Tuesday, April 30

1902 — A business owner requested extra patrol on Money Way during a tent sale on Friday and Saturday.

Wednesday, May 1

0857 — Report of a brown poodle running loose on Crinella Drive. It went back home before police arrived.

1213 — A bottle of medication was stolen from a Hunt Avenue business three or four days ago.

1305 — A person received a scam phone call. Police remind citizens not to give out their personal information over the phone, and to block suspicious numbers.

2236 — Police responded to a three-car accident near Madrona Avenue and Spring Mountain Road.

2259 — Someone reported feeling an earthquake.

Thursday, May 2

0013 — PG&E replaced power lines along the 2300 block of Madrona Avenue. Power was scheduled to be restored to the homes west of Spring Mountain Road by 6 a.m.

0654 — Medical aid for a woman feeling dizzy and light-headed on Boyson Lane.

0819 — Report of cars speeding in a school zone at the Valley View bridge.

1143 — Report of cars coasting through the stop signs at Oak/Mitchell.

1203 — A person asked police to keep an eye on the crosswalk at Charter Oak Avenue because drivers were failing to stop for pedestrians, especially around 10 a.m. and from 3:45 to 4:45 p.m.

1815 — A car was reported stolen two weeks ago in San Francisco.

2329 — A black and tan dog with a blue flashing light on its collar was running loose near Main Street. It was last seen running behind the post office.

Friday, May 3

0252 — Medical aid for a woman having a seizure on Kearney Street.

0732 — Report of construction work starting early on Vineyard Avenue.

0836 — A Spring Mountain Road resident complained about a loud speaker intercom coming from the middle school at around 8:20-8:30 a.m.

1253 — Police took a harassment report.

1254 — An elderly woman with memory loss was briefly reported missing from Hunt Avenue. She was found shortly thereafter.

1528 — Fire and police units responded to a condo fire on Stralla Court. The fire was contained.

1623 — A person asked for more police patrol and traffic enforcement on Sylvaner Avenue in the mornings.

1701 — A resident received a fraudulent call claiming to be from PG&E and demanding money. Police remind people not to share any personal information over the phone and to block any numbers associated with these calls.

1953 — Police were notified of a child custody issue.

2030 — Report of two men running on the railroad tracks near Oakville.

Saturday, May 4

0013 — Medical aid for a fall victim on Pope Street.

0639 — Police took a vandalism report on Adams Street. More vandalism was found on Main Street.

1323 — Someone was soliciting for fence work and asking who lives where on Pine Street.

1537 — Report of people speeding on Allyn Avenue.

1703 — Minor-injury accident at Main/Mitchell.

Sunday, May 5

1044 — A loose dog had been hanging around McCorkle Avenue all morning.

1202 — Medical aid for a man who fell getting out his car and hurt his knee on Madrona Avenue.

1620 — A white poodle was found on Hunt Avenue.

Monday, May 6

0025 — Report of a possible drunk driver on Main Street.

0832 — Lift assist on Redondo Court.

1244 — A caller requested extra traffic patrol on Spring Street. An officer responded and stopped two drivers for going 36 mph in a 25 mph zone.

1407 — A juvenile left school during lunch and didn’t return. The student was brought to the police department and picked up by parents.

1905 — Medical aid on Madrona Avenue.

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