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Monday, Nov. 12

1845 -- A caller with the San Francisco 49ers security detail called on behalf of a homeowner, reporting that a gate was ajar at a Vineyard Avenue property and asking an officer to secure it.

2213 -- Medical aid for a man feeling dizzy and faint on Garden Avenue.

Tuesday, Nov. 13

0723 -- Police conducted speed enforcement on Spring Mountain Road.

0823 -- Police conducted speed and stop sign enforcement at Spring/Valley View.

1407 -- Report of three adults using a barbecue as a warming fire at Crane Park.

2207 -- Report of a child custody issue.

Wednesday, Nov. 14

0628 -- Police checked for speeders on Spring Mountain Road, Pope Street and Sulphur Springs Avenue.

1121 -- Police assisted the sheriff’s office with a verbal dispute in a parking lot outside the city limits.

1340 -- Report of Internet fraud.

1351 -- Report of a possibly fraudulent real estate listing involving a house on Stockton Street.

1600 -- A person asked about a child custody issue.

1840 -- Report of a men being irate and kicking windows inside a bus on Main Street.

1851 -- Kai, a spotted black lab mix, was reported missing from Glass Mountain Lane.

2200 -- Report of a man sleeping on a bench near Adams Street. The caller was concerned about him because of how cold it was.

Thursday, Nov. 15

0814 -- A woman was distraught after being threatened by someone who was demanding that she refund money he claimed to have accidentally deposited in her account. It happened after she paid $1,200 for computer repairs after receiving a “Virus Alert” message on her computer screen.

1029 -- Mail was reported missing from Signorelli Circle. Other mailboxes on the street had been opened.

1351 -- Police took a report on a car-vs.-big rig accident at Main/Pratt.

1529 -- Report of a tree company blocking the road without providing traffic control on Stockton Street.

2154 -- The sound of broken glass was heard on Park Street. Twenty juveniles were then seen running away from the house. Police took a report.

2229 -- Police were told to be on the lookout for a hit-and-run suspect driving a Kia with major front-end damage.

Friday, Nov. 16

0730 -- Police checked for speeding cars on Spring Mountain Road.

0730 -- Non-injury lift assist on Crinella Drive.

1041 -- Report of loud leaf blowers being used near Kearney Street.

1041 -- Medical aid for a woman with chest tightness on Adams Street.

1853 -- Medical aid for someone having trouble breathing on Redondo Court.

2231 -- A cell phone was found near Main/Charter Oak. Police contacted its owner and arranged to return it.

Saturday, Nov. 17

0058 -- Police responded to a family disturbance on Fulton Lane.

0303 -- Medical aid for a person with a back injury on Pine Street.

1506 -- Non-injury hit-and-run on Main Street.

2040 -- Medical aid for a woman feeling ill on Palmer Drive.

2315 -- Police responded to a domestic disturbance on Fulton Lane.

Sunday, Nov. 18

0142 -- Police checked on a car that had been parked near College Avenue for about a week.

0912 -- The water fountain at the dog park was running full force. Public Works was sent to check it out.

1127 -- Report of a suspicious man taking items from a construction site on Pope Street.

1909 -- Report of men sitting around a large bonfire in a backyard near Hillview/Vineyard. According to Calfire, warming fires are legal. An officer spoke to the men, who were putting out their fire for the night.

Monday, Nov. 19

0124 -- Report of noisy guests at a Main Street hotel. The caller said they hadn’t quieted down, even after being contacted by an employee at the front desk.

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