Monday, Nov. 25

0942 — Report of a dog barking on Voorhees Circle.

1032 — An officer gave young cyclists gift certificates for wearing their helmets.

1117 — Human waste was coming up from a sewer cap on Chiles Avenue, and it was all over the sidewalk. Public Works responded.

1329 — Medical aid for a woman having trouble breathing on Hunt Avenue.

1540 — There was a dead squirrel in a walkway on Edwards Street.

1547 — Minor non-injury hit-and-run on Main Street. The victim confronted the responsible driver, who hadn’t realized there’d been a collision.

1653 — Report of a person becoming violent around a family member on Pope Street. Police took a report.

1719 — A car with a dead battery was blocking the turn lane at Silverado/Pope. A tow truck was on the way.

1844 — Medical aid for a fall victim with a possible head injury on Vallejo Street.

Tuesday, Nov. 26

0749 — Report of someone using a leaf blower on Meadowcreek Circle outside the permitted hours (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

0810 — Police responded to another leaf blower complaint on Signorelli Circle.

1120 — Report of a dog barking inside a parked car on Hunt Avenue.

1407 — Report of a man with kids panhandling near Adams/Railroad. He left while the caller was talking to the police.

1743 — A car was stuck on the train tracks near Whitehall Lane.

1840 — There was some flooding at Pine/Main.

2216 — The last loose Aussie dog was spotted in the Safeway parking lot, heading toward the railroad tracks.

Wednesday, Nov. 27

1126 — Medical aid on Spring Street.

1234 — Report of an abandoned car parked on Charter Oak Avenue for four weeks.

1545 — Multiple callers reported panhandlers blocking a walkway and making people feel uncomfortable on Adams Street. The panhandlers had small children with them who had been out in the rain all day.

1615 — Report of a reckless driver near Main/Adams.

1943 — Medical aid for a woman with abdominal pain on Redondo Court.

2114 — Non-injury accident near Main/Vintage.

Thursday, Nov. 28

1127 — An officer gave young cyclists gift certificates for wearing their helmets.

1501 — Minor-injury accident on Las Posadas Road.

1642 — A caller from Pratt Avenue said a neighbor goes onto the caller’s property and cuts a hole in the hedge at the property line. The caller caught him on camera doing it five minutes ago.

2319 — Report of a reckless driver swerving and passing over double yellows on Silverado Trail.

2346 — Medical aid for a woman with abdominal pain on Main Street.

Friday, Nov. 29

0431 — Report of a woman walking around without shoes. She was later taken to the hospital.

1242 — A briefcase and suitcase were found near Grove Court.

1528 — Police were notified of a child custody issue.

1808 — Report of a car parked in a poorly lit area and causing a traffic hazard on Highway 29 north of the elm tunnel.

1905 — Report of a drunk man trying to drive a car on Main Street. Police arrested the 45-year-old Orinda man on suspicion of DUI.

Saturday, Nov. 30

0016 — Report of a man being verbally aggressive on Grayson Avenue.

0218 — Report of a person being aggressive in front of a house on Vineyard Avenue. The person left in a red Jeep.

1042 — Minor-injury accident on Pope Street near Allison Avenue.

1208 — A woman on Pratt Avenue with high blood pressure needed to go to the hospital.

1300 — Report of a reckless driver at Main/Hunt.

1449 — A car was parked in a blue zone on Main Street.

1621 — A Prius was blocking a driveway on Tainter Street.

2215 — Medical aid for a person not breathing on San Juan Court.

Sunday, Dec. 1

0635 — A man accidentally called 911 on his Apple Watch.

0932 — A large tree limb was blocking the southbound lane of Highway 29.

0933 — A small rockslide was partially blocking the westbound lane of Spring Mountain Road.

1129 — Non-injury accident in the city parking lot near Oak Avenue. Police helped the parties exchange information.

1138 — An electrical fire had been extinguished on Silverado Trail, but the outlet was still smoking. Cal Fire was notified.

1147 — The loose Aussie was spotted in a field near Railroad/Hunt. The police department will set a humane trap to try to catch it.

1208 — There was some flooding at Main/Pine.

1250 — A woman with a child tried to steal almost $500 worth of baby formula from a Hunt Avenue store. She left behind a stroller and blanket. A witness got a picture of her as she was driving away.

1313 — There was some flooding at Elmhurst/Spring Mountain. Public Works scraped the drains to help the water flow.

1803 — Report of a possible drunk driver swerving and traveling very slowly near Main/Pratt.

1956 — A couple asked an officer for directions to a gas station that sells diesel.

2224 — A caller in Sonoma asked police to check on his family in St. Helena.

Monday, Dec. 2

0337 — Report of a man walking near Main/Mitchell.

0822 — A branch fell on a car near Pratt/Silverado, shattering its sunroof.

0951 — A yellow lab found near the library was returned to its owner.

1051 — Medical aid for a man who wasn’t breathing on Olive Avenue.

1605 — Report of a loose dog on the train tracks near Adams/Railroad.

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