St. Helena Police Log, July 4-15
Police Log

St. Helena Police Log, July 4-15


Thursday, July 4

1959 -- An intoxicated man was lying on the ground outside his home on Allison Avenue. An officer and a neighbor helped him get into a chair.

2129 -- Report of someone setting off fireworks in the Madrona/Kearney area. Police spoke to the people responsible.

2218 -- Report of a water leak at a church on Spring Street.

Friday, July 5

0119 -- Fireworks were coming from a vineyard and from the corner of Monte Vista/Hunt.

0757 -- A gray pit bull was reported lost.

1056 -- Police investigated vandalism at the Crane Park tennis courts.

1347 -- Report of a black SUV parked on Magnolia Avenue for a week.

1427 -- Young adults were refusing to leave a secured area containing fireworks on Crane Avenue.

1845 -- Report of a possible drunk driver drifting all over Main Street and almost causing a head-on collision.

2207 -- A man said his drunk and disorderly roommate was screaming at him. The man then hung up, saying he’d just wanted to scare his roommate to let him know he was being serious.

2314 -- Following a traffic stop in front of the police department, police arrested a 41-year-old New York man on suspicion of DUI.

Saturday, July 6

1202 -- White smoke was seen in the Conn Valley Road/Greenfield Road area. Cal Fire was en route to deal with downed lines.

1244 -- A red Chevy truck was on fire near the entrance to Meadowood. The occupants were already out of the vehicle.

1314 -- Following a traffic stop at Main/Charter Oak, police detained a 49-year-old Sacramento resident on suspicion of DUI and child endangerment.

1421 -- Report of a squirrel having seizures in a backyard on Pope Street.

1527 -- A broken irrigation pipe was spilling water near Hunt Avenue.

1528 -- A caller reported being threatened by a drunk person in a Grayson Avenue home.

1543 -- Report of a drunk man stumbling down the train tracks near Adams Street, taking pictures of the tracks, and yelling at a passerby to mind their own business.

1618 -- Report of two loose Chihuahuas on Adams Street.

1707 -- Following a traffic stop at Main/Adams, police detained a 35-year-old Calistoga resident on suspicion of DUI.

1735 -- Report of three girls in bikinis yelling at people while walking down Spring Street.

1910 -- A caller said he’d fallen off his bike, but his friend was coming to pick him up.

1925 -- A Fir Hill Drive resident said a suspicious man was parked in front of her driveway and looking in her front door. When he noticed her, he drove away in a black Mustang.

2049 -- Report of a drunk man sitting on a curb on Pine Street wearing a cowboy hat.

Sunday, July 7

0040 -- Police checked on a loud music complaint at Adams/Kearney.

0712 -- Following a traffic stop on Main Street, police arrested a 56-year-old Santa Rosa woman on suspicion of DUI and driving with a suspended license.

0732 -- Medical aid for a person with high blood pressure on Pratt Avenue.

1011 -- Report of a reckless driver near Deer Park/Silverado, now headed up toward Angwin.

1127 -- Report of a dog panting inside a hot car on Main Street.

1330 -- A brown tabby cat was reported missing from Olive/Valley View.

1528 -- Shots were audible from Scott Street, possibly originating from the Dean York area.

1700 -- Report of five or six men drinking beer inside the skatepark at Crane Park. They didn’t look drunk, but drinking isn’t allowed in the skatepark.

1738 -- A drunk woman was refusing to leave a Main Street commercial property. She was yelling and resisting security. Police arrested the 26-year-old San Jose woman on suspicion of public intoxication.

2225 -- Police took a vandalism report on school district property.

2300 -- Police were notified of a child custody dispute.

2353 -- Fireworks were being set off at an apartment complex on Hunt Avenue. Four juveniles were seen running away.

Monday, July 8

1140 -- Someone got locked out of their Lexus near Hunt Avenue.

2103 -- A purple iFit watch was found at a bus stop on Grayson Avenue.

2124 -- A couple from Ohio asked an officer where they could buy over-the-counter medication.

2303 -- Police took a vandalism report behind the Carnegie Building.

2337 -- Police found fresh graffiti near Main/Pope.

Tuesday, July 9

1002 -- A wiener dog named Biscuit was reported missing from Andrea Avenue.

1043 -- A Hudson Avenue resident heard noises outside “like soda bottles hitting pavement” at around 8:50 a.m. When he went outside, he found the side mirror of his car lying in pieces on the ground, along with a part broken off a nearby car. Police took a report.

1430 -- A license plate was reported missing. The owner thought it might have fallen off her car.

1645 -- Someone left graffiti on a wall near the railroad tracks.

1735 -- Report of juveniles tagging behind a Main Street building. They were actually cleaning up graffiti.

2257 -- Police arrested a 19-year-old St. Helena man for a probation violation and a misdemeanor warrant.

Wednesday, July 10

1022 -- A caller claiming to be part of Apple’s IT department called a local man and said the man’s iCloud account had been compromised. He offered a protection program that would require the man to pay with a gift card. The man went to a local store, where he was advised not to buy the card or give out any information, and to contact the police department. It was a scam, but he didn’t lose any money or provide any personal information.

1042 -- A truck backed into a tree at Meily Park. Nobody was hurt.

1227 -- A car had been parked on Meadowcreek Circle for about four days. Police marked it to be towed in 72 hours and sent a letter to its owner.

1241 -- Medical aid on San Juan Court.

1302 -- Police found three juveniles trespassing at the lower reservoir. They agreed to go home.

1310 -- Report of solicitors going door to door selling candy for an Elite St. Helena basketball team. No such team exists in town. The solicitors agreed to stop peddling without a permit.

1419 -- Report of a woman lying on a bench on Main Street. Police arrested the 51-year-old Napa woman on suspicion of public intoxication and violating probation.

1421 -- A semi got high-centered on Spring Mountain Road and was blocking both lanes.

1443 -- A wallet containing credit cards was stolen from an unlocked car on Scott Street. Fraudulent charges had already been made. The owner cancelled the cards, and police took a report.

1756 -- Someone had rifled through a car parked on Crinella Drive, possibly sometime around midnight. It wasn’t clear whether anything was missing.

2050 -- Police took a vandalism report at the corner of Fulton Lane and Main Street.

Thursday, July 11

0048 -- An officer gave someone a ride from Spring/Main to a local hotel.

0414 -- Police responded to cover a sheriff’s deputy who was dealing with a combative person in the Deer Park/Sunnyside area.

0752 -- Police talked to someone using a leaf blower on Pine Street.

0933 -- Report of a possible drunk driver on Highway 29 heading south into St. Helena.

1015 -- Report of a reckless driver in a black Mustang, speeding and passing over double yellows near Main/Mitchell. Police stopped the car and cited the driver because the witness was willing to sign the citation.

1020 -- Report of an SUV parked in a blue zone near Main/Hunt.

1113 -- Medical aid for a person who fell at the cemetery.

1136 -- A tennis bracelet was found on Crane Avenue.

1407 -- A brown clutch was found near a trash can on Crinella Drive. There was nothing valuable left inside, but several receipts pointed to a possible owner.

1530 -- A plastic bag mostly containing custom jewelry was found near a rock wall.

1625 -- A large amount of red paint was spilled in the northbound lane of Main Street near Pratt Avenue. Public Works was called in to clean it up.

1713 -- Medical aid on San Juan Court.

1945 -- Following a traffic stop at Main/Dowdell, police arrested a 29-year-old Calistoga man on suspicion of driving with a suspended license and violating probation.

2050 -- A wallet was reported missing at a Hunt Avenue store. Someone found it and turned it in.

2204 -- Report of four or five teens playing loud music and maybe smoking on Spring Street near Sylvaner Avenue.

Friday, July 12

1445 -- Following a traffic stop at Pope/Starr, police arrested a 29-year-old Napa man with an outstanding warrant from Solano County. He was cited and released with a signed promise to appear in court in Fairfield.

1603 -- The CHP asked for cover while dealing with a combative person near Main/Grayson.

1705 -- Report of a black truck parked for a week on Meadowcreek Circle.

1724 -- Following a traffic stop at Starr/Harvest, police arrested a 48-year-old St. Helena man on suspicion of DUI.

1835 -- Report of a homeless man with shoes tied to his backpack lingering in several businesses.

1916 -- A man said he tried to clean up graffiti at Meily Park.

2012 -- Medical aid on Spring Mountain Road.

2032 -- Three men and a woman were caught on camera entering a Stockton Street house through a window. An officer contacted them, identified them as juveniles, and called their parents to pick them up.

2319 -- Report of dogs barking and howling all day and all night on Sylvaner Avenue.

Saturday, July 13

2008 -- Police picked up a lab that had been running loose on Crinella Drive.

2039 -- Report of a reckless driver speeding and passing over double yellows on southbound Highway 29 south of St. Helena. Police transferred the call to the CHP.

2306 -- A McCorkle Avenue resident thought she heard someone next to her house. Police checked the area and didn’t find anybody.

2335 -- A man fell and needed help getting up in a Park Street home.

2342 -- Police responded to a loud party complaint on Spring Street.

2345 -- Medical aid for a man having a diabetic problem on Redondo Court.

Sunday, July 14

0600 -- An iPhone was found at a bus stop at Main/Pine. Its owner claimed it.

0758 -- Report of someone using a chainsaw near El Bonita Avenue.

1050 -- Report of people using chainsaws on Kearney Street. Police told the workers about the city’s noise ordinance, and they agreed to stop.

1337 -- Someone left graffiti in a bathroom stall at Meily Park.

1430 -- Two Chihuahuas were wandering on Main Street. Their owner picked them up.

1510 -- Police were told to be on the lookout for a reckless driver turning from Silverado Trail onto Meadowood Lane. The CHP was notified.

1535 -- Report of a dog in distress in a car parked on Main Street. The car left before police arrived.

1619 -- Report of a suspicious transient sitting behind a Vintage Avenue business.

1946 -- Report of a minor collision on Hudson Avenue. The driver appeared to be sleeping. Neighbors put the car in park and took the keys. Police arrested the 24-year-old Los Angeles man on suspicion of DUI. Nobody was hurt.

2252 -- Report of a dog barking all night on Signorelli Circle.

2346 -- Medical aid for a fall victim on Laguna Seca Court.

Monday, July 15

0011 -- Police responded to a loud music complaint on Saint James Drive.

0332 -- An Oak Avenue resident found an injured skunk in their backyard.

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