Monday, March 4

0835 — A caller requested extra patrol near Voorhees/Mitchell due to a suspicious male cyclist who rides there at 5:30 every morning. The caller said nobody rides a bike in that neighborhood, so he shouldn’t be there. The caller couldn’t explain why the cyclist seemed suspicious.

1504 — A car ran into the city limits sign on Highway 29 at Deer Park Road. Police arrested the driver, a 47-year-old Calistoga man, on suspicion of DUI and driving with a suspended license.

1521 — The fire department responded to a house fire on Saint James Drive. The fire was contained to the flue.

1756 — A disabled driver was unable to park in a disabled space on Main Street because a limo was parked there. Police cited the limo.

1930 — A person reported having trouble serving a family member with court papers.

Tuesday, March 5

0256 — Following a traffic stop at Main/Adams, police arrested a 26-year-old Napa man for a probation violation.

1209 — Police were asked to check on someone on Crane Avenue.

1409 — Medical aid for a person having seizures on Hunt Avenue.

1443 — A car damaged a parked car in a hit-and-run. A witness saw what happened.

1647 — Report of a slippery metal grate along Main Street north of Adams Street.

2026 — Medical aid on Crane Avenue.

Wednesday, March 6

1116 — A person reported being the victim of fraud. Money was taken out of their Visa account.

1129 — A boss said she’d just confronted her employee about stealing. The employee said she was going to make a phone call and then sped away in a silver Honda. Police took a report.

1132 — The traffic lights at Main/Pope/Mitchell went out. Public Works placed stop signs at the intersection until the problem was fixed.

1232 — A man inside a Hunt Avenue store filled up a bag with liquor, covered it, and left in a silver Nissan.

1506 — Report of three teens sitting on a sewer pipe near the Sulphur Creek bridge. The caller was concerned about their safety.

1531 — Medical aid on Pine Street.

1551 — Report of an ongoing problem with dogs barking on Mitchell Drive.

1724 — Report of a tree down on Silverado Trail.

Thursday, March 7

0353 — A car broke down along Highway 29 in south St. Helena. A second car that had stopped to help was blocking the road.

0943 — Medical aid on Pope Street.

1005 — A signal light was knocked out of whack on Main Street.

1128 — Report of cars speeding on Crane Avenue.

1256 — Report of a dog barking really loudly on Main Street.

1309 — Report of petty theft.

1347 — Non-injury accident at Main/Grayson.

1544 — Officer Sandra Felix attended a Reading is Fun! event.

1624 — Police were asked to check on a woman on San Lucas Court, after a family member received a troubling text. Police made sure she was OK.

1658 — Report of child abuse.

1731 — Report of a possible drunk driver in a silver Prius on Pope Street.

Friday, March 8

0634 — A white dog wearing a red collar was running loose in the 900 block of Pope Street.

1004 — A Tesla had reportedly been parked on Allison Avenue for about a week.

1254 — A white van had reportedly been parked in a 5-minute zone near Pine/Main for about 24 hours.

1556 — A Eureka resident reported receiving multiple scam phone calls from a St. Helena number. Upon callback, a robotic voice answers and says “goodbye.”

1705 — Police checked on a disabled man on Grayson Avenue to make sure he was OK.

2030 — The lights were flickering on La Cuesta Court due to an ongoing PG&E issue. PG&E had been working on the problem earlier, and had already been notified of the flickering.

2208 — Police detained a 37-year-old Los Angeles man on suspicion of public intoxication.

Saturday, March 9

1117 — Police cited a car partially blocking a driveway near Main/Elmhurst.

1537 — A toddler got locked inside a room on Laguna Seca Court. An officer unlocked the door.

2002 — A wooden fence fell over and was blocking a sidewalk on McCormick Street.

Sunday, March 10

0842 — Report of a lit candle and a bicycle at Lewis Station Park.

1325 — Medical aid for a fall victim on Pratt Avenue.

1842 — Police cited a car parked along a red curb on Rosebud Lane.

2348 — Medical aid on Hunt Avenue.

Monday, March 11

0317 — A woman said she was locked inside her car and the engine wouldn’t start. Police helped her.

0508 — Police checked on a noise complaint in a vineyard near Monte Vista.

0909 — Police found graffiti in several locations at the skatepark.

1250 — Report of a wire-haired dog running down Main Street between Charter Oak and Grayson.

1449 — Report of a reckless driver on Highway 29 in Yountville.

1522 — A person came to the police department to ask about a lost bike.

1715 — Personal items and what looked like a car door lock were found in a back lot near Hunt Avenue.

1924 — Medical aid for an unresponsive person on Pope Street.

2017 — Report of someone holding a sign and maybe asking for money near Main/Pope.

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