Increasing corporate interests from Texas, Australia, New York and London want you to vote against protecting the watersheds in Napa County. Recently such outside interests have used their Napa Valley henchmen and henchwomen to print “mistruths" as seen in the voters’ pamphlets. Rob Muelrath, the paid campaign manager for those opposed to Measure C, seems to be steering them down a slippery slope. According to Ryan Kobas, they paid $54,000 in legal fees to resolve litigation in favor of “Yes on C” in addition to their own attorney fees. They had to admit to “false and misleading” statements before the judge could sign the writ of mandate to conclude the case. Do you really think that the people can’t see through their tales?

This tactic, using “mistruths,” is part of a well-known corporate PR method, known as FUD. Fear, uncertainty and doubt. When the public has a clear opportunity to do good, and it runs against your corporate interest, flood them with fear, uncertainty and doubt. Confuse the issue. Make people afraid. Set out a flurry of stories and scenarios that distract from the obvious.

Prove them wrong. Don’t be distracted. Protect our water for the benefit of everyone, including those corporate operations. Take back control of our Napa Valley. Vote “yes” on Measure C in June.

Joyce Black Sears


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