St. Helena Police Log, Jan. 21-27
Police Log

St. Helena Police Log, Jan. 21-27

St. Helena Police Logs

Tuesday, Jan. 21

0823 — A PG&E employee asked to be escorted onto a Madrona Avenue property. The resident has been threatening in the past and said PG&E had to walk through the creek, not enter through the driveway.

2340 — A caller saw a suspicious light in a neighbor’s backyard and house on Stockton Street.

Wednesday, Jan. 220030 — Medical aid for a person with a heart problem on Hunt Avenue.

1010 — Report of a man passed out in a car near Main Street. Police cited him.

1106 — Medical aid for a woman with a possible heart attack on Pope Street.

1203 — Police cited a car parked in a blue zone on Hunt Avenue.

1235 — Police notified Public Works of a broken water line on Main Street.

1515 — Medical aid for a man having a seizure on Grayson Avenue.

1603 — An emergency room nurse asked police to check on a Hunt Avenue woman who said she had “radiations” related to PG&E SmartMeters.

1712 — Medical aid for a woman who couldn’t stop shaking on Pine Street.

1824 — Police took a vandalism report near Main/Fulton.

2029 — Non-injury accident at Main/Pratt.

2146 — Police checked on a noise complaint on Saint James Drive.

2357 — Report of a loose dog on Hunt Avenue.

Thursday, Jan. 230508 — Medical aid for a woman having trouble breathing on Redondo Court.

0945 — Medical aid for a man feeling dizzy on Valley View Street.

1049 — Report of a drunk man walking around on Railroad Avenue.

1141 — Report of a car parked at a 45-degree angle near Main/Pine.

1145 — Report of a delivery truck speeding on Spring Street.

1626 — Report of a suspicious car parked on Charter Oak Avenue for three days.

1702 — A resident said he received a suspicious call claiming to be from a sheriff’s department in Texas. The caller asked him to confirm the last four digits of his Social Security number. They also asked him how much was in his bank account. He told them. They said a U.S. marshal and someone from Social Security would come to his home the next day to give him a new Social Security number. The matter was referred to the Napa County Sheriff’s Office.

1828 — Police took a vandalism report on Crane Avenue.

2129 — A woman said her ex-husband had been drinking and verbally abusing their daughter. Police took a report.

2136 — A caller reported that a young person boarded a bus in Calistoga and loaded a bike belonging to a Calistoga resort onto the bike rack. The resort declined to press charges; they just wanted their bike back.

2142 — A 16-year-old boy reportedly stole alcohol from a Hunt Avenue business. Police took a report.

Friday, Jan. 241545 — Someone claiming to be from PG&E called a local resident and said her power would be shut off unless she bought gift cards at Safeway. She didn’t fall for the scam. Police advised her to block the phone number, follow up with PG&E, and never give information to unsolicited callers.

1628 — Medical aid for a woman feeling sick on Pope Street.

1835 — Police took a report on a car accident at Pope/Silverado.

Saturday, Jan. 251105 — Report of a reckless driver at Main/Adams.

1318 — A man gave his credit card number to a scammer claiming to be from PG&E. He called his credit card company and blocked the card before any fraudulent charges were made.

1352 — A big white couch with a “free” sign was left on a curb on Hunt Avenue.

2056 — A suspicious truck was idling near Carpy Field.

Sunday, Jan. 260137 — Police arrested a 61-year-old St. Helena man for violating probation.

0930 — A brown Thunderbird was seen speeding down the center lane of Highway 29 near Galleron Lane.

1057 — Report of angry yelling and loud music on Magnolia Avenue.

1221 — Medical aid for a person with a possible heart attack near Main Street.

1329 — Police removed a large couch cushion from the elm tunnel.

1544 — Report of a man panhandling on Adams Street. Police arrested the 55-year-old transient for an outstanding misdemeanor warrant from Long Beach.

1702 — Medical aid on Rosebud Lane.

1719 — Report of a black Jetta driving in the bike lane on Highway 29 near Larkmead Lane.

1922 — Report of a possible drunk driver on southbound Highway 29.

1955 — Report of a possible drunk driver on northbound Highway 29.

Monday, Jan. 271319 — Someone’s Target credit card was fraudulently used in another city. Police took a report.

1329 — A brown mini-dachshund named Chica ran away from Fulton Lane. About 90 minutes later near Lyman Park, the community service officer found three people walking a dog matching Chica’s description. They claimed the dog belonged to them. The dog was identified as Chica, and the people who’d been walking her left the area. Chica was returned to her owner.

1423 — A border collie was reported missing from Chablis Circle, but she turned up soon.

1823 — Report of two large potholes on Crane Avenue. One is near the driveway to Crane Park and the other is near the primary school.

2026 — Report of a possible drunk driver on Silverado Trail.

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