Monday, Nov. 4 2207 — A male yellow lab was found near Fulton/Main and brought to the police station.

Tuesday, Nov. 50538 — Police took a vandalism report at Pope/Silverado.

0716 — Graffiti was found at a restroom on Crane Avenue.

1014 — Medical aid for someone who tripped and fell.

1034 — There was a loose border collie in the bushes near Library Lane.

1211 — A caller saw a truck pull out of a Main Street gas station and scrape the mirror of a parked Jeep. Police found the suspect vehicle.

1432 — Report of an SUV passing over double yellows on Highway 29 at Bale Lane.

1444 — Report of a white Ranger speeding on Spring Street.

1518 — Police took a vandalism report at Wappo Park.

1525 — A person received a scam phone call asking for $4,000 (then $2,000) in gift cards to bail the person’s grandson out of jail.

Wednesday, Nov. 60741 — Report of a loose white dog running right up to other dogs on Sylvaner Avenue. The caller said the dog is always out and doing this.

0901 — A hunter cam was stolen from near the Wappo Park pump station.

0952 — A black luxury bus was parked in the southbound lane of Main Street while disembarking passengers.

0957 — Non-injury accident on Main Street.

1358 — Report of people picking olives on the corner of Sylvaner Avenue and Riesling Way.

1518 — Medical aid for an intoxicated man in a Main Street restaurant almost passing out while trying to get up to go to the bathroom.

2217 — A caller using night vision goggles saw a hot spot on the ridge near Ida Clayton Road. The caller was transferred to Cal Fire.

2330 — Someone smelled smoke near Main Street.

Thursday, Nov. 70725 — Report of a crazy pigeon attacking people on Adams Street.

0803 — A pickup truck had been parked on Meadowcreek Circle for three days.

1156 — A truck was parked on the sidewalk near Main/Spring.

1405 — A Ford was parked in the wrong direction on Church Street.

1649 — An impatient and angry man threw his beer at a bartender and then walked out the front door. The bartender was not injured.

Friday, Nov. 80037 — An officer found graffiti near Hunt Avenue.

0646 — Non-injury accident at Zinfandel/Garden.

0853 — A person asked how to report a fraudulent check ring.

1344 — Report of a delivery truck partially blocking the northbound lane near Adams/Main.

1345 — Report of a limo on fire on Silverado Trial south of Deer Park Road. It was just having a mechanical problem.

1436 — A man came into the police department lobby while still on the line with a scammer who was telling him to buy gift cards at Target. He’d already given the scammer his Social Security number.

1508 — There was a golden lab on Peppertree Circle.

1723 — Report of a drunk man stumbling along the side of Highway 29 near Deer Park Road.

Saturday, Nov. 90601 — Report of a vehicle burglary in progress on College Avenue. The suspect had a flashlight, and he’d already opened the door of one car and was trying to open another one. Police responded and arrested the 42-year-old Richmond man. He was booked in the Napa County Jail on charges of possession of stolen property, possession of burglary tools, possession of drugs, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

0724 — Report of construction noise on Main Street.

1219 — Two friendly yellow labs, a puppy and mother, were reported missing from Meadowood Lane.

1348 — Someone left graffiti on the side of an Adams Street building.

1544 — Report of a drunk woman yelling and swearing in front of the caller’s young daughter on Main Street.

1803 — Report of an ongoing issue with a barking dog on Chiles Avenue.

1845 — Police returned a stolen car battery to its owner on College Avenue.

1912 — A dog was hit and killed by a vehicle at Main/El Bonita. A witness mentioned seeing a white truck. Police checked the area.

2219 — Medical aid for a woman with high blood pressure on Pratt Avenue.

2335 — Police responded to a loud music complaint on Hasty Court.

Sunday, Nov. 100056 — A father said his 15-year-old son was drunk and had snuck out of the house through his bedroom window. Police found him hiding in a neighbor’s yard and took him home.

0313 — Police responded to a domestic disturbance on Pope Street.

0324 — A caller said her husband had just walked home and told her he’d fallen asleep at the wheel and driven through a chain link fence, over a bridge, and into the creekbed near Crane/Valley View. He had minor injuries to his shoulder and hands, but he declined medical attention. Police contacted the 34-year-old St. Helena man at his home, gave him field sobriety tests, and arrested him on suspicion of DUI. He was later released with a citation to appear in court.

1020 — Someone saw a tall can of Coors Light open inside a parked car on Hunt Avenue.

1046 — Medical aid for a man with chest pain on Valley View Street.

1251 — Report of a loud leaf blower and chainsaw on Chablis Circle.

1515 — Report of a husband, wife and five kids waving at people and begging for money on Hunt Avenue.

1559 — Lift assist for a man on Main Street.

1736 — Report of someone violating a restraining order.

2124 — Medical aid near Main/Pine.

Monday, Nov. 110402 — Report of an unwelcome man knocking on a door on Monte Vista.

0928 — Report of an unwelcome woman refusing to leave a Pratt Avenue property.

0931 — Police picked up a knife found near Hudson Avenue.

1348 — A Comcast cable line was down and blocking a driveway on Madrona Avenue.

1433 — Medical aid for a sick man on Paulson Court.

1552 — The rear window of a car was smashed on Pratt Avenue.

1623 — Report of a possible drunk driver swerving near Main/Adams.

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