I favor Measure C. This can come as no surprise. I advocated for the comparable measure two years ago. This included participation in a short film promotion.

The Measure C official ballot statement in opposition is misleading. It makes it appear that all mayors oppose Measure C. This is not true for me. I was not consulted.

My deep concern, two years ago and today, is the degradation of water quality coming into our Bell Canyon Reservoir. My duty as mayor is to protect a resource vital to our community’s sustainability. In a perfect world, our City years ago would have bought the entire watershed feeding Bell Canyon. Our world is not perfect. My perception two years ago, and again today, is that the enhanced buffer zones created by Measure C around creeks and small streams are essential to protect our Reservoir.

Measure C is a contentious issue. I urge all Napa County voters to study the matter carefully. My assessment is that Measure C is worthy of your enthusiastic support.

Alan Galbraith

Mayor, City of St. Helena

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