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Monday, Feb. 18

2204 — Police responded to a family disturbance on Pope Street.

2321 — The eastbound green light at Main/Adams wasn’t working.

Tuesday, Feb. 19

0805 — A local resident received unwelcome phone calls from her ex-boyfriend, including a voicemail containing a death threat.

0834 — Non-injury lift assist on Crinella Drive.

1100 — The crosswalk lights at Main/Charter Oak weren’t working.

1147 — A set of keys were found in an Adams Street parking lot.

1300 — The eastbound green light at Main/Adams still wasn’t working.

1329 — Members of a local church congregation received fraudulent text messages asking for iTunes gift cards for cancer patients. The messages came from a 707 area code and appeared to be signed by the pastor of the church.

1429 — Report of a green pickup parked on Vineyard Avenue for about two weeks.

1519 — A dog was found wandering on Main Street.

1713 — An officer gave a young cyclist a gift certificate for wearing a helmet.

Wednesday, Feb. 20

0003 — Medical aid for a person with shortness of breath and vertigo on Hunt Avenue.

0824 — An officer worked out with high school students during P.E. class.

1144 — Police cited a car at Hunt/Railroad for expired registration.

1242 — Medical aid for someone with high blood pressure on Hunt Avenue.

1350 — Police cited a car parked in a red zone on Library Lane.

1458 — Report of a reckless driver passing multiple drivers and running a red light on Highway 29.

1557 — A man said he got a phone call from someone claiming to be a Napa police officer and saying his daughter had been involved in an accident. The man could hear a woman yelling in the background. The man believed it was a scam because the woman didn’t sound like his daughter, but he wanted to make sure. St. Helena police dispatch contacted Napa police, who said there had been no such accident. The sheriff’s office said they’ve gotten reports of similar fraudulent calls.

1610 — A street sign was reported missing from Main/Grayson.

1612 — A Chevy Tahoe was stuck in a ditch near Silverado Trail and Conn Creek Road, with one tire elevated four inches off the ground. The call was transferred to the CHP.

1807 — A woman said she picked up her boyfriend from a hotel after he’d been escorted out by the sheriff’s office. She said he began spitting in her car and then he punched her in the stomach. Police arrested both of them – a 34-year-old South Lake Tahoe man and a 40-year-old South Lake Tahoe woman – on suspicion of domestic battery.

2251 — Report of loud music blaring near Voorhees Circle for several hours.

2310 — A young black lab was found near Spring Mountain/Madrona. It had a phone number stitched on its collar. Police contacted its owner.

Thursday, Feb. 21

0807 — An officer went to the middle school for good mornings and high fives.

0949 — Report of a white dog running around in traffic on Grayson Avenue.

1106 — Report of a loud leaf blower on Spring Street. All was quiet when an officer arrived.

1127 — The manager of a local business had an awkward encounter with an employee who’d been acting weird. The employee had left through the back door but left his car keys behind.

1155 — Report of a problem with the traffic light at Main/Pope.

1159 — A parent asked to talk to an officer about an ongoing problem with vape pens at their child’s school.

1436 — Report of a young man walking around naked near Linda Falls Terrace in Angwin. The call was transferred to the sheriff’s office.

1457 — Report of possible child abuse.

1533 — Report of a reckless driver going 50 mph in a bike lane along Highway 29. The CHP was notified.

2038 — A student studying criminal justice met with an officer and signed up for a ride-along.

2152 — Police were asked to be on the lookout for people in a black SUV who’d been involved in an altercation in Yountville.

Friday, Feb. 22

0224 — An elderly man on Spring Street was concerned about family members coming to his house to take his belongings in the morning.

0946 — A dog pressed the lock button inside a car, locking itself and four other dogs in the car. The fire department helped.

1043 — Someone was seen trespassing near Crane Avenue.

1117 — A dog broke its leash and escaped from St. James Drive. It came back soon.

1147 — A Bella Vista Court resident said they were no longer getting mail at the house due to their neighbor’s dogs attacking the mailman.

1324 — Report of a house fire on Madrona Avenue.

1506 — Report of suspicious people in a car parked on Spring Mountain Road. The caller thought they might be doing drugs or having sex.

1631 — A young female black lab was found on Spring Street.

1927 — Report of a dog on Crinella Drive barking all day since 7 a.m.

Saturday, Feb. 23

1017 — Report of a reckless driver in the Angwin area.

1322 — Report of someone trespassing near Crane Avenue.

1605 — Medical aid on Del Rio Court.

1616 — Report of a possible drunk driver in a convertible BMW near Main/Deer Park.

2321 — A person reported getting annoying prank phone calls, most recently at 10:40 p.m.

Sunday, Feb. 24

0031 — Expensive power tools had reportedly been left unsecured in the bed of a truck parked near Pope Street. They are now missing. Police took a report.

0503 — Medical aid on San Juan Court.

0624 — Lift assist on Crinella Drive.

0943 — A dog near Stockton/Adams had been barking all morning.

1123 — Report of a possible drunk driver near Main/Fulton.

1306 — Report of a reckless driver passing on the right and weaving through traffic near Main/Adams.

1544 — Report of three suspicious people acting strangely and kicking trees on Mitchell Drive.

Monday, Feb. 25

0252 — Silverado Trail was closed between Lodi Lane and Deer Park Road after a car hit a pole and knocked down some wires. The road reopened later on Tuesday.

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