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Monday, Feb. 4

0931 -- Report of possible trespassing on Crane Avenue.

1021 -- A strange note was left in a drop box at a Pope Street office. Police took a report.

1104 -- A woman asked to talk to an officer about damage to her building.

1310 -- Non-injury accident on Main Street.

1517 -- Medical aid on Hunt Avenue.

1523 -- Report of two men on Pope Street asking for donations for a rehab facility in Fairfield or Suisun.

1722 -- Report of kids riding dirt bikes or mopeds in a vineyard next to a Main Street hotel, making a lot of noise near the guest rooms.

1811 -- Report of a possible drunk driver on southbound Silverado Trail south of St. Helena. The CHP was notified.

1812 -- A van was swerving and weaving on Silverado Trail. It turned onto Pope Street.

2124 -- A father wanted advice on how to handle his son, who wasn’t listening or doing his homework. An officer translated and gave him advice.

Tuesday, Feb. 5

0837 -- Medical aid for a man with possible appendicitis on Pratt Avenue.

1402 -- Medical aid for a man with chest pain and shortness of breath on Olive Avenue.

1507 -- A delivery vehicle was parked in a bus zone on Oak Avenue.

1751 -- Non-injury lift assist on Pope Street.

1804 -- Report of a car swerving and driving in the middle of Main Street near Grayson Avenue. It was reportedly hit a curb and almost hit a parked car. It was heading south out of town, so police alerted the CHP.

1844 -- Report of two suspicious cars on Spring Mountain Road.

2043 -- Medical aid for a woman with arm pain on Hunt Avenue.

Wednesday, Feb. 6

0712 -- Report of a loose golden retriever on Grayson Avenue.

0832 -- A caller requested extra patrol because of cars speeding in the South Crane Avenue area.

1202 -- Someone reportedly vandalized a car on Hunt Avenue.

1645 -- A couple of dogs reportedly damaged a truck on Voorhees Circle by jumping on it and scratching it.

2324 -- Report of a drunk man yelling and banging on the front door of a house on Mitchell Drive. Police received a similar report about 45 minutes later.

Thursday, Feb. 7

0458 -- A woman on Adams Street was afraid someone might be outside her house. Police checked the area.

0816 -- Police responded to a family dispute on Mitchell Drive.

1107 -- Two Dobermans had reportedly been aggressive toward someone on Crinella Drive.

1430 -- A white lab was reported missing from Bella Vista Court. It was found soon after.

1641 -- Medical aid for a man with chest pain at an Adams Street medical office.

Friday, Feb. 8

0052 -- Medical aid for a woman on Del Campo Court who was having trouble breathing and had recently undergone heart surgery.

1015 -- A tree branch was blocking part of Spring Mountain Road.

1717 -- Police were told to be on the lookout for a car that was involved in a hit-and-run in Deer Park and should have major front-end damage.

2003 -- Report of a reckless driver heading south on Highway 29.

2010 -- Police were on the lookout for two people suspected of stealing alcohol from a Hunt Avenue store. They left in a black Acura.

2249 -- A woman asked for information about the legality of someone posting pictures of her online.

Saturday, Feb. 9

0321 -- Report of a reckless driver turning from Main Street onto Madrona Avenue.

1304 -- A 4-month-old brown mastiff was found on Old Howell Mountain Road.

1351 -- A gold earring with colored stones was reported lost, either downtown or near Safeway.

1457 -- Report of a possible drunk driver swerving and driving at 15 mph below the speed limit on Main Street.

1558 -- A mutt with a curly tail was reported missing from Deer Park Road. It weighed 70 or 80 pounds and was wearing a pink collar.

1618 -- Someone put a lot of stickers and signs saying “No soliciting, no hunting, no trespassing” on doors and trees near Crane Avenue. Police took a report.

1636 -- Report of a suspicious van idling for an hour on Madrona Avenue.

Sunday, Feb. 10

1032 -- A sign was knocked over at the Pope Street bridge.

1239 -- Medical aid on Spring Mountain Road.

1326 -- Report of a reckless driver in the elm tunnel.

1716 -- A caller reported hitting a car and damaging its mirror. He left a note with his information, and he knows the owner of the car.

Monday, Feb. 11

0134 -- A caller said she doesn’t want a certain customer to come to her business. She said she’s suffering mental abuse due to his presence. She said he comes in and smells the walls in front of other customers, then came with a plumber late at night asking to go through the building. She said she’s uncomfortable around him, and has previously had problems with him.

1323 -- A person asked for advice on what to do about harassment.

1345 -- Medical aid for a man having trouble breathing on Redondo Court.

1354 -- Two young men came into a Main Street business selling candy and asking for donations to St. Helena High School AAU.

1827 -- The CHP asked for help dealing with a person who was ignoring commands and walking in to traffic on Howell Mountain Road.

1848 -- A car reportedly broke down at Main/Charter Oak. It was gone when police arrived.

1925 -- About an hour ago, two men came knocking at the back door of an office on Dowdell Lane claiming that a wife wanted to pick up furniture. The business does not provide furniture service. The men did not give their names.

2149 -- The sheriff’s office asked for help responding to a possible burglary in progress on Howell Mountain Road.

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