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Tuesday, Oct. 30

0750 -- Police responded to complaints about speeding cars on Hudson Avenue and Spring Mountain Road.

0812 -- Tools were reported stolen from Mariposa Lane.

1018 -- Report of a reckless driver near Main/Elmhurst.

1211 -- Water was leaking into the street near Hunt/Railroad.

1303 -- A pickup hit a large commercial truck on Spring Street and ripped its mirror off. The pickup was last seen heading south on Main Street. Police took a hit-and-run report.

1603 -- A black lab pup was found on Spring Street. The people who found it will take care of it for now.

1928 -- Police assisted a woman on Pope Street who said she was terrified and wanted to go home.

2249 -- Report of at least one car, maybe two, speeding and peeling out near Charter Oak or Allison.

Wednesday, Oct. 31

0040 -- Following a traffic stop at Spring/Valley View, police arrested a 53-year-old Napa man on suspicion of DUI.

0436 -- Police checked to make sure cars were coming to a complete stop at the stop sign on Spring Mountain Road.

0904 -- Report of a gray schnauzer-type dog running loose near Starr/Pope.

0943 -- Police assisted with the Halloween parade.

1116 -- Report of three dead squirrels and a dog poisoned on Sulphur Springs Avenue.

1343 -- A garage door was found open this morning on Saint James Court. A dog had barked at about 5 a.m., but it wasn’t clear whether the barking was connected with the open door.

1412 -- A large tree branch was blocking the entire northbound lane of Highway 29 just south of Galleron Lane. Police noticed the CHP and sheriff’s office.

1419 -- Report of a possible homeless encampment along Sulphur Creek.

1647 -- Non-injury collision in a Main Street parking lot.

1745 -- A man threw an item at a woman in a Main Street coffee shop. Broken glass lacerated her hand. Police took a report.

2128 -- Someone was shooting fireworks into the air, but not very high, in the Meily Park/Harvest Lane/Paulson Court area.

Thursday, Nov. 1

0147 -- Following a traffic stop at Charter Oak/Allison, police arrested a 34-year-old Napa man on suspicion of DUI.

0505 -- Report of a person down in an SUV at Mitchell/Voorhees.

1003 -- Report of a person sleeping in a running vehicle at McCorkle/Mariposa. Police arrested the 19-year-old Angwin resident on suspicion of DUI and drug possession.

1249 -- Report of homeless people harassing customers on Adams Street near Railroad Avenue.

1315 -- A woman received a scam phone call from a man claiming her Social Security number had been compromised. He told her to go to her bank to get vouchers for all her funds -- otherwise her accounts would be frozen and an arrest warrant would be issued. The scammer was able to convince her to provide personal information. Police told her to call credit companies, banks and the Social Security Administration to warn them her information could be compromised.

1447 -- A cell phone was found at the farmers’ market.

1603 -- A person got an email demanding $1,000 or else certain videos would be posted on the Internet. The person knew it was a scam, and just wanted to know how to block the emails.

1621 -- Police responded to a family disturbance.

Friday, Nov. 2

0627 -- Police conducted speed patrol on Spring Mountain Road, Boyson Lane, South Crane Avenue and Hudson Avenue.

0858 -- Police checked on a neighbor complaint about a tied-up barking dog on Spring Street.

1002 -- Medical aid on Arrowhead Drive.

1654 -- Medical aid for a woman feeling faint on Silverado Trail.

1733 -- A Social Security card and legal residency card were reported missing.

2320 -- Report of multiple dogs barking in the pond area at the park on Mitchell Drive.

Saturday, Nov. 3

0022 -- Police responded to a loud party on Howell Mountain Road.

0850 -- Report of a driver swerving at someone and laughing. An officer spoke with the driver, and it turned out the whole incident was a misunderstanding.

1312 -- A license plate was found in an Adams Street parking lot.

1435 -- A white pit and a Labrador puppy were detained at Hudson/Spring.

1449 -- A credit card was found in a Hunt Avenue parking lot.

1624 -- Police responded to an accident at Main/Adams.

1644 -- A resident received eight voicemails demanding a call back to Apple and stating that their account had been compromised. The resident did not fall for the scam.

1725 -- A child had run away from a caregiver at Meily Park, but nearby citizens helped detain the child and everything ended up fine.

2054 -- Medical aid for a fall victim on San Juan Court.

2144 -- A high school representative said the opposing team was requesting security for their own fans coming after them.

2151 -- Police responded to a domestic disturbance on Brown Street.

2232 -- Police cited a commercial trailer that had been parked on Grayson Avenue for more than 72 hours. The next day the owner said it would be moved by Monday morning.

Sunday, Nov. 4

0025 -- Non-injury lift assist on San Juan Court.

0116 -- Police responded to a loud music complaint at some apartments on Oak Avenue.

0831 -- Report of a dog yelping for the last hour on Grayson Avenue across from the high school.

1416 -- Police responded to a loud music complaint near Crane Avenue.

1458 -- Report of a reckless driver crossing over double yellows and driving very slowly near Main/Pope.

Monday, Nov. 5

0906 -- Branches from a large redwood tree were blocking the stop sign on Adams Street in front of the elementary school. Public Works was notified.

1027 -- Public Works reported a verbal altercation between two business owners while they were out handling a city code violation on Money Way. The parties had already separated.

1043 -- Report of an illegal leaf blower on Allyn Avenue. The caller had contacted workers three times over the last two months and given them copies of the city’s leaf blower ordinance, but they ignored the warnings. Police cited them.

1332 -- Police received two reports of a pair of yellow labs running in the southbound lane of Main Street south of Grayson Avenue.

1523 -- Medical aid for a fall victim in a Main Street parking lot.

1549 -- Police responded to a vehicle vs. bicyclist accident at Edwards/Pope. The approximately 8- or 9-year-old cyclist was not injured, and the driver stayed at the scene.

1951 -- A caller requested extra patrol near Edwards/Hunt due to speeding cars.

1953 -- A car parked near Dahlia/La Quinta was damaged in a hit-and-run earlier today.

2225 -- Police responded to a noisy neighbor complaint on Edwards Street.

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