Wednesday, Aug. 7

0726 -- Non-injury accident at Main/Spring.

0948 -- Report of a reckless driver on northbound Silverado Trail at Pope Street.

1009 -- A blue SUV with a broken axle had been parked on Crinella Drive for a week.

1047 -- Medical aid for an unresponsive man on Laguna Seca Court.

1206 -- Medical aid for a man with chest pain and shortness of breath on Adams Street.

1735 -- Report of a suspicious man using a stick to get into a pickup in a Spring Street parking lot.

2008 -- Report of a loose husky on Madrona Avenue.

Thursday, Aug. 8

0223 -- Someone was standing in the middle of the road near Vintage Hall.

1042 -- Medical aid on Hunt Avenue.

1116 -- A person surrendered a firearm at the police department.

1717 -- Non-injury accident at Main/Mills.

1812 -- A person asked for some tape to cover a cable that was running across the sidewalk and might be causing a hazard.

1837 -- Report of a man and woman arguing outside a Mustang at Whitehall Lane.

2000 -- Report of two suspicious people smoking weed near the park on Crinella Drive.

Friday, Aug. 9

0009 -- Police found a man lying by the bus stop at Main/Mitchell. The 63-year-old Napa man was detained on suspicion of public intoxication and released.

0431 -- Report of a naked man walking on Madrona Avenue, trying to cover himself with a red shirt. He was wearing a baseball cap.

1054 -- Report of a car blocking a driveway on Crane Avenue.

1229 -- Non-injury accident on Main Street.

1235 -- Three suspicious men in a silver sedan, possibly a Nissan, stopped in front of a home on Hillview Place where five Amazon packages were visible on the front porch. One of them, a white man in his mid-20s with short brown hair, approximately 6 feet tall and 180 pounds, left the car and approached the house. As he began stacking packages, a neighbor yelled at him. He dropped the packages and ran toward Stockton Street, where the sedan was waiting. He got in and the car headed south on Stockton.

1439 -- Report of a man on a bike being very rude to customers as they exited a Main Street store.

1502 -- Graffiti was found in the bathroom at Meily Park.

1547 -- Following a traffic stop at Sulphur Springs/Crane, police arrested a 23-year-old Calistoga resident for an outstanding warrant.

1633 -- A car was being keyed regularly on Hunt Avenue.

1657 -- Report of a Tesla parked in a red zone with its blinker on near Spring/Main.

1950 -- Medical aid for an unconscious man on Hunt Avenue.

2043 -- Report of a chicken on the loose on College Avenue.

2056 -- Report of a car stuck on the railroad tracks at Grayson Avenue. It was gone when police arrived.

2107 -- A College Avenue resident called 911 when the loose chicken from the previous call entered their home. An officer took the rooster back to its area at the nearby school. Police advise callers not to dial 911 unless there’s an emergency.

Saturday, Aug. 10

0314 -- Report of a drunk driver on Main Street. He got out of the car and urinated before driving away. Police checked the area.

0512 -- Six small dogs were running loose near Spring/Money.

0625 -- Report of three loose border collies near Spring/Saint James.

0718 -- A dog had been barking since 6 a.m. on Allyn Avenue.

1052 -- Semi-automatic gunfire was audible from Scott Street. Police determined it was recreational shooting outside the city limits.

1152 -- A mini-Aussie found wandering down Hunt Avenue was turned in at the police department.

1224 -- A caller heard what sounded like a mountain lion growling Friday night in the area of Sulphur Creek/Spring Creek. It sounded very close. The caller threw rocks in the direction of the growling and made noise, but the growling continued for about 30 minutes.

1231 -- Two dogs were loose on Carpy Field.

1242 -- A caller asked police to check on an emu on Sulphur Springs Avenue.

1512 -- Report of a suspicious man near Lyman Park.

1955 -- Report of a border collie stuck in a bush in the park near Mitchell/Voorhees.

2227 -- Report of a suspicious man wearing a ski mask and carrying a bag on Main Street.

2232 -- A dog had been barking for an hour and a half near Stockton/Hillview. Police were busy looking for the man in the ski mask.

Sunday, Aug. 11

0914 -- Report of a small border collie near Saint James Drive.

1303 -- An Aussie dog was hanging out in Mary Fryer Park. The caller left it food and water.

1522 -- A person passed out in a Main Street restaurant.

1527 -- Report of a possible drunk driver swerving down southbound Highway 29 in a Hyundai Santa Fe.

1711 -- A woman said her high school ex-boyfriend has been harassing her with text messages and Facebook messages. She wanted it to stop.

1923 -- A tourist asked for directions to a local hotel.

2349 -- Report of a loud party on Signorelli Circle.

Monday, Aug. 12

0444 -- A small dog was running loose in a parking lot near Main Street.

0912 -- A dog wandering near Crane Avenue was reunited with its owner.

0914 -- Police notified Caltrans that one of the green lights was out at Main/Grayson.

1523 -- Police were told to be on the lookout for a reckless driver who almost hit other cars head-on.

1533 -- A car ran into a ditch along Highway 29. Nobody was hurt.

1659 -- A local woman received nine calls claiming to be from Social Security and saying her Social Security number had been compromised. Police told her not to give out any personal information, and to contact the real Social Security Office of the Inspector General to report the phone number associated with the fraudulent calls.

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