Tuesday, May 7

0822 — Medical aid for a man having a seizure on Bella Vista Court.

1133 — Medical aid for an elderly woman on Hunt Avenue.

1701 — Non-injury accident on Main Street.

2000 — Police notified the county roads staff of a dead deer on Silverado Trail north of Pratt Avenue.

Wednesday, May 8

0242 — Report of a suspicious car pulling in and out of parking lots on Vintage Avenue.

1248 — Medical aid for a man with a possible allergic reaction on Main Street.

1310 — Someone reported being targeted with attempted credit card fraud. She was outside the city limits, so police referred her to the sheriff’s office.

1948 — A man reported that someone he’d had problems with before had just tried to punch him on Grayson Avenue. He felt threatened because the other man had said he knows where he works.

2323 — Police responded to a noise complaint on Adams Street.

Thursday, May 9

0055 — The San Pablo Police Department found a car that had been reported stolen from St. Helena.

0736 — A caller reported an incident of identity theft related to a case from 2016.

0833 — A dog had been tied to a fence for an unknown period of time and had dug a hole to lie in. The dog was brought to the police department.

1529 — Report of a tour bus parked in a timed parking lot on Hunt Avenue.

1538 — Report of a wine tour bus parked on Oak Avenue for more than an hour.

1749 — Large tires fell off a trailer on Main Street, but the trailer kept going. An officer helped clear the roadway.

1825 — A mother reportedly threatened to kill herself or her daughter if the daughter – who is at a treatment center – didn’t visit her for Mother’s Day.

1829 — Medical aid for an 11-year-old child feeling light-headed on Tainter Street.

2143 — A dog had been barking incessantly on Main Street.

Friday, May 10

1148 — Report of a possible drunk driver at Silverado Trail and Deer Park Road.

1220 — A resident received a voicemail claiming her Social Security number had been compromised. Police told her it was a scam and advised her not to give her personal information to anyone. If there’s a problem, the Social Security Administration will mail you a letter, not call you.

1529 — A two-car accident was blocking the westbound lane of Spring Mountain Road.

1611 — Report of a driver exhibiting road rage on northbound Highway 29 approaching Rutherford.

1631 — A driver said she almost got T-boned at Kearney/Tainter due to three tour buses that were parked on the no-parking side of the street.

1650 — Two small dogs near Railroad/Adams were reunited with their owner.

1703 — A white bike was abandoned on College Avenue.

1856 — Medical aid for a woman feeling ill and slurring her words on Pope Street.

1927 — Medical aid for a person having heart problems on Main Street.

2033 — Report of a stray white lab near Pope/Edwards.

2139 — Report of a very bright light shining from the Adams Street area since about 8 p.m. It was visible from Fulton Lane.

2145 — Following a traffic stop at Main/Adams, police arrested a 58-year-old Houston man on suspicion of DUI.

Saturday, May 11

0114 — Crinella Drive residents said their heater was sparking, so they wanted someone to check it out.

0347 — Report of a possible drunk driver on Highway 29 near Ehlers Lane.

1054 — A car was keyed on Main Street.

1122 — Report of a possible drunk driver near Mee Lane/Highway 29.

1346 — A barefoot woman jumped out in into the street in front of a fire engine asking for help.

1544 — Medical aid for a woman having trouble breathing on College Avenue.

1913 — St. Helena High School students were walking sheep.

2222 — Police responded to a loud party complaint on Chiles Avenue.

Sunday, May 12

0307 — Medical aid for a possible allergic reaction on Main Street.

0347 — Police were told to be on the lookout for a black truck towing another truck that had hit a guardrail near Calistoga and was traveling south on Highway 29.

0415 — A small white male poodle was found at the corner of Church Street and Hunt Avenue.

1001 — A Kearney Street resident needed help getting her husband into her car to take him to the hospital. She didn’t need an ambulance.

1631 — Medical aid for a woman feeling weak on Pope Street.

1854 — An Uber driver asked to file a report after someone opened their car door and damaged the side of his car as he drove down Main Street.

2202 — Police responded to a non-injury accident on Crane Avenue, where the drivers were involved in a dispute.

Monday, May 13

0739 — Report of a reckless driver in a silver Camry crossing over double yellows on Main Street.

0938 — A pedestrian reported almost being run over by a Jeep Cherokee on Main Street.

1412 — Someone had cut a chain link fence in the garden department of a Vintage Avenue business.

1541 — A German shepherd named Barry was reported missing from Spring Mountain Road.

1608 — Someone removed the lid from a drain pipe on Brown Street and put rocks in it, causing it to clog. Police took a vandalism report.

2010 — Report of a speeding BMW on Vintage Avenue. The driver reportedly works near McCormick Street.

2053 — Report of smoke and an electrical burning smell inside Safeway. The store was evacuated. Firefighters checked it out and the store was able to reopen later.

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