Monday, July 22

0727 -- Police responded to a solo vehicle rollover accident near Silverado/Pope. The CHP had previously gotten a report of a reckless driver.

0948 -- Someone left graffiti on a door near Spring Street.

1030 -- Report of a suspicious man wearing a backpack and holding a walking stick near Main/Adams. He told someone he needed a hit of acid.

1130 -- A person matching the same description as the previous call was reportedly yelling racial slurs near Oak/Adams.

1448 -- A person matching the same description as the previous calls was reportedly speaking very loudly and using aggressive language on Library Lane. Police contacted library staff, who confirmed that a homeless man was there but said he wasn’t “acting off.”

Tuesday, July 23

0649 -- Report of a person trashing the Catholic cemetery and throwing garbage all over the place.

0708 -- Report of a suspicious man carrying two duffel bags leaning against a wall and staring at the sky in an alley near Sylvaner Avenue.

1321 -- A driver said a manhole cover broke open on Main Street and almost caused her tire to burst.

1345 -- A group of people from a mental facility were visiting the library when one of them – a mentally ill man with a history of schizophrenia, homicidal ideation and drug use – walked away. Police found him a few minutes later and took him to the hospital.

1412 -- Two people were hospitalized after a three-car accident on Main Street north of the elm tunnel.

1428 -- Five juveniles were boating on the lower reservoir. An officer told them to leave.

1707 -- Report of a loose dog on Edwards Street.

1743 -- There were three couch cushions in the northbound lane of Silverado Trail near Taplin Road.

2207 -- A Stockton Street resident said her doorbell rang twice, but when she got to the door nobody was there.

Wednesday, July 24

0137 -- A tree was down on Main Street in front of Lyman Park, blocking the northbound lane and the center turn lane.

0950 -- A former soccer coach was reportedly “stalking” a student soccer player and also kissed a student on the forehead last year. Police took a report.

1107 -- A resident who lives near Scott/Madrona said she found a man walking around in her house. He was an elderly white man wearing gray shorts and a gray shirt, carrying a newspaper and a water bottle.

1322 -- Medical aid on Main Street.

1414 -- Public Works was having trouble with people ignoring traffic control on Spring Mountain Road. One person yelled at the employee and called him names.

1617 -- A caller who wanted to remain anonymous said a Main Street shop owner had chased them out of the store and screamed at them.

2045 -- A man said he helped remove graffiti from a sign near Railroad/Adams and from a public parking lot on Oak Avenue.

2159 -- Police cited an unlicensed driver at Main/Britton.

2206 -- Police responded to a loud music complaint on Saint James Drive.

2211 -- Report of a reckless driver weaving on southbound Highway 29 in Yountville. The call was transferred to the CHP.

2234 -- An officer found a car with its doors open on Stockton Street. The officer contacted the vehicle owner.

Thursday, July 25

0136 -- Report of a reckless driver weaving on the way from Calistoga to St. Helena.

1125 -- A bike was left on the side of Spring Mountain Road.

1200 -- Medical aid for a possible heart attack victim on Pope Street.

1229 -- A mattress and box spring were left on the side of Howell Mountain Road.

1317 -- A vehicle backed into a street sign on Crane Avenue. The sign was tipped a little bit, but it didn’t fall down.

1442 -- Report of grand theft on Hunt Avenue. The suspect was described as a black man with a thin beard, wearing a white T-shirt, gray hat, blue jeans, and carrying a red-checkered bag. A black woman might have been involved too. They left in a black Toyota, but the license plate provided to police matched a Nissan.

1800 -- Report of four suspicious people – two men and two women – hanging out by the playground at Meily Park, smoking cigarettes, looking disheveled and “out of place.” One of the men had a metal pull cart containing his belongings. Police checked the area.

2035 -- A weedeater was found on Adams Street and returned to the winery that owns it.

2144 -- Medical aid for a child with shakes and trembles on Meadowcreek Circle.

Friday, July 26

0305 -- A dog had been barking for more than an hour on Colombard Court.

0928 -- Report of two SUVs parked on Pope Street for three months.

1037 -- A 12-year-old boy near Tainter Street fell 13 feet from a tree, landed on his back, and hit his head. The staff didn’t think he was injured but wanted some advice.

1157 -- A person surrendered some ammunition at the police department.

1202 -- A man got a phone call from another man claiming he’d broken his windshield. The man on the receiving end of the call denied breaking any windshields and thought the call might be a scam, so he hung up.

2349 -- A car went off Highway 29 and into an embankment near Ehlers Lane. The CHP was dispatched.

Saturday, July 27

0143 -- A parent asked police to talk to their juvenile son who had just gotten home.

0839 -- Medical aid for a man with heavy vomiting on Laguna Seca Court.

0906 -- Medical aid for an unresponsive man on Pope Street.

1050 -- Report of vandalism on Mills Lane.

1517 -- Non-injury accident near Main/Pine.

1556 -- Following a traffic stop at Main/Fulton, police arrested a 56-year-old Santa Rosa woman on suspicion of DUI.

1657 -- Report of a drunk man stumbling in and out of traffic and lying down in the roadway on Highway 29.

1855 -- A group of nine drunk customers at a downtown restaurant got upset over being denied another glass of wine. They started yelling and cussing and threatened to beat up the bartender. They were asked to leave, and they did, but one of them kept making harassing phone calls to the restaurant.

2047 -- Someone left graffiti at Main/Fulton and Main/Adams.

2125 -- Report of a possible drunk driver on Highway 29.

2204 -- A drunk and combative man kept going into a restaurant on Charter Oak Avenue trying to confront his girlfriend. He got escorted out three times before the restaurant called the police.

Sunday, July 28

0154 -- An iPhone was reported stolen. It was tracked to a house on Sylvaner Avenue.

1011 -- Report of a suspicious man in a parking lot on College Avenue, with beer cans and trash around his car.

1939 -- Report of a disturbance involving a driver and a bicyclist on Main Street.

2200 -- A dog was barking nonstop on McCorkle Avenue.

2300 -- Someone left graffiti at Meily Park.

2325 -- A female black lab was reported missing from Lewelling Lane.

Monday, July 29

0846 -- Police assisted with a domestic dispute.

1024 -- Non-injury accident at Pope/College.

1902 -- A Pope Street resident asked to talk to an officer about an aggressive neighbor.

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