Life is always presenting us with ample opportunities to work together in harmony. When love, selflessness and forgiveness are at the forefront of our thought, peace prevails, whereas strongly held differences of opinion can cause disunity and division.

The Greek storyteller Aesop once said, “United we stand, divided we fall” – a truism he illustrates in his fable about a man whose sons often quarreled among themselves. To show them the value of teamwork, he gives them a bundle of sticks.

He first asks them to break the bundle in half, which they find impossible to do. However, when the bundle is taken apart, they discover that the individual sticks are quite easy to break. He then says, “My sons, if you are of one mind, and unite to assist each other, you will be as this bundle, uninjured by all the attempts of your enemies; but if you are divided among yourselves, you will be broken as easily as these sticks.”

The moral of the story, of course, is the advantage of working together in harmony. Whether we are working with just one other person or a group of individuals, progress and success depends on our ability to get along. So what can we do to nurture such a sense of harmony within ourselves and, as a result, to encourage real progress in whatever discussions or projects we may be involved in?

Through prayer we’re able to unite with that all-powerful, all-good God whose love inspires each of us to discover the proverbial “kingdom of heaven” within us all – that divine state of consciousness that Christian leader Mary Baker Eddy defines as “The reign of harmony in divine Science; the realm of unerring, eternal, and omnipotent Mind; the atmosphere of Spirit, where Soul is supreme” (Science and Health, p. 590).

Jesus encouraged his followers to enter into their metaphorical “closet” to pray (see Matthew 6:6). For me, this translates to that quiet place in my thought that is always open to whatever God, divine Mind, has to share. Listening to this “still small voice of Truth,” as Eddy describes it, inevitably brings with it a sense of quietude and healing.

Some years ago, I was asked to help restructure a business. Both the company and its employees wanted to continue their relationship, but much work was needed to be done to solve the dysfunction that had evolved over several years.

Every morning I went to my “prayer closet” and asked God to help me find the solutions needed to move forward with this project. When there was dissension, I just quietly listened to God. I knew that everyone involved was working toward the same goal. In the end, our efforts were successful, and to this day the company continues to thrive and to help others.

We can all call upon God for help at any time. We can trust that His presence in thought translates to harmony in our lives. It takes practice, but it is well worth the effort!

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