantastic conversation about connection with people and the world around us. Being the brilliantly silly family that we are, we came up with a slogan for the weekend. “Life at 10 mph.”

It seems like we are driving through life at 75 mph. Blurry images are caught in peripheral vision, but details are almost always obscured. We are writing emails while waiting in the coffee drive-thru, having conference calls on our morning walks, or texting while in line at the store. We are so busy with life that it is easy to overlook what matters most. Every day is smashed into the next and it seems like there is never the opportunity to look up.

Life at 10 mph looks quite different. Everything is clear, so it is easy to notice the flowers growing in the neighbor’s yard. It allows for the time to pick up the phone to talk instead of texting, or mail a handwritten letter. It would be very difficult for many of us to disconnect completely, but it is good to keep in mind that there is not a requirement to be on our devices every second of the day.

When coming home from work we could seek out a loved one to talk about the day or create the space to sit in silence to decompress. Instead of listening to music on our walks, we could listen to the natural song of nature. I wonder what would happen if we all began turning off all electronics 30 minutes to an hour before sleep. Perhaps we would notice new found connections with ourselves.

At first, it might be uncomfortable to begin the practice of slowing down, especially in a time when it feels like life is demanding to speed up. In reality, this is one of the most beneficial things we can do for inner peace.

Spiritual Seed: Life is richer if you pay attention to what you have.

If you or anyone you know is looking to gain a clearer connection within, let’s have a conversation to see if it’s a right fit. Find the peace in you at peaceofkate.com/

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