St. Helena Police Log, Oct. 29-Nov. 4
Police Log

St. Helena Police Log, Oct. 29-Nov. 4

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Tuesday, Oct. 29

0908 — Report of a man smoking a cigarette and flicking ash, causing a fire hazard near the Upper Reservoir on Spring Mountain Road.

1122 — Police marked an abandoned truck on Allyn Avenue and another vehicle on Hunt Avenue. Unless they are moved, they will be towed in 72 hours.

1236 — A small gray male cat named Jazz ran away from his Hunt Avenue home on Sunday.

1620 — Report of an assault by a juvenile on Park Street. Police arrested the juvenile.

2120 — Medical aid on Library Lane.

2159 — Following a traffic stop on Main Street, police arrested a 32-year-old Mendota, Fresno County, man on suspicion of DUI.

Wednesday, Oct. 300745 — A runaway dog was found and returned to its owner.

1358 — A utility line was down on Madrona Avenue.

1408 — Electrical equipment was glowing on a Pope Street power pole.

1504 — Report of an intoxicated man near the railroad tracks on Pope Street.

1913 — Medical aid on Del Rio Court.

2118 — A driver reported being followed by a person in a gray Nissan. He said the Nissan tailgated him, passed him, then made a U-turn to follow him again. It was last seen on Mills Lane. Police checked the area.

2320 — Report of people shouting at a party on Edwards Street.

Thursday, Oct. 310727 — A bike and helmet were found at Meily Park.

0834 — Police cited a car parked in a no-parking zone on Grayson Avenue.

0929 — An officer escorted Sun and Stars Montessori School on a walk downtown.

1106 — Medical aid on Crane Avenue.

1123 — Police cited a delivery truck parked in a red zone on Main Street.

1450 — Report of a structure fire on Colombard Court.

1601 — A person asked for advice about a child custody issue.

2319 — Police were notified of a child custody issue.

Friday, Nov. 11838 — A debit card was returned to its owner.

1846 — A dog was returned to its owner.

2001 — Police cited a person for driving with a suspended/revoked license.

Saturday, Nov. 21018 — An officer awarded pizza gift certificates to young cyclists who were wearing their helmets on Hunt Avenue.

1318 — Prescription drugs were reported missing from a Hunt Avenue apartment.

1804 — Medical aid for a person having an allergic reaction on Main Street.

1910 — Police cited an unlicensed driver near Main/Mitchell.

1935 — A man was being drunk and belligerent at a Main Street restaurant.

2028 — Police responded to a loud music complaint on McCorkle Avenue. The person agreed to turn it down.

2247 — Report of a loud party on Sylvaner Avenue.

2310 — Police received another complaint about loud music on Sylvaner Avenue.

Sunday, Nov. 30119 — Following a traffic stop at Highway 29 and Inglewood Avenue, police arrested a 28-year-old St. Helena man on suspicion of DUI.

0138 — A dog found near the elm tunnel was returned to its owner.

0200 — A dog had been barking since 10 p.m. near Grove Court.

0642 — A man asked police to stand by while he picked up his dog from Allison Avenue.

1048 — Medical aid for a 10-year-old boy who lost consciousness while kneeling at an altar on Tainter Street. He was now alert and feeling fine.

1217 — Two Dalmatians pooped on Carpy Field. When the caller told their owner to pick it up, he copped an attitude and said, “Why don’t you pick it up?”

1820 — Non-injury lift assist on Redondo Court.

1822 — Following a traffic stop on Main Street, police arrested a 27-year-old Santa Rosa resident on suspicion of DUI.

Monday, Nov. 40712 — Report of a woman sleeping in a car. She was also seen begging for food a week ago. Police talked to her.

0914 — A black Yorkie was reported missing from Kearney/Pine.

1146 — Police were told to be on the lookout for a white semi speeding on Spring Street.

1154 — The speed limit sign at Pope/Hollis hadn’t been working since the power outage.

1314 — Report of cars speeding in the Spring/lower Sylvaner area.

1712 — A homeless man was reported missing for the last week. He might be staying under a bridge in Napa. His mother talked to him a week ago.

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