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Monday, Dec. 17

0038 — Report of a possible drunk driver on Main Street.

1845 — Report of suspected child abuse on Hunt Avenue.

2022 — Police assisted with a child custody matter.

2340 — Police responded to a loud party on Oak Avenue.

Tuesday, Dec. 18

0626 — A dog was reported missing from Christine Court. It was found later.

0636 — Police assisted with a child custody matter.

0826 — Report of a possible drunk driver weaving on Silverado Trail. Police pulled over the car and requested medical help for the driver, who was having a diabetic problem.

1059 — A small jackrabbit on Pine Street appeared to have been attacked by a fox or other predator.

1152 — A woman came to the police department to talk about an incident that occurred between her and a business.

1304 — Report of an accident with a car into an embankment on Highway 29 within the city limits. It turned out to be at Whitehall Lane.

1511 — Report of petty theft on Springbrook Court.

1726 — Medical aid on Main Street.

1807 — Police took a fraud report.

2328 — Medical aid for a man having a diabetic seizure on Redondo Court.

Wednesday, Dec. 19

0906 — A Spring Street resident said he doesn’t feel safe in front of his home because of all the speeding cars.

1122 — An officer had lunch with students on Grayson Avenue.

1415 — A community service officer delivered nine unclaimed bikes to a Napa business that will refurbish them and donate them to a bike program.

1835 — A driver on Hunt Avenue was rear-ended by a Mazda SUV that left the scene.

2315 — Report of a cat stuck in a tall pine tree on Main Street for three nights.

2316 — Report of people yelling in a parked car near Main/Madrona.

Thursday, Dec. 20

0827 — Police assisted with a child custody exchange.

0932 — Report of two golden labs running loose at Meily Park.

1531 — Report of a black lab running loose near El Bonita Avenue. It was reunited with its owner.

1733 — Report of a chocolate lab loose near Pine/Oak.

1806 — A Honda Civic parked in a disabled space on Main Street was vandalized. Its windshield wipers were bent.

Friday, Dec. 21

1042 — A laundry basket containing clothing was stolen on Main Street.

1120 — A small white Pekingese dog was found at Edwards/Hunt.

1428 — Report of a loose yellow lab running in and out of traffic on Spring Mountain Road.

1616 — Medical aid for a fall victim on Main Street.

Saturday, Dec. 22

1128 — A motorcyclist was hospitalized after a solo crash on Main Street.

1205 — A driver said she’d accidentally backed into another car near Main/Spring. She was trying to exchange information with the other driver, who was becoming very irate. Police assisted.

1211 — A caller said a woman on Oak Avenue had harassed him and spit on him before entering a coffee shop.

1553 — Report of an aggressive and irate customer wanting to return items for cash at a Main Street business. Police responded.

1920 — A person asked to talk to an officer about an email scam.

2112 — Report of very loud music coming from a car on Sulphur Springs Avenue.

2148 — Report of a dog on Signorelli Circle barking nonstop at night and during most of the day.

2211 — Medical aid for an unconscious man on Brown Street. Then he woke up and declined medical attention, so the call was cancelled.

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