St. Helena Police Log, Feb. 18-24
Police Log

St. Helena Police Log, Feb. 18-24

St. Helena Police Logs

Tuesday, Feb. 18

1241 — Report of someone riding a bike and playing explicit music in the skatepark. He was told no bikes are allowed in the skatepark. He agreed to leave.

1734 — Police assisted a boy who needed help.

1739 — Three-car non-injury accident at Main/Britton.

Wednesday, Feb. 191105 — A pool pump was stolen from Oak Avenue sometime between Feb. 6 and Feb. 13.

1131 — An officer talked to the manager of a Hunt Avenue store about kids stealing Robitussin.

1143 — A car was illegally parked on Library Lane, touching a legally parked car. Police helped the parties exchange information.

1307 — A car parked on Main Street was damaged by a car that parked right next to it. There were multiple witnesses.

1524 — An officer warned a driver about parking in a blue zone on Tainter Street.

1612 — Police received a 911 call from Pine Street. Police contacted the “caller,” who said the call might have been placed by a cat lying on her phone.

1836 — Report of a vehicle-vs.-pedestrian near Mitchell/Oak.

Thursday, Feb. 200014 — Someone was using a pressure-washer near Oak Avenue.

0036 — Report of loud drilling noises at the PG&E lot on Mitchell Drive.

0442 — Medical aid for a woman having trouble breathing on Main Street.

1159 — Lift assist on Fulton Lane.

1438 — Report of a minor-injury accident at the Pope Street Bridge. A single car hit the bridge hard enough for its airbags to deploy.

1750 — Report of a house fire on Hudson Avenue.

1954 — Medical aid for a woman feeling sick on Church Street.

2005 — Report of a candle burning inside a closed business on Main Street.

2032 — Police were notified of a child custody matter.

Friday, Feb. 210941 — Report of a big rig parked on the side of Mitchell Drive, forcing traffic to go around it.

1449 — Someone was believed to be sleeping in a parking lot on Pope Street. Feces and wipes have been found on the ground, and a car was broken into three weeks ago.

1455 — Report of a delivery truck making a delivery in the middle of Main Street.

1627 — A woman asked to talk to an officer about a suspicious man who keeps going into her business.

1922 — Report of a possible drunk driver on Highway 29 near Zinfandel Lane.

2122 — Three or four teenage boys were seen standing in the back of a truck speeding up and down Chiles Avenue.

Saturday, Feb. 220846 — A friendly cocker spaniel showed up in someone’s backyard on Scott Street.

0900 — Report of workers cutting down trees on Mitchell Drive. The caller was concerned about a possible city code violation.

1034 — Report of a woman shoplifting and yelling at employees at a Main Street store. Police arrested the 31-year-old woman for violating probation and for a no-bail warrant from Fresno.

1120 — Report of a suspicious man at Pope/Main.

1151 — A torn-up leather jacket containing a pair of police-style handcuffs was found near a garbage can behind a Main Street business. Police picked it up.

1540 — Report of a big rig trying to cross the Pope Street Bridge.

1632 — Report of a reckless driver traveling slowly, swerving, and braking constantly on Highway 29 near Ehlers Lane.

1721 — A mom playing with her kids at the Crane Park playground reported that people at the skatepark were playing loud, explicit music and smoking marijuana.

1740 — Someone left graffiti on an Oak Avenue building.

2147 — Medical aid for a man passed out on Spring Street.

2231 — Medical aid on Hunt Avenue.

2235 — Police helped with a water leak at a house on Chiles Avenue.

Sunday, Feb. 230421 — Lift assist on Olive Avenue.

1022 — Report of a suspicious man trying to talk to a female juvenile on Adams Street. She asked him to go away.

1102 — A Main Street business owner was concerned that an upset family member might try to vandalize his store. Police took a report.

1320 — Report of a contractor using a loud pressure washer on Oak Avenue.

1437 — A vehicle was vandalized on Pratt Avenue. Someone might have tried to enter it at night.

1442 — Medical aid for a fall victim on Sulphur Springs Avenue.

1557 — A car had been parked on Meadowcreek Circle for three days.

1627 — Medical aid for a sick person on Olive Avenue.

1628 — Police followed up on the earlier call involving an upset family member at a Main Street business. The subject was detained for evaluation.

1659 — Police arrested a 30-year-old transient for being under the influence of drugs.

1934 — Report of a suspicious man at a Main Street business.

2003 — Medical aid for a fall victim on Laguna Seca Court.

2007 — Report of a possible drunk driver on Pope Street.

2012 — A car hit the Pope Street Bridge. Nobody was hurt.

2244 — Report of a possible drunk driver on Pope Street.

Monday, Feb. 240826 — Report of a structure fire on St. Helena Highway, with flames in an attic and evacuation in progress.

0844 — Police were notified of a potential scam. An elderly woman went to a Hunt Avenue store and tried to buy a $200 gift card to send to “the treasury.”

1440 — Police were told to be on the lookout for a suspicious man asking for money and trying to sell fake-looking gold near Money Way.

1735 — Officers requested a medical check for a man involved in a vehicle-vs.-pedestrian accident on Main Street.

1856 — Medical aid for a person with a heart problem on Pine Street.

1859 — Report of a man drinking beer in a van near Grayson Avenue.

2218 — Lift assist on Pratt Avenue.

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