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Tuesday, Jan. 29

0616 -- A silver Dodge Ram tried to pass a Mercedes in a no-passing zone on Silverado Trail and clipped the Mercedes. Both cars pulled over south of the Pope Street bridge.

0914 -- A car was seen making a U-turn on downtown Main Street at approximately 5:46 p.m. Jan. 24. U-turns are illegal on Main Street.

0918 -- A pickup had reportedly been parked on Spring Mountain Road for four days.

0941 -- A woman said her belongings were being kept by another person, and she was afraid they would be sold against her will.

1030 -- A person inquired about gun permits.

1046 -- The police department donated six bikes and two scooters to the Salvation Army.

1055 -- Report of a possible drunk driver dodging other cars and swerving on Main Street, with the driver yelling out the windows.

1143 -- Report of someone trespassing on Crane Avenue.

1900 -- Police were told to be on the lookout for a man in a gray Yukon who had reportedly brandished a knife at someone in Calistoga. Calistoga police stopped the car on Highway 29 and detained the man.

2018 -- Report of a drunk cook acting aggressive toward employees in the patio area of a Main Street coffee shop.

2040 -- Report of a suspicious car sitting in the middle of Pratt Avenue with its lights off, forcing traffic to pass over double yellows.

2318 -- Police responded to a loud music complaint on Saint James Drive.

Wednesday, Jan. 30

0622 -- Report of a possible drunk or distracted driver on southbound Silverado Trail.

0656 -- Police were told to be on the lookout for a red Pontiac that almost caused a head-on collision on Silverado Trail.

1305 -- A person received a fraudulent call from someone claiming to be with the Social Security office. The caller claimed the person’s Social Security number had been compromised and told them to call a phone number immediately or else their Social Security would be suspended. The St. Helena Police Department reminds citizens not to give out personal information to any unknown caller. The Social Security office would not call you regarding misuse of your number. They would send a letter instead.

1405 -- Report of a solicitor asking for donations and possibly selling magazine subscriptions on Rosebud Lane.

1445 -- A person reported an ongoing issue with a neighbor.

1506 -- The same solicitor reported earlier was spotted on Quail Court.

1531 -- Report of two solicitors on Dean York Lane. Police were able to find them.

1600 -- Police contacted another solicitor on Sylvaner Avenue.

1703 -- Report of a solicitor near Hillview Place.

1735 -- Police checked on another solicitor complaint on Sulphur Springs Avenue.

1742 -- Police were asked to check on a suspicious woman near Crane Park. She was just a caregiver who was walking home.

1747 -- Report of solicitors on Sulphur Springs Avenue and Wallis Court.

1804 -- Report of a nicely dressed solicitor on Tainter Street.

1847 -- A solicitor asked for $20 after a Starr Avenue resident refused to buy a magazine subscription.

1908 -- Police checked College Avenue after a report of a solicitor in the area.

1923 -- Report of a solicitor aggressively knocking on doors on Pine Street.

1952 -- A solicitor was spotted at Pope/Starr.

2015 -- A stoplight was out at Pope/Main.

Thursday, Jan. 31

0307 -- Report of a man yelling in front of a bank at Main/Mitchell.

0400 -- Someone was screaming on Zinfandel Lane. Police transferred the report to the sheriff’s office.

0528 -- Report of three suspicious people wearing dark clothes and acting strangely behind a restaurant on Spring Street.

0738 -- A vehicle with expired registration was towed from Charter Oak/Main.

0844 -- Two-car non-injury accident on Main Street.

1222 -- Police were told to be on the lookout for a gray Toyota that had almost collided with five or six other cars near Foothill/Lincoln in Calistoga.

1912 -- There were two bundles of blankets in the northbound lane of Highway 29 in the elm tunnel.

2350 -- A white lab was running loose on Spring Street.

Friday, Feb. 1

0758 -- Medical aid on La Canada Court.

1025 -- A woman said her ex-husband was refusing to let her back into the house to pick up the rest of her things. Police determined it was a civil matter.

1125 -- Medical aid on La Cuesta Court.

1239 -- A person came in asking about vaping materials.

1539 -- A broken cell phone was found in the street near Mitchell/Saint James.

1816 -- A man asked to talk to an officer about damage his vehicle sustained while he was at dinner last night.

1832 -- Report of a car traveling without its lights on from Calistoga to St. Helena on Highway 29.

Saturday, Feb. 2

0957 -- A loud boom was heard near Del Campo Court.

1523 -- Medical aid on Main Street.

1826 -- Police were asked to check on a man who was slurring and running into walls and might need medical help.

Sunday, Feb. 3

0007 -- A non-injury accident knocked down power lines on Spring Street between Main Street and Oak Avenue. Police arrested the driver, a 40-year-old St. Helena woman, on suspicion of DUI. The road was closed for several hours.

0134 -- A man reportedly assaulted a bouncer on Main Street. Police arrested the 24-year-old Angwin man on suspicion of public intoxication. He was later released.

1017 -- Report of a dispute over parking on Spring Street.

1031 -- Report of a reckless driver near Allison/McCorkle. The car was last seen on Silverado Trail, so police notified the CHP.

1232 -- A Hunt Avenue resident said another resident had thrown an object and shattered a window. Police took a vandalism report.

1440 -- An employee at a Main Street business said a woman had come into the business, caused a scene, and verbally assaulted her.

1914 -- Report of a possible drunk driver crossing over double yellows and into a bike lane near Main/Pope.

2255 -- Report of a prowler on Crinella Drive. Police checked the area.

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