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Police Log

St. Helena Police Log, Aug. 31-Sept. 7

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St. Helena Police Logs

Tuesday, Aug. 31

0941 — Police notified Public Works that a streetlight was blinking on Vineyard Avenue.

1107 — Officers read to students at the primary school.

1539 — Non-injury hit-and-run involving a parked car on La Fata Street.

2019 — Lift assist on Pope Street.

2035 — A person asked for information about rehab centers.

Wednesday, Sept. 1

0848 — Report of an aggressive driver tailgating and flashing its hazard lights near Main/Pine. It reportedly almost hit the bumper of the car in front of it. Police took a report.

0918 — A parked car got a flat tire in a hit-and-run on Hudson Avenue.

0922 — A caller complained about how loud a school PA system was on Hillview Place. Police cold the caller to contact the school district.

1058 — Officers read to students at the primary school.

1146 — Police cited a car parked in a red zone on Library Lane.

1237 — Medical aid for a woman who fell and hit her head on Pope Street.

1506 — Police cited a car parked in a red zone on Library Lane.

1545 — Dispatch received an automated call from an 866 number claiming to be from PG&E and claiming the power would be cut off if payment was not received in 30 minutes. Dispatch was connected to a “live agent” who requested debit/credit card information. When dispatch wouldn’t fall for the scam, the scammer hung up. PG&E will never ask for immediate payment over the phone. When they do call, it will come from a 1-800 number. St. Helena police remind readers not to provide personal information over the phone.

1556 — A woman received a suspicious phone call from someone claiming to be her grandson. He said he was in trouble and needed money. It was a scam, and she didn’t provide any money or personal information.

1916 — A person reported being the victim of a hit-and-run 45 minutes ago. A witness took a photo of the responsible vehicle.

2051 — Medical aid for a person having difficulty breathing on San Juan Court.

2228 — Two suspicious vehicles parked in front of a Meadowcreek Circle home. Three people got out and walked near the bridge. One of the cars left, but police found someone sleeping in the other car. Police warned the person about St. Helena’s ordinance prohibiting camping.

Thursday, Sept. 2

0711 — Police took a report after someone tripped and fell near Mitchell/Saint James.

0733 — Report of a man claiming to be an electrician and banging and drilling on an electrical pole on Pine Street.

0740 — Report of hammering and construction noise on Adams Street.

0909 — A person reported being harassed. Police took a report.

0930 — A privately owned digital traffic sign near Spring Mountain/Dean York appeared to have been hacked. It was displaying a political innuendo.

1238 — Medical aid for person who fell and hit their head behind a Main Street restaurant.

1639 — A leaf blower had been running for about an hour on Hunt Avenue. The caller said he asked for the blowing to stop at 4 p.m., and it did for a while but then started up again.

Friday, Sept. 3

0059 — A caller interrupted an attempted burglary on Grayson Avenue. He heard drilling and found someone trying to steal the catalytic converter from his father’s truck. He scared them away and they took off in a silver sedan. They left a tool behind. Police took a report.

0100 — A caller reported being the victim of domestic violence.

0731 — An officer helped a driver who was running out of gas near Main/Vintage.

0904 — Medical aid for a sick woman on Hasty Court.

1138 — A van had been parked near Pine/Stockton for over a week.

1224 — A silver sedan had been parked on Pinot Way since Aug. 23.

1407 — Medical aid for a person who fainted in front of the post office.

1713 — Medical aid on Pope Street.

1823 — Report of a tour bus parked on the sidewalk, in a red zone, and blocking a driveway on Main Street.

1826 — A person asked to talk to an officer about an ongoing harassment situation.

Saturday, Sept. 4

0127 — Report of a disturbance on Main Street. Officers found noise originating from a wedding party. Officers told the revelers to keep it down.

1212 — Someone left a loveseat/couch on the sidewalk on Edwards Street. Public Works was contacted to help remove it.

1701 — Report of a reckless driver on Silverado Trail.

1758 — A chihuahua was reported missing from Church Street.

1833 — A chainsaw was heard near Dean York Lane.

1900 — Report of a young man in a silver Jeep passing in the center lane and flipping people off on Main Street.

2057 — Report of a possible drunk driver heading toward Silverado Trail. Police determined the driver was not drunk.

2151 — Report of a reckless driver near Grayson/Main.

2158 — A man was acting intoxicated in a Hunt Avenue store. He tried to buy alcohol but was turned down.

2225 — The same man was back at the Hunt Avenue store, causing more problems, “challenging” someone, and refusing to leave.

Sunday, Sept. 5

0415 — Police cited an unlicensed driver near Pratt/Park.

0746 — Lift assist on Pope Street.

0842 — There was a dead cat at the end of Hudson Avenue. Public Works was notified.

1330 — Minor-injury accident at Main/Grayson.

1858 — Report of amplified music going on for the past hour near Sulphur Springs Avenue.

1955 — A man who’d been admonished for trespassing in a Hunt Avenue store on Saturday night was back. The caller said the man was “somewhat sober,” but he started “flipping out” when he was asked to leave. Police arrested the 46-year-old St. Helena man on suspicion of trespassing. He was cited and released.

Monday, Sept. 6

0716 — Medical aid for a person having trouble breathing on Granger Way.

1053 — Report of a small dog left in a parked car on Hunt Avenue.

1458 — Medical aid for a fall victim on Scott Street.

1906 — Report of someone making threats on Park Street.

Tuesday, Sept. 7

0013 — Police contacted a person sleeping in a sleeping bag on the sidewalk along Adams Street. The person agreed to move along.

Robertson, who spent four decades in law enforcement and 30 years with the Sheriff's Office, retired effective Saturday.

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