St. Helena Police Logs

Monday, Dec. 23

1100 — Napa police asked St. Helena police to check on a man who’d threatened to harm a store employee in Napa.

1342 — A panhandler’s child was seen defecating in the bushes near Hunt/Edwards.

1345 — Report of a suspicious person looking around businesses on Vintage Avenue.

1816 — Non-injury accident at Silverado/Pope.

1837 — Report of a family disturbance on Crinella Drive.

2039 — A caller said her estranged husband was outside her front door on Mitchell Drive, yelling and refusing to leave. She suspected he’d been drinking.

2120 — Police were notified of a child custody issue.

2303 — A Bank of America debit card was found in the crosswalk at Main/Pope.

Tuesday, Dec. 24

0637 — A woman reported almost being hit by a reckless driver on Allison Avenue.

1001 — Medical aid for a woman having trouble breathing on Del Campo Court.

1209 — A person asked for help obtaining a restraining order.

1224 — A Tesla was parked in a red zone at Hunt/Railroad with its flashers on.

1229 — Report of an abandoned car on Park Street.

1327 — A man asked to file a missing persons report involving his children. Police declined because officers had seen the children with their mother and knew they were OK.

1337 — Police were asked to check on a man who hadn’t responded to a friend’s messages. An officer contacted him.

1421 — Report of a loose pit bull by the pedestrian trail near the Napa River.

2127 — A caller complained about loud music audible from Tainter Street. The city’s noise ordinance doesn’t kick in until 10 p.m., but the caller said the music was excessively loud and nobody could sleep.

2222 — A man reportedly stole a laptop from a church office on Spring Street and ran away. Police made an arrest.

2233 — Report of a juvenile on a dirt bike doing laps around El Bonita Avenue.

Wednesday, Dec. 25

0517 — A woman was reported missing from Redondo Court.

1019 — Police were asked to check on a man whose friends hadn’t been able to contact him. Police made sure he was OK.

Thursday, Dec. 26

1036 — Report of two four-wheelers racing around some vineyards near Pratt Avenue. The caller asked police to make sure they had permission to be there.

1211 — Non-injury accident in a parking lot at Highway 29/Inglewood.

1322 — Medical aid for a fall victim on Pope Street.

1427 — Report of a reckless driver at Silverado Trail and Yountville Cross Road.

1431 — Someone smashed the back windows of a house on Hunt Avenue.

1617 — Report of a suspicious truck trying to get through a gate on White Sulphur Springs.

1728 — A loose dog was seen near Adams/Railroad.

2106 — A loose Aussie dog was seen near Adams/Railroad.

2154 — Non-injury lift assist on San Juan Court.

2156 — Medical aid for someone having trouble breathing on Redondo Court.

2307 — Medical aid on Hunt Avenue.

Friday, Dec. 27

1509 — A driving instructor filed a report about a very minor incident that occurred Friday morning in a parking lot at Spring/Main.

2054 — Medical aid for a person with a possible broken wrist on Del Campo Court.

Saturday, Dec. 28

0305 — Minor-injury solo vehicle accident on Main Street north of Pratt Avenue. The driver possibly fell asleep and hit a pole.

1108 — A car was towed because it had been parked on Park Street for more than 72 hours.

1120 — Report of a large delivery parked across the sidewalk while unloading cargo at Main/Pope.

1209 — A car had been parked at Spring/Oak for more than 72 hours. Its owner agreed to move it.

1401 — A woman on Saint James Drive needed help with a smoke detector that kept beeping. An officer helped change the battery and remove a second faulty detector.

1421 — A bus driver reported that two cars were parked in a bus zone in front of City Hall, preventing the bus from picking up and dropping off passengers. An officer found one of the owners at Lyman Park, and they agreed to move. The second car was cited.

1536 — A black Gucci wallet was left in a shopping cart near Hunt Avenue and turned in at the police station.

1729 — A caller reported seeing a suspicious trash bag in a storm drain near the flood project. Police picked up the bag, which contained an empty collapsible laundry container.

1802 — A pedestrian reported almost being hit by a car while in a crosswalk at Spring/Oak. The car, a boxy old Volvo, was now parked on Spring Street.

1810 — Report of a foot pursuit on Cedar Street in Calistoga.

1824 — Report of a drunk man falling down and trying to get into a car on Charter Oak Avenue.

1920 — Report of a white Mini Cooper swerving all over Silverado Trail near Meadowood Lane.

2157 — Report of a brown mastiff running down the middle of Madrona Avenue. Another caller said the dog was hit by a car but kept running toward Fulton Lane.

2202 — A Main Street resident said she heard a commotion involving several dogs. She went outside and found a man in her yard with a white pit bull. She’s seen the dog off-leash numerous times before.

Sunday, Dec. 29

1058 — Someone put trash bags over speed limit signs, including near Crane/Sulphur Springs. An officer found nine bags. It must have been a prank.

1416 — Non-injury fender-bender at Main/Mitchell.

1735 — Report of a suspicious car on Hunt Avenue, possible occupied.

1750 — Non-injury accident at Pope/Church.

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