Wednesday, March 27

0551 — Report of a tree down across Conn Valley Road.

1829 — A caller asked about cones that had been placed on Hunt Avenue.

1907 — Report of a possible drunk driver on southbound Highway 29 at Zinfandel Lane.

Thursday, March 28

0947 — Police arrested a 56-year-old St. Helena man on suspicion of domestic violence.

2258 — Report of a possible drunk driver on Spring Street.

Friday, March 29

1015 — Police provided traffic enforcement during Run Big St. Helena.

1114 — Report of a car parked on the wrong side of the street facing the wrong direction on Tainter Street.

1205 — A car with a cracked windshield had been parked near Main/Fulton for two months. Police marked it to be towed in 72 hours.

1821 — Police picked up a big black dog that had been wandering near Pope Street.

1852 — Report of a reckless driver near Highway 29/Deer Park Road.

1938 — Police picked up a small black dog from Kearney/Spring.

2101 — Medical aid for an unconscious man at a Hunt Avenue store.

Saturday, March 30

1319 — A car was blocking a driveway on Voorhees Circle.

1612 — Report of a large pothole on the Pope Street bridge.

1709 — Medical aid for someone with a cut finger on Hunt Avenue.

Sunday, March 31

0852 — Report of a possible structure fire on Hudson Avenue.

0920 — Report of a black dog running down Main Street near Sulphur Springs Avenue.

0943 — Report of 12 or so Mustangs speeding down Spring Mountain Road.

1053 — Report of a possible problem with a water tank on Spring Mountain Road.

1220 — The letters of a marquee sign on Hillview Place were changed to say something inappropriate. Police took a report.

Monday, April 1

0630 — A person fell and needed help getting up on Pope Street.

1133 — A dog had been barking for hours on Stockton Street.

2028 — The manager of a Main Street property asked for extra patrol due to a group of kids who’ve been hanging out on the property.

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