Tuesday, July 30

0617 -- Report of a possible drunk driver in a Suburban swerving and hitting a garbage can. It was last seen near Main/Sulphur Springs.

1202 -- A huge oak limb fell onto a car on Saint Andrews Court.

1403 -- Report of a car parked in a red zone for over three hours on Main Street.

1547 -- Report of a large vehicle trying to cross the Pope Street Bridge.

1637 -- A husband and wife saw a woman lying on the side of Spring Mountain Road about 25 minutes ago. There were four men in two trucks next to her. The husband asked if everything was OK, and the men said the woman wasn’t feeling well. A little later the couple saw her sitting up with the men around her, but she looked distracted. Police checked the area and didn’t find anybody. They told the caller not to hesitate to call 911 next time.

1903 -- Construction was occurring after hours at a Scott Street home.

1932 -- Report of a loose German shepherd on Silverado Trail near Deer Park Road.

2030 -- Medical aid for a possible stroke victim on San Juan Court.

2157 -- Someone was reportedly walking in the middle of Highway 29 near Rutherford Road.

2306 -- A backpack was found on a bench downtown.

Wednesday, July 31

0859 -- A Christine Court resident trapped a skunk in a cage in their backyard and asked for help relocating it. Police referred them to Napa Wildlife Rescue.

1322 -- A man threw a can at an employee and threatened to run her over. He was driving a black Chevy, last seen on Silverado Trail.

1335 -- Medical aid for a woman feeling ill on Olive Avenue.

1543 -- A local man gave police of list of graffiti he’d removed around town.

2342 -- A Birch Street resident heard suspicious sounds behind the house.

Thursday, Aug. 1

0812 -- Someone was using a loud leaf blower on Spring Street before 9 a.m.

0833 -- Public Works found graffiti in the bathroom at Lewis Station Park.

0845 -- A caller said a local business was using a very loud metal cutter. The caller was concerned that there are noise restrictions on leaf blowers but not on this business’ ability to use a loud metal cutter.

1125 -- A dog had been barking all day on Saint James Court.

1155 -- Medical aid for a fall victim on Paulson Court.

1600 -- Police were notified of a child custody issue.

1725 -- Medical aid for a man having a seizure and bleeding on Main Street.

1744 -- Two juveniles stole liquor from a Hunt Avenue business on Wednesday. One of them was caught, and the store has video footage of the other person.

1750 -- Medical aid for a woman down and bleeding on Palmer Drive.

2227 -- A 15-year-old had been drinking and left his Grayson Avenue home.

2302 -- A black Coach wallet was found. Police contacted its owner, a Calistoga resident, who agreed to pick it up in the morning.

Friday, Aug. 2

0859 -- Non-injury accident in a parking lot near Main Street.

1138 -- Report of a reckless driver weaving on Highway 29.

1604 -- Report of a car with expired registration parked on Hasty Court for over a year.

1653 -- Report of two drunk men stumbling into their car on Main Street.

1721 -- Police stood by during a child custody exchange.

1808 -- A caller said a woman came to her workplace and yelled at her, telling her to stay away from her family. The caller did not know the woman, and was troubled by the incident.

Saturday, Aug. 3

0043 -- Non-injury hit-and-run at Stockton/Madrona.

1055 -- Report of a white Subaru tailgating near Main/Adams.

1253 -- Two necklaces were stolen from a display table on Main Street.

1413 -- Police gave ice cream gift certificates to kids who were wearing their helmets while cycling.

2039 -- A Tiffany bracelet was lost.

Sunday, Aug. 4

0040 -- Report of a drunk man driving away from Main Street after leaving a bar.

0126 -- Report of a suspicious man looking in and around a white car in a Main Street parking lot.

0820 -- Report of a loose pit bull near Crinella/Main.

1102 -- Report of a reckless driver at Main/Sulphur Springs.

1109 -- A man said he’d been bitten by a dog while riding his bike near Chaix/Main.

1654 -- Report of a barking dog left in a hot car on White Lane.

1715 -- Police responded to a two-car accident on Charter Oak Avenue. One driver had a bloody nose. Police arrested a 25-year-old Antioch woman on suspicion of DUI.

1900 -- A caller said her parents were fighting on College Avenue. Her mom had an injured ankle and couldn’t walk, but they were afraid to ask for police assistance for fear of being deported. The caller and her sister agreed to pack some belongings and come to the police department. Police arrested the father, a 52-year-old St. Helena man, on suspicion of domestic violence, intimidating a witness, and criminal threats.

1951 -- Numerous callers reported a suspicious man standing in the middle of Pratt Avenue stopping and approaching passing drivers.

2016 -- Report of a possible drunk driver swerving on Highway 29 and hitting a mailbox in Rutherford. Police arrested the 50-year-old San Jose resident on suspicion of DUI.

2233 -- Report of a driver slumped over the steering wheel in front of the police department.

Monday, Aug. 5

0802 -- A caller said she and her husband found an emu in a cage on an abandoned property on Sulphur Springs Avenue. They were concerned that the animal wasn’t being cared for, so they’ve been leaving fresh vegetables and clean water.

1042 -- Report of a man slamming the door of a car and banging on its roof near Hunt Avenue. Police contacted the man, who was angry at the car because it had a dead battery.

1239 -- Report of a snake (not a rattlesnake) inside an office on Hunt Avenue. It was removed safely.

1400 -- A caller reported being harassed by a woman via phone calls and one unannounced visit to the caller’s home.

2016 -- Report of a woman causing a disturbance and refusing to leave a Spring Street restaurant.

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