Monday, Dec. 31

0755 — Police were notified of a woman on St. Andrews Court who seemed intoxicated, disheveled and incoherent. She asked for help getting home, so the caller helped her.

0831 — A driver reported a black trash bag in the elm tunnel.

1021 — Medical aid for a man who fell and was having a seizure on Stockton Street.

1124 — A silver Nixon wristwatch was found near the Crane Park tennis courts.

1232 — A woman said there’s been an old couch and some paint cans along the bed of Sulphur Creek west of Valley View since mid-summer. She also saw a sleeping bag there.

1430 — The drains were backing up at a Main Street restaurant. Public Works was dispatched.

1540 — Non-injury accident on Main Street.

1611 — Medical aid for the same man reported earlier, now having a seizure in a Hunt Avenue store.

1620 — Report of a possible drunk driver on southbound Highway 29 in Yountville. Police notified the CHP.

1834 — Medical aid for a drunk woman in the street on St. Andrews Court. A neighbor helped the woman get into her house.

2255 — Medical aid on Hunt Avenue.

2305 — Report of a drunk person sitting on the sidewalk on Main Street.

Tuesday, Jan. 1

0031 — Report of a loud party going on for hours on Oak Avenue.

0746 — Police arrested a 34-year-old St. Helena man for outstanding warrants.

0824 — Report of a loud leaf blower on McCorkle Avenue. Police notified the landscaper of the city’s leaf blower ordinance.

0912 — Non-injury lift assist on Pope Street.

0934 — A woman asked police to check on her adult daughter, who wasn’t responding to phone calls. It turned out that she was in an area that didn’t have cell service, but she was OK.

1333 — Report of a possibly abandoned dog on Fulton Lane barking all night for the last week. The caller had fed the dog and left water in his bowl. Police contacted the dog’s owner.

Wednesday, Jan. 2

0719 — Report of a reckless driver trying to pass other cars on Main Street.

0909 — Medical aid for a woman with a dislocated hip on Mountain View Avenue.

1259 — A woman said a few of her belongings (a yellow coat, a blue coat, and a striped hat, valued at $50 each) had been taken from the fence where she’d hung them near some vineyard trails on Library Lane. She asked to be contacted if they are found.

1424 — A person reported being the victim of identity theft.

1836 — Police assisted a mom who was having trouble with her teenage son on Grayson Avenue.

Thursday, Jan. 3

0913 — Report of many cars parked on the east side of Main Street toward Elmhurst Avenue, obscuring visibility. Police notified Public Works.

1122 — Report of a white van weaving all over Main Street.

1504 — Report of a fraudulent check from Dec. 13.

1514 — Report of a fox hanging out on a fence line on Stockton Street.

2042 — A black and white female border collie/corgi mix was reported missing from Voelker Court. She’s wearing a red, white and blue collar with stars and stripes on it.

2132 — Report of an ongoing problem with non-residents parking on Spring Street and moving people’s trash cans away from the curb, thus preventing the trash from being picked up.

Friday, Jan. 4

0908 — A caller asked about methods to capture a skunk that had been spraying under the house since Christmas.

1205 — A large tree was taken from a property without permission on Thursday. The person who took it was an employee who left in a gray pickup with dents on the left side of the trailer. He was supposed to be picking up logs.

1235 — Medical aid for an unconscious woman on Spring Street.

1252 — Report of suspected child abuse.

1305 — Report of a suspicious low-hung white sports car going up and down Stockton Street.

1550 — Medical aid on Redondo Court.

1943 — Following a traffic stop at Charter Oak/Main, police arrested a 52-year-old Knoxville, Tennessee woman on suspicion of DUI.

2018 — Report of two men loitering and asking for money outside the gas station at Main/Pope.

2312 — An officer gave two women a ride from the police department to Charter Oak Avenue, where their car was parked.

2317 — Following a traffic stop on Main Street, police arrested a 23-year-old Napa man on suspicion of DUI.

Saturday, Jan. 5

1539 — Report of a tree down blocking the southbound lane of Highway 29 at Lodi Lane.

Sunday, Jan. 6

2048 — Medical aid for an unconscious man on Hunt Avenue.

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