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Tuesday, Jan. 22

0210 -- A white lab was seen running across Valley View.

1200 -- An officer had lunch with students on Grayson Avenue.

1227 -- Report of a reckless driver swerving, passing over double yellows, and almost hitting another car head-on on Deer Park Road. Police checked the area.

1258 -- Police cited a car that was parked in the wrong direction at Spring/Money.

1439 -- A caller said there is a dangerous chemical in drinks that a specific wine company is making. She was upset because she was trying to reach the company’s CEO and employees kept hanging up on her or cutting her off. The caller was not very clear with information. Police told her that if she wanted to file a police report, she should do so with the sheriff’s office, since the wine company is within the county’s jurisdiction.

1510 -- Report of a black lab running near Vintage Avenue.

1632 -- Report of two German shepherds running off leash near Hillview Place. Two nearby men appeared to be the owners. The caller said he warned them to leash the dogs or else he’d call the police.

2229 -- A man asked police to check on his wife. She was outside the city limits, so police transferred the request to the sheriff’s office.

2255 -- Report of a reckless driver speeding and yelling profanities on southbound Main Street at Sulphur Springs Avenue.

Wednesday, Jan. 23

0311 -- A Pratt Avenue resident said she’d heard clicking sounds outside her living room about 20 minutes ago, and she was worried about a possible prowler. She’d also heard possible gunshots an hour ago, but she’d been too scared to call the police.

0347 -- Report of a suspicious man possibly trying to enter a parked car near Main/Sulphur Springs. He was last seen running south on Main.

1032 -- Report of a suspicious truck parked on private property on Main Street.

1055 -- A black purse was found on Signorelli Circle.

1203 -- An officer had lunch with students and staff on Hillview Place.

1350 -- Police were told to be on the lookout for a white Ford F-150 that was reported stolen from Yountville in November.

1459 -- Upvalley Electric reported that a customer had received a fraudulent call from someone claiming to be from Upvalley Electric and saying the customer was overdue on payments. The customer realized it was a scam and disconnected after the caller asked for money. Police remind people not to disclose personal information to unknown callers. PG&E oversees power and billing. If you have any questions about your account, call PG&E at 1-800-743-5000.

1644 -- A man on Dean York Lane said a large dog had just run into his yard and bitten him on the leg, giving him two puncture wounds. He did not request medical help, but police searched the area for the dog and took a report.

2012 -- A caller asked police to check on an unknown vehicle parked in their driveway on McCorkle Avenue.

Thursday, Jan. 24

0209 -- Report of a dog barking nonstop since 11 p.m. on Fulton Lane.

0903 -- Report of a possibly rabid skunk in the vineyards near his home on Kennedy Court. He believed it has rabies. Police told him to take his dog inside.

1128 -- Police were notified of a dog-vs.-dog incident that occurred at Adams/Main in November.

1403 -- Non-injury accident at Main/Dowdell.

1707 -- Medical aid for an elderly fall victim on Pope Street.

Friday, Jan. 25

0453 -- Non-injury lift assist for a man who fell out of bed on Meadowcreek Circle.

1039 -- A truck hit the opened door of a parked car on Main Street. Both parties called the police, who told them how to get in touch.

1404 -- Report of an ongoing problem with cars speeding on Kearney Street. The caller said her cat had been killed by a speeding car. She requested extra patrol. Police have been monitoring speeds in the area.

1508 -- Police took a fraud report.

1646 -- Report of a suspicious and disoriented woman trying to get out of her car near Main/Madrona. Police checked the area.

1732 -- A woman who’d been asked to stay away from a local coffee shop just walked in the front door and out the back door. Police found the 59-year-old St. Helena woman near Main/Charter Oak and arrested her on suspicion of trespassing.

1751 -- Cal Fire asked police to stand by while they dealt with an intoxicated woman on Saint Andrews Court.

2346 -- A Laguna Seca Court resident heard banging on the windows and side of the house. It turned out to be birds.

Saturday, Jan. 26

1104 -- Report of water leaking over the new sidewalk at Tainter/Oak.

1351 -- Medical aid for an elderly woman with major back pain on Hunt Avenue.

1535 -- Report of a motorcycle down at Pope Street and Highway 29. Police checked that area and Pope/Silverado but didn’t find anything.

1601 -- A customer at a Main Street business left her purse hanging in the restroom for just a moment. Then a young woman went into the restroom. When the owner of the purse remembered to go get it, she found it, but nine $100 bills were missing. She gave a description of the young woman, and police took a report.

1840 -- An older male golden retriever was found on Silverado Trail between Pope Street and Fawn Park Road.

2011 -- Non-injury lift assist on Riesling Way.

2102 -- Report of a possible drunk driver on Main Street.

2258 -- Police checked on a loud music complaint on Saint James Drive.

Sunday, Jan. 27

0225 -- Police checked on a loud party complaint at Edwards/Hunt.

0625 -- Medical aid for a man who fell out of bed on Saint James Court.

1716 -- Report of a tank spewing water 12 feet into the air near College Avenue.

1816 -- Medical aid for a sick man on Park Street.

2058 -- Police responded to a loud music complaint on Saint James Drive.

2305 -- Report of a reckless driver near Main/Spring.

Monday, Jan. 28

0002 -- A Main Street resident heard a crash outside her house. A moving vehicle had hit a parked car. Police arrested the driver on suspicion of DUI.

1322 -- A white SUV hit a metal pole on Main Street. There were two cars involved, but nobody was hurt. Police took a report.

1402 -- A Toyota key fob and post office box key were found on the Rianda House fence.

1422 -- A man reported a side mirror had been stolen from his pickup truck. An officer responded and found the mirror a few feet away, apparently torn off in a hit-and-run.

1445 -- The tires of an ATV were slashed on Galleron Lane sometime around Christmas or New Year’s.

1502 -- Report of a parked trailer causing a traffic hazard on Madrona Avenue.

1520 -- Medical aid on Vallejo Street.

1559 -- A woman got a phone call from a man who said he had her daughter. The caller was speaking loudly and quickly and didn’t make sense, but the woman could hear someone crying in the background. Police were able to get hold of the daughter and confirm the call was just a scam.

1715 -- Report of a possible drunk driver swerving all over the road near Main/Adams in a dark pickup with one taillight out. Police checked the area and transferred the call to the CHP.

2042 -- The tires of a Prius were slashed at Crane Park. The owner believed her ex-boyfriend was responsible.

Tuesday, Jan. 29

0011 -- Medical aid for an elderly fall victim on Riesling Way.

0209 -- Police were notified that at 9 p.m. two suspicious men had knocked on the gate door of an Oak Avenue apartment complex and claimed they were there to do electrical work. They were Hispanic men in the 20s or 30s, one wearing a red shirt and the other wearing a black shirt and blue jeans.

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