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St. Helena Police Log, Nov. 12-19
Police Log

St. Helena Police Log, Nov. 12-19

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Tuesday, Nov. 12

0621 — Medical aid for a woman with stomach pains on San Juan Court.

0642 — There were traffic cones in the middle of Pope Street between Meily Park and the Pope Street Bridge.

0854 — Report of a man in his 70s who goes running every day in the Crane/Sulphur Springs area and flips off passing cars.

1138 — Police cited a car parked in a blue zone near Main/Adams.

1142 — A dropped drill broke the windshield of a car on Main Street.

1444 — A man said someone stole and duplicated a check with his account/routing number. He reported it to his bank, who told him to file a police report.

1526 — Report of a mattress in the roadway near Silverado/Deer Park.

2112 — An officer was flagged down by a movie director asking where to get pizza.

2228 — Medical aid for an intoxicated woman who fell and injured her mouth.

Wednesday, Nov. 13

0853 — Medical aid for a woman who fell off a curb and broke her wrist on Main Street.

0857 — Medical aid for a woman in pain on Pope Street.

0934 — Medical aid at Spring/Money.

1306 — A white Suburban made an illegal U-turn, almost hit somebody, and then parked in a red zone and crosswalk. Police issued a citation.

1348 — Report of a dog barking for over two hours near Stockton/Adams.

1508 — Medical aid for a fall victim on Ridgeview Lane.

1544 — Report of a possible burglary in progress.

1614 — Report of exotic cars speeding near Silverado Trail and Pope Street.

1624 — The fire department checked on a gas smell in a house on Dean York Lane.

1647 — A mom said her son was riding his bike over the Pope Street Bridge when he heard what sounded like a litter of puppies crying. An officer checked under the bridge and didn’t find any animals.

Thursday, Nov. 14

0742 — Report of a tour bus parked in a school loading zone on Grayson Avenue. It was gone when police arrived.

1147 — Report of a white truck blocking a loading zone/driveway on Oak Avenue.

1228 — Police cited the driver of a red Porsche who’d reportedly been passing over double yellows and running cars off the road near Main/Deer Park.

2057 — A dog found near Main/Grayson was returned to its owner after a short visit to the police department kennel.

2224 — Report of three suspicious cars parked at Park/Pratt, with people talking loudly and smoking. Officers told them to move on.

Friday, Nov. 15

1257 — A man in a dirty gray car had been following girls around on Main Street at 12:25 p.m. The caller had previously seen him in a black BMW. He’s asked girls to get into his car before, but he didn’t do that this time. He was described as a Hispanic male in his late 30s with a stubbly beard/mustache, wearing a ball cap.

1321 — Non-injury hit-and-run involving a parked car on Adams Street. There appeared to be minimal damage to the car. A witness left a note.

1402 — Drugs were found in a student’s duffel bag on Main Street. Police took a report.

1608 — Someone brought some shotgun shells to the police department. The police will destroy them safely.

1858 — Report of a dog barking incessantly all afternoon on Saint James Drive. Its owner agreed to keep the dogs inside.

1908 — A caller noticed a bright red smoldering cigarette Thursday on Deer Park Road, and he was concerned that it might have something to do with a fire in the area. Police transferred him to Cal Fire.

2001 — A student who’d been suspended was packing his things to move out. However, he’d been drinking. He was being verbally aggressive, shouting and making vague threats. An officer contacted the student, who agreed to leave the property soon.

2038 — Following a traffic stop at Spring/Valley View, police arrested a 58-year-old St. Helena man on suspicion of DUI, driving without a license, and resisting arrest.

2255 — Report of a strong gas smell on Edwards Street. Cal Fire dispatch said it originated from spraying at a vineyard.

2336 — Report of loud music near the end of McCorkle Avenue. An officer determined it was coming from Main Street.

2350 — A caller on Edwards Street asked how long the music would continue. Police had a noise permit on file. An officer contacted the revelers, who said they were wrapping up the party.

Saturday, Nov. 16

0040 — Report of a drunk man knocking on the front door of a Chiles Avenue home. An officer found him and gave him a ride home.

0740 — A city water pipe burst on College Avenue.

1735 — Report of a possible drunk driver swerving on southbound Highway 29 at Bale Lane.

2118 — Report of people screaming and riding motorcycles near Kennedy Court.

2323 — Report of two big white huskies running down Highway 29 near Mitchell Drive. Police checked the area and didn’t see them.

Sunday, Nov. 17

0143 — Police responded to a noise complaint on Hunt Avenue.

1036 — Water was flowing out of the ground on Mariposa Lane. Public Works checked it out.

1105 — A brown folder containing passwords was found near Oak Avenue. Police took it for safekeeping.

1117 — Report of a suspicious man going up and down Pratt Avenue near Silverado Trail, asking for help or money.

1601 — A caller said Sylvaner Avenue between Pinot Way and Riesling Way was “becoming a race track” due to speeding and reckless drivers.

1913 — Minor-injury accident on Brown Street.

Monday, Nov. 18

1455 — Medical aid on Pope Street.

1539 — Minor-injury accident at Silverado/Zinfandel.

1558 — Someone found a suspicious pipe, about 6-8 inches long, on White Sulphur Springs Road. They wanted an officer to look at it to make sure it wasn’t dangerous.

1638 — Report of a possible drug deal involving two trucks on Hunt Avenue. Police determined it was just PG&E workers exchanging dinner.

1811 — Report of a Porsche parked too far from the curb near Spring/Madrona.

2205 — Report of a reckless driver on northbound Highway 29.

Tuesday, Nov. 19

0219 — Medical aid for a fall victim on Pope Street.

0220 — Report of a vehicle fire and major injuries on Bale Lane.

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