Wednesday, April 3

0926 — Report of a large pothole on the Pope Street bridge.

0941 — A blue bike was found in Sulphur Creek near Hunt Avenue.

0946 — A bike was found in Lyman Park.

0950 — Report of cars speeding at over 45 mph on Spring Street.

1158 — A person reported losing several pieces of jewelry in February.

1220 — A woman received a fraudulent card from a company that transferred money around in her account. She wanted to inform the public of the current robocall scam involving a caller going by the name of Henry Wayne.

1302 — Report of a woman violating a restraining order on McCormick Street.

1615 — Several people were trying to open bank accounts under someone else’s name. No money was taken from the would-be victim’s account.

1619 — Report of a drunk woman slurring her words, getting into a dark BMW, and driving down southbound Main Street. She was last seen turning onto Adams Street. Police checked the area.

1645 — A debit card was reported lost.

1717 — A cell phone, shirt and beanie were found in some bushes two weeks ago.

1909 — A caller asked police to check on three cars parked on Spring Mountain Road. Men have been seen standing around the cars over the last few weeks and the caller thought there might be drug activity. Police checked the area.

Thursday, April 4

1301 — Bees were swarming around a car near Spring/Oak. Police contacted a beekeeper.

1807 — Report of a man sitting on a bench near Railroad/Hunt, blasting music and drinking tall cans of beer. Police arrested the 25-year-old St. Helena man on suspicion of violating probation.

2315 — Report of loud music coming from a car at La Quinta/Kennedy.

Friday, April 5

0018 — Report of a possible drunk driver on Mark West Springs Road. Police notified the CHP.

1254 — Report of a reckless driver on northbound Highway 29 in Rutherford.

1433 — A caller asked for more police presence on Chardonnay Way due to cars speeding continually.

1748 — Medical aid for a man having a heart attack on Main Street.

2157 — A Crinella Drive resident came home and found that her door had been broken and the lock was on the floor. Police took a report.

2321 — Police assisted with a driver who was failing to yield on Highway 29 south of Yountville.

Saturday, April 6

0913 — Non-injury lift assist on Fulton Lane.

1606 — A person who had been using the Carnegie Building was having trouble locking the door.

1657 — A parked car was damaged in a hit-and-run.

2051 — A suspicious person was seen on the backside of a Main Street hotel property. When someone asked him what he was doing, he jumped a fence and left.

2319 — Police responded to a loud music complaint on College Avenue.

Sunday, April 7

0059 — Cones were blocking the road near Oak/Tainter.

0209 — A dark gray or black bike was stolen from Main/Spring.

0654 — Police responded to a loud music complaint near Valley View Street.

1113 — Report of a man violating a restraining order on Crane Avenue.

1125 — Medical aid for a possible stroke victim on Adams Street.

1150 — Report of two solicitors on Quail Court.

1814 — A caller said a neighbor kept spilling oil in the street on Kennedy Court.

1912 — Police were asked to check on a very young girl and boy who were riding their bikes unsupervised near the playground near Adams/Kearney.

2024 — Police were told to be on the lookout for a patient who’d walked away from a mental health facility in Angwin.

2242 — A Napa man came to the police department with multiple electronic devices, reporting that someone had stolen his identity, entered his house in Napa, and left the electronic devices there. He wanted to talk to St. Helena police because “Napa doesn’t listen to him.” Police told him to follow up with Napa police and the civil court regarding his issues.

Monday, April 8

0938 — A caller reported that their light bulb had blown up. The caller said other residents have had the same thing happen.

1045 — Report of a dog running around near Pope/College.

1046 — Non-injury lift assist on Pratt Avenue.

1449 — Police responded to a barking dog report on Christine Court.

1454 — Medical aid for a woman feeling faint near Main Street.

1910 — Police were notified of a child custody issue.

Tuesday, April 9

0313 — Calistoga police were involved in a vehicle pursuit on southbound Highway 29 near Dunaweal Lane.

0418 — Police checked on a suspicious noise on Quail Court.

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