Tuesday, Aug. 27

0051 -- Medical aid for a woman with a heart problem on Hunt Avenue.

0624 -- The last of the stray Australian shepherds was spotted near the high school. A humane trap is already set in the area. It’s OK to leave out bowls of water with ice, but don’t feed or try to catch the dog.

1200 -- A silver Mazda had been parked near Fulton/Main for over a month.

1400 -- A guest at a local hotel said he made reservations at the hotel because it was advertised as “pet-friendly.” He and his companion have a pet cat. The hotel said there are no cats allowed, that “pet-friendly” refers to dogs only, and they need to leave the hotel. The hotel is outside the city limits, so the matter was referred to the sheriff’s office.

1402 -- Medical aid for a fall victim on San Juan Court.

1542 -- Non-injury accident blocking Silverado/Pope.

1552 -- Two men and a woman were walking in the middle of the road near Main/Grayson, forcing cars to drive around them.

1619 -- Police cited an oversized vehicle that was trying to cross the Pope Street bridge.

1925 -- A woman said she’s getting texts from her ex-husband’s girlfriend, whom she doesn’t know.

1943 -- Medical aid for a nauseous guest at a local restaurant.

2053 -- Report of a possible drunk driver traveling incredibly slowly on Main Street, with many cars stuck behind it.

Wednesday, Aug. 28

0009 -- A man came to the police department saying he’d been punched in the face. He didn’t need medical attention, but he wanted to talk to an officer.

0352 -- A resident complained about the county road work near Pratt Avenue. She was angry about the county performing the work near her home. She believes it’s unnecessary and ridiculous and she wants it to stop.

1056 -- A couch, vacuum cleaner and other items were dumped on Monte Vista.

1240 -- Medical aid for a man with low blood pressure on Laguna Seca Court.

1523 -- Report of multiple cars left on Fulton Lane for over 72 hours, possibly all from a single house. Police contacted the owners.

1704 -- A gardener was using a leaf blower after hours on Hollis Lane.

1739 -- Medical aid on Pope Street.

1750 -- An elderly woman with dementia was reported missing from Pope Street. She was last seen walking down Pope toward Main. She returned soon.

1805 -- Police were notified of a child custody issue.

1855 -- Report of a suspicious man on Main Street talking to himself about a restraining order and asking personal questions.

1942 -- A woman asked police to check on her adult son.

2046 -- Report of cars speeding on Spring Mountain Road.

2055 -- Police assisted a sheriff’s deputy responding to a domestic disturbance outside the city limits.

2114 -- Medical aid on Chiles Avenue.

2318 -- A foot-and-a-half-wide bat was reportedly flying around inside a Spring Mountain Road home. Police referred the caller to Napa Wildlife Rescue.

Thursday, Aug. 29

0118 -- Someone fired a gun into a micro-fridge on Pratt Avenue. A roommate has previously voiced concerns about the suspect. Police arrested the 24-year-old St. Helena man on suspicion of firing a gun at an occupied dwelling, possessing illegal assault weapons, possessing a firearm and ammunition on school grounds, and carrying a switchblade. He had five rifles (two of them banned in California), a handgun and a switchblade.

1122 -- Two-car accident on Main Street south of Grayson Avenue.

1628 -- The food was gone from the humane trap set up near Vallejo Street, but the trap hadn’t been triggered. Police checked on it.

1927 -- A woman asked police to check on her mother, whom she hadn’t heard from all day. Police made sure she was OK.

2143 -- A driver said he’d been rear-ended by a dark sedan, possibly a Mustang, at Main/Elmhurst. The other car didn’t stop. The driver said he wasn’t hurt and his car wasn’t damaged, but he wanted to document the incident.

2211 -- Report of a possible drunk driver at Highway 29 and Mee Lane.

Friday, Aug. 30

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0123 -- Police were asked for help contacting a taxi for four men who’d been drinking.

1044 -- Minor-injury accident on Main Street.

1317 -- A box truck crossed the Pope Street bridge in violation of the city’s ordinance.

2210 -- A 13-year-old boy left home without permission, maybe to go to the football game. He returned while his dad was on the phone with police.

2244 -- Medical aid for a child having a seizure on Tainter Street.

Saturday, Aug. 31

0228 -- A loose Aussie dog was running around near Main/Charter Oak. An officer couldn’t catch it.

0233 -- Medical aid for a man who fell out of bed on Sulphur Springs Avenue.

0518 -- Non-injury lift assist on Pope Street.

0836 -- A caller was concerned after hearing about three gunshots, maybe coming from a Spring Mountain Road property. The site was outside the city limits, so police told the caller to contact the sheriff’s office.

1227 -- A car crashed into a city trash can on Main Street. It also pulled up some pavers from the sidewalk.

1231 -- A purse was stolen from an unlocked car on Edwards Street.

1407 -- A caller reported being cut off by a reckless driver at Main/Spring.

1641 -- A loose Aussie dog was spotted behind the library. It was too skittish to be caught, so police set a humane trap.

1808 -- Report of an older man looking exhausted while walking along Highway 29 near Sulphur Springs Avenue.

2051 -- Medical aid on Del Campo Court.

2158 -- Report of a power line arcing at Oak/Adams.

Sunday, Sept. 1

0121 -- Report of a loud party on Monte Vista.

0134 -- St. Helena police were asked to respond to a fight at the fairgrounds in Calistoga.

1203 -- Police were notified of a child custody issue. It was a civil matter.

1256 -- Medical aid for a person passed out near Main/Spring.

1335 -- Report of a big green SUV blocking a driveway on Main Street. When the caller asked the owner to move the vehicle, he got in her face. He left while she was on the phone with police.

1536 -- Medical aid for a man vomiting and feeling ill on Main Street. His family will take care of him.

1924 -- Report of a tractor/trailer idling on Fulton Lane for two hours.

2137 -- A downed tree was blocking both lanes of Spring Mountain Road just past Dean York Lane.

Monday, Sept. 2

0148 -- A caller heard approximately 12-15 gunshots in quick succession on the west side of town. Other reports indicated they were fireworks.

0959 -- A woman came to the PD lobby saying she was concerned about an angry citizen.

1051 -- An old yellow lab named Flash was found on Fulton Lane. The person who found him left a voicemail for the phone number printed on his tag.

1131 -- Report of construction occurring on a holiday on Oak Avenue.

1221 -- Report of a possible drunk driver swerving on Highway 29.

1433 -- Report of four reckless motorcyclists at Main/Charter Oak.

1829 -- Report of two possible drunk drivers speeding up Elmhurst Avenue and Spring Mountain Road.

2200 -- Medical aid for a person having a seizure on Crane Avenue.

2347 -- An Edwards Street resident was sitting on her patio when she heard what sounded like cats or maybe raccoons fighting. From the sound of it, one might have been injured. She hadn’t heard anything for the last five minutes, and she wasn’t sure where the animals had gone.

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