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St. Helena Police Log, July 13-19
Police Log

St. Helena Police Log, July 13-19

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Tuesday, July 13

0603 — Non-injury hit-and-run on Sulphur Springs Avenue.

0745 — Report of a neighbor using power tools on Tainter Street.

0756 — Police took a report on vandalism at Madrona/Riesling.

0948 — Report of an beat-up orange dump truck speeding on White Sulphur Springs Road.

1127 — Two cars had been parked on Meadowcreek Circle since Thursday.

1302 — A man asked to talk to an officer because his Internet accounts might have been hacked.

1330 — A dirty blue Maxima with its trunk door open was blocking the entrance to a parking lot on Pope Street.

1911 — Report of a reckless driver in a tow truck towing two vehicles on Pope Street.

1952 — Report of a noisy neighbor playing bocce on Tainter Street.

2039 — The noisy bocce game was said to be getting louder.

2149 — Medical aid for a woman who fell and broke her tooth on Kearney Street.

Wednesday, July 14

0936 — There was an ongoing dispute between Park Street neighbors about a fence on a property line. Police determined it was a civil matter.

1036 — Non-injury lift assist on Fulton Lane.

1229 — A trailer that had been parked on Spring Street for two weeks was towed.

1516 — Police took a report on a harassment case.

1732 — Report of an ongoing problem with tenants parking on the same spot on Brown Street. Police determined it was a civil matter.

1841 — Report of a reckless driver in a Ford truck with a camper shell near Main/Mitchell. He was reportedly swerving back and forth. He almost rear-ended several people and then flipped somebody off.

2125 — Report of drunk people threatening to beat someone up on Rosebud Lane.

2230 — A woman said she’d received phone calls from people in different states who’d been receiving fraudulent checks from her place of business. She said the account in question was closed two years ago. She and her business hadn’t sustained any financial losses.

Thursday, July 15

0735 — Report of water leaking down a driveway on Sulphur Springs Avenue. Public Works was notified.

0737 — Someone left graffiti on Adams Street.

1133 — Report of a dog barking since 8 a.m. on Pratt Avenue.

1243 — A dog was brought to the police station and picked up by its owner.

1420 — Another dog was brought to the police station and picked up by its owner.

1515 — Non-injury accident on Hunt Avenue.

2227 — Following a traffic stop at Silverado Trail and Howell Mountain Road, police arrested a 19-year-old St. Helena man on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs and driving with an open container of alcohol or marijuana.

Friday, July 16

0334 — Lift assist on Redondo Court.

0848 — A person asked for an officer’s advice on child “pet-sitting.”

0906 — A woman asked police to check on her friend who was feeling sick while visiting St. Helena. Police contacted the man and advised him to call his friend.

0940 — Report of construction occurring near Saint James/Spring without displaying an encroachment permit, adhering to Public Works standards, or having a traffic control plan.

1057 — Report of a dog left in a car for three or four minutes on Main Street. The car was gone when police arrived.

1604 — A car was parked on the wrong side of the street near Kearney/Madrona. Police contacted its owner, who agreed to move it.

1700 — Report of a loud leaf blower on Stockton Street.

1816 — Report of large rocks in the middle of the road one mile up Spring Mountain Road.

1930 — Following a traffic stop at Inglewood Avenue and Highway 29, police cited a driver for expired registration.

2026 — The staff of a south St. Helena hotel asked police to check on a guest who was acting “out of it” and might be under the influence.

2223 — Report of noisy neighbors “whoo-hooing” on Pratt Avenue. Police subsequently conducted an unrelated traffic stop for a speeding vehicle and arrested a 32-year-old Napa man for an outstanding warrant.

Saturday, July 17

0112 — Medical aid on San Juan Court.

0146 — A vehicle can into a utility pole near Main/Pratt. The driver, a 48-year-old Napa man, was arrested on suspicion of DUI. Main Street between Pratt Avenue and Deer Park Road remained closed until Saturday afternoon.

0843 — Medical aid for a man who fell and injured his knee on Pope Street.

1032 — A semi truck was trying to cross the Pope Street Bridge, causing traffic to back up.

1040 — Report of approximately 200 motorcycles creating a disturbance on Pratt Avenue. The group had reportedly been shutting down intersections and speeding in Napa.

1050 — Police provided traffic control on Pratt Avenue due to heavy backups associated with the closure of Main Street.

1058 — A person was very angry about the motorcycles coming through town. Police said local agencies are aware of the issue, and the group is currently in Calistoga.

1105 — Report of a large group of motorcycles cutting people off and speeding on Pratt Avenue.

1135 — Multiple callers were angry about the traffic jams.

1200 — A person complained that nobody was doing traffic control at Silverado Trail and Deer Park Road, outside the city limits. The CHP had been notified.

1211 — Non-injury accident on Pope Street near Allison Avenue.

1232 — A person asked why police weren’t doing traffic control at Pope/Silverado. Police said an officer was currently responding to the collision on Pope Street and would perform more traffic control soon.

1238 — Multiple callers were angry about traffic congestion.

1309 — A Pratt Avenue resident asked if people could park on the grass in front of her house.

1526 — Report of a homeowner making construction noise on Madrona Avenue. Police said homeowners are allowed to work on their own houses until 5 p.m.

1544 — Report of a leaf blower running after 3 p.m. on Madrona Avenue.

1604 — Police were told to be on the lookout for a blue Honda CRV with front-end damage that had been involved in a hit-and-run on Foothill Boulevard.

1635 — Report of a possible drunk driver weaving on southbound Silverado Trail.

1848 — Report of approximately 20 kids riding their bikes with no helmets and almost hitting moving cars on Crane Avenue. They kids were seen going into some vineyards and pulling grapes off the vines.

1904 — A friendly pit bull was reunited with its owner near Elmhurst/Spring Mountain.

1956 — Police served a felony warrant on Spring Mountain Road and arrested a 38-year-old St. Helena man.

2337 — A woman said her boyfriend borrowed her car to drive to work, but he’d been off drinking and didn’t come home on time. She asked for help getting her car back.

2355 — A scooter was found on Main Street.

Sunday, July 18

0158 — Following a traffic stop at Main/Sulphur Springs, police arrested a 48-year-old Napa man on suspicion of DUI, DUI while on probation for DUI, driving with an open container, and violating probation.

0819 — Following a traffic stop at Crinella/Main, police arrested a 38-year-old Cobb woman for an outstanding warrant. She was cited and released.

1155 — Report of a broken water pipe outside an apartment building on Sulphur Springs Avenue. The caller said building maintenance had been notified, but nobody had shown up yet after 40 minutes. Public Works was notified of the leak.

1711 — A customer left their wallet on the counter at a Main Street business.

2124 — A person complained that the digital signs in front of Lyman Park telling people to conserve water were preventing cars from using disabled parking spaces. Police referred the person to City Hall.

Monday, July 19

1202 — Report of an abandoned pickup truck parked on Allison Avenue.

1219 — Police assisted with a report of fraud.

1337 — Non-injury accident on Railroad Avenue.

1541 — Non-injury lift assist on Redondo Court.

1634 — Report of a possible drunk driver coming from Napa.

1650 — Firefighters responded to Main Street for a burn victim from a solar panel explosion.

1906 — Report of a suspicious bag outside of a UPS box on Adams Street.

Robertson, who spent four decades in law enforcement and 30 years with the Sheriff's Office, retired effective Saturday.

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