St. Helena Police Logs

Monday, Dec. 30

0947 -- Report of a verbal argument at a local gas station. Police admonished one of the people for trespassing.

1001 -- Someone left graffiti on a sign next to a walking path near Adams Street.

1131 -- Report of a man cutting brush and piling it on city property near the Lower Reservoir. Police admonished the man for trespassing without an encroachment permit.

1240 -- A man came to the police station while he was on the phone with someone claiming they’d kidnapped his daughter. The caller was requesting $20,000. An officer and the father were able to contact the daughter and make sure she was OK. The call was a scam.

1451 -- Lift assist on Crinella Drive.

1500 -- A van was seen parking next to a commercial building near Adams Street and connecting an extension cord to one of the building’s outlets without permission. The people in the van reportedly connect to the outlet every night.

1800 -- Report of a car parked in a disabled space near Main Street.

1843 -- A large white dog was found near Lake Hennessey/Highway 128. Napa County Animal Control picked it up at the police station.

2222 -- Police were told to be on the lookout for a silver Subaru with major front-end damage that had been involved in a hit-and-run in Calistoga.

2357 -- A College Avenue resident saw two men outside her window. They ran away when she looked outside. Police checked the area.

Tuesday, Dec. 31

0741 -- An out-of-state caller said his credit card was fraudulently charged $1,850 for services provided by a fake construction company. The company was using a St. Helena address belonging to an elderly disabled man living in a retirement home.

1014 -- Following a vehicle stop at Pope/College, police arrested a 38-year-old St. Helena woman with a suspended license and two misdemeanor warrants from San Diego County.

1128 -- A woman reported that her husband, whom she has a restraining order against, has called her four times this morning. She hung up without talking to him. Police determined that the restraining order had expired on Monday, and a new one hadn’t been served. Meanwhile, the husband called the police and asked them to check on his kids. He said he hadn’t been able to talk to them and didn’t know where they were because his wife wouldn’t talk to him.

1344 -- Someone entered a building on Adams Street through an unsecured window and stole an Xbox, two controllers, two games, and $150 in cash from a petty cash box.

1612 -- Non-injury accident involving a parked car on Main Street.

1908 -- Medical aid for a man who’d collapsed on Main Street.

2118 -- Non-injury lift assist on Crinella Drive.

Wednesday, Jan. 1

0017 -- Report of a loud party near Oak/Spring.

0120 -- A mother asked to speak to an officer about her underage son’s drinking.

0424 -- Police searched for an intoxicated man on foot near Hunt Avenue.

0841 -- Medical aid for a woman feeling numb and unable to stand on Hunt Avenue.

1501 -- There was a hole in the sidewalk near Madrona/Vineyard. It was about 12 inches in diameter, possibly where a hydrant used to be. The caller covered it with a flagstone until Public Works could fix it.

1907 -- Report of a possible drunk driver traveling at 38 mph in a 50 mph zone near Bale Lane. Police determined the driver was not drunk.

1945 -- Report of a white Nissan passing cars illegally on Main Street. Police stopped the car and cited the driver.

Thursday, Jan. 2

1514 -- A caller said there was a chicken on a Main Street property. It wasn’t clear who the chicken belonged to. The matter as referred to Napa Wildlife Rescue.

1844 -- Report of a dog running loose in a parking lot near Charter Oak Avenue.

1910 -- A woman asked an officer for directions to Sacramento. She was in Napa earlier and got lost.

2236 -- Report of a possible electrical fire on Starr Avenue.

2244 -- Medical aid on Spring Street.

Friday, Jan. 3

0324 -- Report of an elderly woman acting disoriented on Main Street.

0902 -- A caller saw a black SUV parked on Main Street with what looked like three to five AR-15s standing up in the center console. The car was last seen heading south.

1106 -- A stolen Macbook appeared to be pinging in St. Helena.

1453 -- A Crane Avenue resident said some people knocked on her door very loudly last night at about 7 p.m. They said they were from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She looked out her window, but it was too dark to see them. She went to the church on Friday to confirm their identity, but nobody was there. She said she would go to City Hall to confirm the city ordinance involving solicitors.

1628 -- Report of a possible drunk driver crossing over double yellows on Highway 29 in Rutherford.

1745 -- A girl’s bicycle with a basket was found on Sylvaner Avenue.

1745 -- Medical aid for a fall victim on Pratt Avenue.

1822 -- Medical aid on Saint James Court.

2056 -- A juvenile said to be a regular shoplifter was caught on camera stealing a bottle of vodka from a Hunt Avenue store.

2112 -- Two men were driving around Spring Mountain Court in an old gray Lexus without a muffler. Police checked the area.

Saturday, Jan. 4

1451 -- Report of a silver car parked halfway in the northbound turn lane at Main/Sulphur Springs. It was gone when police arrived.

1840 -- Non-injury accident in the 1100 block of Main Street.

2205 -- Report of a loud party with loud music on Stockton Street.

Sunday, Jan. 5

0141 -- Report of two men fighting in front of a bar near Main/Spring.

0924 -- A wallet was found on Grove Court.

1132 -- A window was broken on Adams Street.

1151 -- Medical aid for a man who hit his head on Edwards Street.

1427 -- Report of loud music blaring from the Tainter Street area. The city’s noise ordinance doesn’t take effect until 10 p.m.

1852 -- Report of a possible drunk driver on Highway 29 near Yountville.

2105 -- A woman called 911 saying she needed a cab from her hotel. She was from France and didn’t know 911 is for emergencies.

Monday, Jan. 6

0942 -- An employee at an admin/production facility on Pratt Avenue reported that offices and desks had been rifled through over the weekend. Numerous items were missing, including a Ford F-150, vehicle keys, a binder containing fleet vehicle information, computers, and a sports memorabilia collection. The matter is under investigation.

1646 -- Report of a possible drunk driver on Main Street. Police stopped the car and determined the driver was not drunk.

1744 -- Report of a continual problem with a teenage boy who rides a motorized bike on El Bonita/Magnolia without a helmet or lights.

2001 -- Report of a possible drunk driver on Main Street.

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