Tuesday, June 4

0752 -- A black Mercedes had reportedly been parked on Main Street for a week.

0916 -- Report of a possible drunk driver on Deer Park Road.

1007 -- A cat fell out of a tree and got hurt on Charter Oak Avenue. A vet was contacted.

1319 -- Police were asked to provide civil standby for a landlord-tenant issue.

1344 -- Police were asked to assist with a student in crisis on Adams Street.

1427 -- A man accidentally called 911 with his iWatch.

1552 -- There was a disabled car in the middle of the road near Hunt/Main, causing traffic to back up.

1627 -- Police were asked to check on a man on Grayson Avenue. He has medical problems and a family member wanted to make sure he was OK.

1828 -- Medical aid on Spring Mountain Road.

1928 -- Medical aid on Pope Street.

2124 -- Report of tree branches and debris causing a hazardous situation in the elm tunnel.

Wednesday, June 5

1346 -- A man on Silverado Trail said someone was going to kill him and he needed officers to be there within five minutes.

1533 -- Police arrested someone followed a minor-injury accident at Main/Grayson.

1613 -- Report of someone using a leaf blower on Spring Street after the city’s 4 p.m. cutoff.

1918 -- Medical aid on Pratt Avenue.

2041 -- Medical aid for a person having trouble breathing on Redondo Court.

2215 -- Report of a suspicious white SUV parked in front of someone’s house on Spring Street.

Thursday, June 6

0902 -- The northbound lane of Main Street near Adams Street was blocked while a broken-down vehicle was being removed.

1020 -- A caller said a white BMW clipped the back of the caller’s car and almost hit another parked car while turning from Main Street onto Mitchell Drive.

1229 -- Report of a loose dog on Chablis Circle. A neighbor said it was preventing her from walking her own dog.

1254 -- Medical aid for a woman with a possible heart problem on Starr Avenue.

1345 -- The owner of the dog on Chablis Circle questioned the validity of the complaint against his dog.

1407 -- Report of a suspicious person in Lewis Station Park.

1609 -- Non-injury accident involving two trucks at Main/El Bonita.

1636 -- Medical aid for a worker who fell into an empty pool and might have broken his foot on Vineyard Avenue.

1722 -- Report of a utility line down on Stockton Street.

1738 -- Non-injury accident near Main/Charter Oak.

1902 -- A car broke down on Main Street and had to be towed away.

1903 -- Report of a car blocking a driveway on Kearney Street. Its owner moved it.

2133 -- A car was towed because its registration had expired.

Friday, June 7

0116 -- Medical aid for a woman with high blood pressure on Pratt Avenue.

0526 -- A citizen requested extra patrol at the corner of Hunt/Starr due to people driving recklessly and burning out.

0750 -- Report of a big construction truck violating the city’s noise ordinance by beeping and unloading cargo on McCorkle Avenue.

0940 -- A golden lab was seen running loose near Pope/Peppertree.

1135 -- A guest had been told to pay his $1,500 bill and leave a local hotel, but he had refused. Police responded, and the man decided to pay for his room and leave.

1403 -- Report of a man selling mangoes and strawberries out of a white van near Madrona/Oak. Police told him he needed a permit, so he packed up and waited for his ride to pick him up.

1451 -- Report of four girls driving recklessly on a golf cart on Silverado Trail, Pope Street and Peppertree Circle. Police checked the area.

1517 -- Someone fraudulently claiming to be from PG&E threatened to shut off someone’s power unless they bought a gift card from Safeway and provided personal information.

1523 -- A person came to the PD lobby to report a road rage incident at Silverado/Deer Park involving the driver of a black F-150.

1556 -- A caller claiming to be a Social Security agent tried to persuade someone to buy Safeway gift cards and provide personal information. It was a scam. The man who received the call didn’t buy any gift cards, but he did disclose his Social Security number and other information.

1741 -- Report of a vehicle fire near Spring Mountain/Dean York.

1931 -- Report of a man causing a disturbance at a local hotel. His sister had paid for his room, but he’d been sitting outside in his car and kept coming into the lobby asking for water and wanting to use the phone and the bathroom. Police took a report.

2222 -- A gold iPhone was found on a bench near Main/Spring.

2344 -- Report of two women and one man dressed in formal wear and weaving and stumbling along Main Street near Sulphur Springs Avenue.

Saturday, June 8

0024 -- A caller spotted a possible fire in the hills toward Angwin. Police transferred him to Cal Fire.

0034 -- A woman said her friend has been upset and depressed lately, and she’s concerned for his safety.

0346 -- A woman in an Adams Street home said she heard the floor squeaking and she was worried someone might be in the house. She had locked herself and her 90-year-old patient in a bedroom. Police checked the house.

0816 -- A Madrone Knoll Way resident said her house has had very low water pressure ever since PG&E broke a pipe while doing tree work earlier in the week. She had contacted a plumber. Police notified Public Works.

0952 -- The man involved in a dispute with the hotel kept asking for a room and being declined. He was also claiming that his $400 jacket and other items had been stolen. Police took a report.

1512 -- There were multiple reports of smoke in the western hills.

1723 -- Report of a vegetation fire on Conn Valley Road.

1943 -- Report of a possibly intoxicated man walking into traffic at Main/Grayson. He was wearing one shoe. Police arrested the 34-year-old Denver man on suspicion of public intoxication.

2101 -- A caller complained about loud music at a winery near Pratt Avenue. The winery had filed a noise permit that was good until 10 p.m.

2114 -- A brown wallet was found near Main/Spring.

2232 -- A boy who looked about 13 years old was in the bathroom of a Hunt Avenue store, and he seemed upset. Police hadn’t received any calls about missing kids.

2237 -- Report of loud music and cheering audible from Signorelli Circle.

Sunday, June 9

0134 -- Medical aid for a woman having trouble breathing on Hunt Avenue.

0529 -- Report of a young woman sitting on a curb on Vineyard Avenue wearing a black shirt, no shoes, and her pants around her ankles. She seemed disoriented. Police checked on her.

0553 -- A woman came to the police department asking about her sister, who had called and said she was with the police. The sister lives in Angwin, so police advised the woman to check with the sheriff’s office.

0700 -- Three work trucks looked like they were getting ready to work on Grove Court, in violation of the city’s construction noise ordinance.

1225 -- The lights at the four-way stop at Deer Park/Silverado weren’t working.

1519 -- Police assisted with a child custody/child welfare matter.

1525 -- A caller asked police to check on her mother on Vineyard Avenue.

1709 -- Medical aid for a man who’d had an accident while driving an ATV at a winery off Silverado Trail. The 35-year-old Georgia man was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead.

1744 -- Report of a snake in a backyard on Meadowcreek Circle. It was two and a half feet long.

2002 -- Report of a domestic altercation between a man and a woman on Deer Park Road. The man yelled at the woman and grabbed her hand. She looked frightened and said she was leaving.

2002 -- Police took a report on possible verbal/physical child abuse.

2336 -- Report of a possible drunk driver traveling with no headlights on Rutherford Road.

Monday, June 10

0137 -- Water was running across from Hillview Place. Day shift officers will contact the school maintenance staff.

0709 -- Medical aid for an injured bicyclist on the side of Silverado Trail near Taplin Road.

0755 -- A reckless driver was passing over double yellows and making rude gestures near Main/Madrona. The red Camry was last seen on westbound Madrona.

0832 -- Report of a reckless driver weaving near Main/Pope.

0838 -- Report of a reckless driver near Manley Lane and Highway 29.

0900 -- Report of a reckless driver unable to maintain their lane, last seen turning off Spring Spring Street.

1315 -- Between 12 and 14 juveniles were swimming at the upper reservoir.

1512 -- Report of a group of boys swimming at the lower reservoir.

1903 -- A security camera showed a suspicious woman at a Palmer Drive home. It turned out it was OK for her to be there.

1918 -- Police were notified of a child custody dispute.

2005 -- An employee came into a local business acting dazed and incorrectly thinking that she was scheduled to work. Police were asked to check on her and make sure she was OK.

2126 -- A person saw smoke in the western hills. Police transferred the call to Cal Fire.

2151 -- A person was sleeping on the ground near some trash cans behind a Main Street building. The 63-year-old Napa resident was detained on suspicion of public intoxication and later released.

Tuesday, June 11

0058 -- Police helped with traffic control while a car was towed from Main Street.

0319 -- Report of a vehicle pursuit starting in Lake County and passing through Lake County. The sheriff’s office eventually arrested the driver.

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