St. Helena Police Log, Feb. 1-9
Police Log

St. Helena Police Log, Feb. 1-9

St. Helena Police Logs

Saturday, Feb. 1

0624 — Medical aid on Pope Street.

0931 — A purse containing a Visa card and $15 was found near Main/Adams.

0956 — Two pairs of sunglasses were stolen from an unlocked car on Sylvaner Avenue Thursday night. They are worth a total of $400.

1354 — A woman said she lost her brown Coach purse outside a Hunt Avenue store within the last 30 minutes. It contained $1,000.

1535 — Medical aid for a fall victim on Laguna Seca Court.

1656 — Report of a man and woman fighting near Main/Pope. Police contacted them and determined the dispute had been verbal, not physical.

2328 — Following a traffic stop at Main/Fulton, police arrested a 25-year-old Virginia man on suspicion of DUI.

Sunday, Feb. 2

0952 — Report of someone burning wood and brush on Spring Mountain Road. Cal Fire confirmed that burning is allowed today.

1142 — A Hudson Avenue resident came home to find their door ajar. Some medicine was stolen from a medicine cabinet.

Monday, Feb. 3

0837 — Dispatch received a scam phone call claiming to be from the Geek Squad and offering a $299.99 refund for their services. The caller told the dispatcher to open Google Chrome and go through some steps. The dispatcher intervened and said it was unwise to be calling a police department trying to scam money from unsuspecting citizens. The scammer was told to stop calling.

1051 — Report of a driver tailgating near Main/Madrona.

1248 — Multiple large gravel trucks were seen driving up and down Mitchell Drive all day. Construction was occurring on a nearby street.

1249 — An ill or injured skunk was staggering in circles in someone’s yard on McCorkle Avenue.

Tuesday, Feb. 4

0742 — Public Works found a broken lock and door at a facility on Madrone Knoll Way. Police took a vandalism report.

1030 — A woman said she received a scam phone call claiming to be from the IRS. She didn’t disclose any personal information.

1200 — A golden lab walking loose on Adams Street was returned to its owner’s son.

1246 — Report of an abandoned car on Starr Avenue. Police contacted its owner, who lives nearby, and explained the city’s 72-hour parking ordinance.

1422 — A community mailbox was broken into near Big Rock Road.

1429 — PG&E reported that $10,000-$12,000 worth of items were stolen from cars parked at a yard on Mitchell Drive.

1514 — Report of a large commercial-size truck parked near the corner of Spring Mountain/Madrona and creating visibility problems for drivers.

1533 — Medical aid for a woman with a head injury on San Lucas Court.

1617 — Report of a fire – possibly a controlled agricultural burn – visible from Sylvaner Avenue.

1623 — Another caller reported a large plume of white smoke. Cal Fire said it was a controlled burn.

1808 — Medical aid on San Juan Court.

2005 — Report of someone sleeping in the post office. Police contacted the person.

Wednesday, Feb. 5

0240 — After conducting a vehicle check on Main Street, police arrested a 49-year-old Stockton woman for an outstanding warrant from Solano Court. She was released with a signed promise to appear in court.

1027 — A caller requested extra patrol near Spring/Allyn between 8 and 9 a.m., due to speeding cars.

1044 — Two chainsaws and a gas can were stolen from a car that had been parked in a Hunt Avenue parking lot.

1427 — Medical aid for a fall victim with a knee injury on Silverado Trail.

1644 — Police cited a Mustang parked in front of a fire hydrant on Main Street.

1800 — A car parked on Adams Street was damaged, with pieces of it still on the street. Police contacted the owner, who said he was aware of the situation and taking care of it with his insurance company.

1945 — Following a traffic stop at Main/Mills, police cited a driver for driving without a license.

Thursday, Feb. 6

0952 — A deer was hit by a car at Silverado/Pratt.

1208 — A caller asked for help giving termination papers to an employee.

1403 — A person came to the police department and accused their neighbor of making false statements.

1409 — A white diesel truck was parked at a charging station on Oak Avenue. Someone else needed to use the space to charge their vehicle. The truck was gone when police arrived.

1511 — Medical aid for a woman with low blood pressure on Crinella Drive.

1917 — Following a non-injury accident at Main/Grayson, police arrested a 61-year-old Napa man for two outstanding warrants.

2059 — Police assisted the sheriff’s office with a reported domestic assault just outside the city limits.

Friday, Feb. 7

0925 — A woman said a reckless mail carrier almost hit her and flipped her off near Silverado Trail and Howell Mountain Road. She said he told her, “No one can do anything about it.” She said she has video footage of him.

1028 — A Chablis Circle resident received a threatening text message on Thursday.

1053 — Report of dogs barking for an hour on Andrea Avenue.

1211 — Report of a loose dog on Spring Mountain Road.

1222 — Juveniles were boxing with boxing gloves on Crane Avenue.

1252 — A caller saw smoke from Pope Street. Cal Fire confirmed that burning is allowed today.

1635 — A Deer Park Road resident said her driveway was blocked by a vehicle belonging to a PG&E subcontractor. The property was outside the city limits, so police referred the matter to the sheriff’s office.

1707 — A flashing sign on Pratt Avenue clocked a driver going 61 mph in a black Challenger.

1738 — Police responded to a domestic disturbance on Spring Street.

Saturday, Feb. 8

0108 — Medical aid on Monte Vista Avenue.

0240 — Report of a possible drunk driver on northbound Highway 29.

0827 — A Jetta was parked on the wrong side of Fulton Lane.

1119 — A piece of gold jewelry with 8-10 diamonds was lost about two nights ago.

1218 — A van had been parked on Pope Street for two weeks. Police tagged it to be towed in 72 hours.

1225 — A man received a scam phone call claiming to be from PG&E. The caller told him he had an outstanding balance and instructed him to buy gift cards at Safeway. He didn’t fall for it.

1734 — A woman said she was walking with her children on Pope Street when a woman in a Lexus pulled up and harassed her.

2000 — Medical aid for a person having a seizure on Main Street.

2214 — One of the streetlight covers blew off a light pole during high winds.

Sunday, Feb. 9

0142 — Medical aid on Pratt Avenue.

0251 — Medical aid on Meadowcreek Circle.

0656 — The traffic lights at Main/Adams and Main/Madrona weren’t working. PG&E said more than 1,600 customers would be without power until 9:30-10:00.

0725 — The traffic signal pole at the northwest corner of Main/Madrona was down. Police notified Caltrans.

0958 — Two vehicles in a Pratt Avenue parking lot were broken into sometime after 5 p.m. Saturday.

1006 — Police were notified of a child custody matter.

1057 — Non-injury accident at Main/Adams.

1154 — Power lines were down on Dean York Lane.

1215 — The traffic lights at Main/Adams went out again. Public Works set up stop signs again.

1247 — Report of power lines arcing on Crane Avenue.

1252 — Report of possible power lines down at Deer Park/Mund.

1449 — Police responded to a possible domestic dispute on Magnolia Avenue. It was just kids playing basketball in their yard and listening to music.

1908 — Report of a possible drunk driver on Highway 29. Police arrested the 28-year-old St. Helena woman on suspicion of DUI.

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