Tuesday, April 9

0313 -- Calistoga police were involved in a vehicle pursuit on southbound Highway 29. The driver entered St. Helena and turned onto Grayson Avenue before finally stopping on Bella Vista Court. She was arrested on suspicion of evading police, DUI and violating a restraining order.

0418 -- Police checked on a suspicious noise on Quail Court.

0908 -- Report of a cyclist riding unsafely and waving her arms around in the northbound lane of Highway 29 near Whitehall Lane.

1352 -- A work truck had been parked in front of a Pope Street home since Thursday night.

1436 -- Police took a report on child/elder abuse.

1602 -- A child riding a scooter was nearly hit by a driver in his 60s with gray hair at Pope/Church. The child bailed from the scooter, so only the scooter was hit.

2248 -- Report of two people trapped in an elevator on Main Street. The call was transferred to Cal Fire.

Wednesday, April 10

0836 -- A car broke down on Grayson Avenue. The owner said he’d get it fixed within the hour.

1016 -- Medical aid for a woman who fell out of a tub on Hunt Avenue.

1213 -- Report of an ongoing problem with large dogs running around unleashed on Chablis Circle.

1218 -- Following a traffic stop at Vidovich/Main, police arrested a 39-year-old Napa man for an outstanding warrant.

1353 -- Report of a bees swarming on a tree behind City Hall.

1816 -- A brown, white and black dog was found on Madrona Avenue and handed over to the police.

Thursday, April 11

0158 -- Medical units asked for police cover while dealing with an aggressive man lying in the road near Inglewood Avenue.

0255 -- Police used spike strips to assist with a vehicle pursuit that started in Lake County.

1016 -- A woman gave her Social Security number to a “medical company” over the phone. She now believes the “company” was fraudulent. Police told her to contact the Social Security Administration and check her bank accounts.

1148 -- Report of a reckless driver swerving all over Main Street in a Lexus. The car turned onto Pope Street.

1409 -- Report of possible credit card fraud.

1455 -- A Winnebago got stuck on the Pope Street bridge. It eventually got onto Silverado Trail and left town before police arrived.

1705 -- A dog was briefly reported missing from Park Street. It was later found.

2010 -- Report of a huge water leak in front of a house on Mills Lane.

Friday, April 12

0153 -- Report of a possible drunk driver on Main Street.

0814 -- A tractor-trailer was trying to unload an excavator that was blocking traffic on Spring Street.

1002 -- Medical aid for a lethargic man with arm pain on Main Street.

1229 -- A man had reportedly seized a woman and forced her into a car in Calistoga. Calistoga police arrested the man.

1406 -- Report of a reckless driver near Main/Dowdell.

1500 -- A US Bank Visa card was found on Valley View.

1932 -- Tiger, a 14-year-old black male pug wearing a blue collar with white stars, was reported missing from Signorelli Circle. He sometimes wanders due to his age.

2317 -- Report of people running through a school setting off firecrackers near Adams/Oak.

2343 -- A man was walking home from a bar when a bunch of kids, approximately 16 years old, approached him and threatened to beat him up. He hid in the bushes near his house. Multiple callers said they heard people screaming and yelling about “finding and beating him up.” Police checked the area.

Saturday, April 13

0153 -- Medical aid for a fall victim with a head injury on Main Street.

1357 -- A drone was flying low enough to look into people’s windows on St. James Drive.

1443 -- Report of a drunk woman in a parking lot near Main/Vidovich.

1456 -- A person was bitten by a dog on Hunt Avenue.

1636 -- An Air France credit card was found on Main Street.

1950 -- Report of a young man riding a moped and making a lot of noise near Main/El Bonita.

2049 -- A man was worried about his ex-wife, who was overdue to pick up their children and wasn’t answering her phone. Police contacted her and made sure she was OK.

Sunday, April 14

0001 -- Police responded to a loud music complaint on Valley View.

0006 -- A bunch of juveniles were seeing throwing fireworks from a green Subaru station wagon near Mitchell/Oak.

1116 -- Police were asked to check on a Monte Vista home where water was coming out from under a door.

1255 -- Bees were swarming outside a Main Street building.

1317 -- A person asked police to try to identify juveniles who were caught on camera causing mischief.

1657 -- Report of a possible drunk driver turning onto Charter Oak Avenue.

1805 -- A Pope Street resident said a neighbor was knocking on the door, screaming, yelling, and demanding $50 that is owed to him.

2122 -- Police emptied the pill kiosk outside the police station.

2234 -- Personal possessions, including a binder with Little League registration papers were found on Crane Avenue and turned into the police.

Monday, April 15

0820 -- A black and white female dog with pointy ears was found in Deer Park. Napa County Animal Control will pick her up.

0837 -- Medical aid for an employee who’d fainted on Main Street.

0924 -- A 20-month-old child got locked in a car in a garage on Hasty Court.

1200 -- Medical aid for a woman who’d collapsed on Main Street.

1342 -- Police cited cars blocking a bus zone in front of the police department.

1558 -- A neighbor reported that the backyard of a Brown Street home smelled of feces.

1849 -- An officer put up flyers at Hunt’s Grove Apartments advertising an upcoming seminar. “Drug Trends 2019/What You Need to Know” will be held at 6 p.m. Wednesday, May 8, at the St. Helena Performing Arts Center at St. Helena High School. There will be speakers from the Napa Special Investigations Bureau, Aldea Children & Family Services, and the Sonoma County Public Defender’s Office. For information contact Regina Penna at the UpValley Family Centers at 965-5010 or rpenna@upvalleyfamilycenters.org.

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