St. Helena Police Logs

Tuesday, Jan. 7

1110 — A caller said a couple of unattached trailers have been left in a residential area of Main Street for weeks at a time, causing a hazard and violating a city ordinance.

1301 — A caller requested extra traffic patrol on Mitchell Drive before school, during lunch, and after school, due to teenagers speeding.

1708 — The brass letters K and R were reported missing from a water feature sign at the entrance to a winery near Main/Deer Park.

2002 — A caller was concerned about the sprinklers at the library going full blast and even spraying the sidewalk.

2017 — Report of an injured raccoon on Allyn Avenue.

Wednesday, Jan. 8

1101 — The loose Aussie dog was reportedly living behind the library and stealing a cat’s food every night on Charter Oak Avenue.

1222 — A pickup had been idling for over an hour on Charter Oak Avenue, possibly with someone inside.

1743 — A caller said a 14-year-old patient stated that a 20-year-old New York man sent her explicit photos and messages via Snapchat about four months ago. Police will follow up.

1950 — Juveniles were seen running away from a youth facility on Tainter Street.

Thursday, Jan. 9

0053 — Report of people using a steel saw since 11 p.m. on Spring Street.

0911 — An Allyn Avenue resident said a drone had been hovering over her backyard for the past six minutes. A sergeant said there is nothing in the Municipal Code prohibiting drones from flying over people’s property.

1139 — Two people were stuck in an elevator on Adams Street. They were able to get out.

1441 — A small tan dog was seen wandering in a field near College/Pope.

1959 — Report of a possible drunk driver at Silverado/Pope.

Friday, Jan. 10

0822 — A worker ruptured a gas line on Madrone Knoll Way. The fire department responded to assist.

1340 — Report of a driver passing over double yellows on Highway 29 near Lodi Lane.

1721 — Medical aid for a sick person on Chiles Avenue.

2116 — Medical aid for an extremely drunk woman feeling ill on Main Street.

2344 — Non-injury lift assist on Pope Street.

Saturday, Jan. 11

0753 — Medical aid for a person feeling sick on Fulton Lane.

0820 — A supervisor at a local store reported seeing property that had been stolen in a recent burglary posted for sale on a Facebook page. The person named and pictured in the ad is a known customer. Police took a report.

1142 — A caller saw a suspicious man park on Tainter Street near the baseball field, get out of his car, retrieve a small hand shovel from the trunk, and dig up an area of the ground near the main gate to Carpy Field.

1459 — An old junky car had been parked in front of someone’s house on Spring Mountain Road for three days. Another car with a “For Sale” sign was parked across the street.

1500 — Police responded to an altercation involving two women in a car on Main Street. The driver, a 31-year-old St. Helena woman, was arrested on suspicion of DUI. The passenger, also a 31-year-old St. Helena woman, was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication. A large dog in the back seat was taken to the police department and secured in the kennel.

1843 — Medical aid on Valley View Street.

Sunday, Jan. 12

0942 — Police were asked to help with an ongoing problem involving a child who keeps stealing from a store on Hunt Avenue. Police took a report.

1343 — Police assisted the sheriff’s office with a person who was refusing to leave a house outside the city limits.

2205 — Report of an extremely aggressive driver tailgating, passing over double yellows, and stopping in the middle of the road. He was last seen on St. Helena Road.

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