Tuesday, Oct. 1

0725 -- Graffiti was found in the men’s bathroom at Meily Park.

0801 -- A mother said her daughter hadn’t returned home last night. The girl turned out to be at school.

0817 -- Non-injury accident at Madrona/Oak.

0903 -- Three large huskies were running loose near Spring/Stockton. The caller said they’d attacked her dog but hadn’t inflicted any injuries.

1325 -- Report of a reckless driver near Main/Fulton.

Wednesday, Oct. 2

0055 -- A loose golden retriever was turned in at the police station.

0615 -- A vehicle ran into a parked car on Main Street. Nobody was hurt.

0750 -- Report of an ongoing noise issue on Vineyard Avenue, with construction noise starting at 7:25, even though the city’s ordinance says no tools are permitted until after 8 a.m.

0751 -- Medical aid on Pope Street.

0811 -- Medical aid on Main Street.

1059 -- A man said he was going to sell a car to someone on Craigslist but got scammed out of his bank information instead.

1352 -- Report of a reckless driver almost colliding with oncoming traffic at Silverado/Pope.

1408 -- Report of kids smoking at Crane Park.

1536 -- A man reported being harassed by construction workers at his home on Saint Andrews Court.

1606 -- Report of a suspicious man setting a fire near the elementary school.

1621 -- A man reported that his ex-wife was driving drunk.

1647 -- A bike was reported missing from College Avenue.

2015 -- Medical aid for a man having a seizure in the back of a Main Street restaurant.

2256 -- Someone cut the padlock on a newsrack at Main/Spring.

Thursday, Oct. 3

0009 -- A loose Aussie dog was running around the Main/Pope intersection.

0022 -- A black and white Aussie was spotted on Adams Street.

0520 -- Calistoga police asked for a K-9 unit to help with a foot pursuit on View Road.

0754 -- A whole apartment’s-worth of garbage was dumped into a garbage bin belonging to a downtown business. All the trash appeared to come from one person.

1041 -- Medical aid on Crinella Drive.

1255 -- Report of a possible drunk driver near Main/Vidovich.

1303 -- A woman was seen sleeping in the shade near Main Street.

1541 -- Report of a woman violating a restraining order on Grayson Avenue. Police arrested the 45-year-old Santa Rosa woman on resisting arrest, two felony no-bail bench warrants, probation violation, and violation of a criminal restraining order.

1815 -- Medical aid on Brown Street.

1859 -- A miniature poodle named Maddie escaped from her home on Granger Way.

2056 -- Report of a possibly drunk pedestrian on Main Street.

Friday, Oct. 4

1144 -- A caller reported a dispute over a handicapped parking space near Main/Spring. The caller is handicapped and needed the space. When she asked the man who was parked in the space whether he was handicapped, he said no and walked into a nearby restaurant. When he came out, the caller was taking pictures of his truck. He almost ran over her foot as he drove away. She said, ‘You almost ran me over,” and he said “I know and planned to.”

1218 -- Two PG&E trucks were causing traffic delays while crossing the Pope Street bridge.

1542 -- Non-injury hit-and-run on Railroad Avenue.

Saturday, Oct. 5

0014 -- Police took a vandalism report near La Fata/Dowdell.

0211 -- Report of a possible drunk driver going 20 mph on Highway 29 at Big Tree Road.

1513 -- Non-injury accident blocking Highway 29 at Zinfandel Lane.

1513 -- Non-injury accident on Main Street.

1537 -- A truck towing a flatbed trailer was disrupting traffic on the Pope Street bridge and forcing other cars to back up. Police contacted the driver, who was lost and unfamiliar with the area.

1631 -- A driver reportedly fell asleep at a green light at Pope/Main. He finally woke up when someone walked up to the car. Police stopped the car at Bale Lane and determined the driver was not drunk.

1926 -- Calistoga police reported that four vehicles were broken into at a resort on Silverado Trail. A large Coach purse and a backpack with $500 in cash were stolen.

Sunday, Oct. 6

0029 -- Report of a possible drunk driver weaving and driving at erratic speeds on Main Street.

Monday, Oct. 7

0655 -- A person with a history of drunk driving and public intoxication was seen drinking some type of alcohol on Dowdell Lane. When the person drove away, police stopped the car at Main/Fulton and arrested the 42-year-old St. Helena resident on suspicion of DUI.

0924 -- Report of a reckless driver near Main/Pope.

0942 -- A juvenile was caught vaping marijuana on Grayson Avenue. The juvenile will be suspended from school for three days, and the matter will be forwarded to the school resource officer and diversion coordinator.

1014 -- Police talked to a woman who wanted to file a restraining order.

1016 -- A father asked if he could press assault and battery charges regarding a fight between his daughter and a boy on Grayson Avenue. The boy went up to her and pulled her hair, and the situation escalated from there. He took his daughter to the doctor and found out she had suffered a concussion during the altercation.

1051 -- Report of a loud leaf blower on Edwards Street.

1109 -- A loose golden retriever was reunited with its owner.

1154 -- Report of a suspicious truck with its engine running at Madrona/Oak.

1539 -- A suspicious bulky envelope was received at the Napa Valley College Upper Valley Campus. It sounded like there was sand inside. The fire department assisted in opening the package, which contained two Emergen-C packages.

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