Monday, Feb. 25

0918 -- Report of a white Bronco driving erratically and crossing over double yellows in Calistoga.

0955 -- Police were notified of a runaway juvenile who walked away from school and was last seen walking north along Main Street near Vidovich Avenue.

1332 -- Medical aid on San Juan Court.

1603 -- Someone filled someone else’s dumpsters with trash on La Fata Street.

2239 -- Medical aid on Hunt Avenue.

Tuesday, Feb. 26

0957 -- Police assisted with a parking complaint on Main Street.

1313 -- A dead opossum had been in a tree near Spring/Allyn for two days.

1442 -- Report of a bus parked in a red zone near Main/Pine. It was gone when police arrived.

1452 -- A padlock and chain were cut on Crane Avenue.

1537 -- A rock slide closed one lane of Silverado Trail near Madrone Knoll.

1557 -- Two mutts, Lola and Sal, were reported missing from Library Lane.

1717 -- A license plate was stolen from a car.

1819 -- Report of an unwelcome person knocking on someone’s front door on Crane Avenue.

1901 -- Report of basketball-sized rocks in the roadway on Silverado Trail near Madrone Knoll.

2232 -- Medical aid for a man having trouble breathing on Pope Street.

2233 -- A tree fell and brought down utility lines on Silverado Trail, blocking both lanes near Taplin Road. The Trail was closed at Pope Street.

2248 -- There were large rocks on Silverado Trail between Pratt Avenue and Meadowood Lane. Police cleared most of them and called in a county roads crew.

2343 -- Police checked on a sewer problem at City Hall.

Wednesday, Feb. 27

0005 -- Deer Park Road was flooded between Highway 29 and Silverado Trail, leaving a motorist stranded in flood waters. A tow truck was on the way. Public Works closed the road.

0601 -- A caller saw a small car drive through the road closure on Deer Park Road and get stranded in flood waters near Highway 29. The fire department rescued the driver.

1150 -- After an incident in Calistoga, police arrested a 24-year-old Santa Rosa man on suspicion of battery, elder abuse, and violating a restraining order.

1551 -- Report of cars continuously speeding on South Crane Avenue.

1621 -- Medical aid for a man who tripped and fell on the sidewalk along Main Street south of Adams Street.

1617 -- Medical aid for a man feeling ill on Pope Street.

1729 -- Report of two suspicious vehicles near Crane/Grayson.

1758 -- Report of petty theft on Main Street. The suspect was a petite, darker-skinned brunette, about 5 feet 4 inches tall.

1911 -- Police assisted someone who got locked inside the library and set off an alarm.

Thursday, Feb. 28

0712 -- A Voorhees Circle resident got locked out of their house.

0944 -- Simba, a medium-haired orange cat, was reported missing from Pope Street. Simba has a microchip.

1031 -- A driver reported backing into a parked truck on Laguna Seca Court.

1103 -- Non-injury accident at Main/Adams.

1220 -- Police cited a car parked in a no-parking zone near Pratt/Main.

1405 -- A man reportedly stole alcohol from a Hunt Avenue store at about 1 p.m. He was described as a black man, about 6 feet 3 inches tall, wearing a gray beanie.

1621 -- Children were selling candy for a school fundraiser near Hunt Avenue.

2013 -- Report of three suspicious juveniles sitting in a van parked on Spring Street.

Friday, March 1

0159 -- Report of a reckless driver weaving and swerving on northbound Main Street.

0956 -- Report of a loud leaf blower on Spring Street.

1054 -- Medical aid on Voelker Court.

1059 -- A person needed help getting to a doctor’s appointment from Spring Mountain Road.

1205 -- Police notified Caltrans of a twisted signal light at Main/Adams.

1241 -- Two German shepherds had been chasing a third dog and wound up in someone’s house on Fulton Lane.

1254 -- A person said their dog had been attacked by two German shepherds.

1414 -- A person offered to donate two bikes to the police department.

1415 -- Police cited a car parked in a bus zone on Tainter Street.

1540 -- Medical aid on Madrona Avenue.

1707 -- Report of an abandoned pickup on Main Street, with dogs snarling inside.

1905 -- Report of several juveniles skateboarding and creating a disturbance in the rear parking lot of a Main Street church. The church has posted signs prohibiting skateboarding.

2041 -- Report of two reckless drivers speeding and passing illegally on Highway 29 in Yountville.

2053 -- Report of someone shining a flashlight into a house on Meadowbrook Circle. Police checked the area.

2121 -- Police arrested a 34-year-old St. Helena man on suspicion of DUI.

2153 -- Report of loud juveniles on school property on Adams Street.

Saturday, March 2

0852 -- Medical aid for a possible stroke victim on San Juan Court.

1621 -- Non-injury accident at Main/Vidovich.

1623 -- People were seen taking alcohol off the premises of a Main Street business and onto their party bus.

1707 -- Medical aid on Redondo Court.

2018 -- A driver reportedly got his vehicle stuck while trespassing on private property on Pratt Avenue.

2026 -- Report of a drunk customer driving away from a Main Street restaurant with his lights off, after refusing an employee’s offer to call an Uber.

Sunday, March 3

1408 -- Report of a construction company working on a Sunday on Vineyard Avenue. They claimed to have the city’s permission to work on Sunday.

1808 -- A juvenile reported having a verbal altercation with his mother.

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