Tuesday, Oct. 22

0735 — Report of a deer running around Signorelli Circle.

0753 — Medical aid for a fall victim with a head wound on Olive Avenue.

0758 — Report of a deer, possibly injured, on Pope Street.

0843 — Lift assist on Crinella Drive.

0905 — Someone left graffiti on the water tank and throughout Wappo Park.

0940 — Report of a reckless drivers – specifically high school students – running the stop sign at the Madrona/Spring Mountain intersection between 8 and 8:15 a.m. Police will schedule extra patrols.

1005 — Report of a large bulldozer-type vehicle parked on Kearney Street, causing problems for residents backing out of their driveway.

1354 — Following a non-injury accident on Pope Street, police arrested a 51-year-old Napa woman on suspicion of DUI.

1419 — Report of a suspicious car entering Vineyard Valley.

1422 — Medical aid for a woman who fell on the sidewalk.

1531 — A caller said a reckless driver had gotten out of his car, pounded on her window, and accused her of tailgating.

1538 — A Church Street resident said a woman keeps letting her dog poop on his property, which attracts flies. Police deemed it a civil problem.

1538 — Non-injury accident at Main/Dowdell.

1704 — Police were told to be on the lookout for a possible drunk driver near Main/Pratt.

1913 — Report of an RV driving well under the speed limit on northbound Highway 29, with a chain of cars behind it.

2119 — Report of a reckless driver swerving and driving at erratic speeds in a black Escalade near Main/Mitchell.

Wednesday, Oct. 230829 — Report of a construction truck filling up its tank from a fire hydrant north of the elm tunnel.

0846 — Report of a transient sleeping in some bushes near Main Street. A business owner was worried the transient might go through the business’ shed in the future.

1221 — Police investigated some kids who haven’t been to school in a few weeks. Their mother said they have a strange illness and are staying with their dad.

1229 — Report of a possible drunk driver on northbound Highway 29.

1309 — Police cited a large trailer parked in a blue zone at Main/Adams.

1408 — A suspicious man had been parked at a gas pump smoking cigars for 20 minutes. When the caller confronted him, he said he was on suicide watch and he wasn’t leaving. When he saw the caller calling police, he left.

Thursday, Oct. 240212 — Someone locked their keys in their car on Allison Avenue. Police referred them to a towing company.

0437 — An officer found mail in the street near Madrona/Riesling.

1109 — Police cited a car parked in a red zone near Main/Spring.

1203 — A 14-year-old husky named Yogi escaped from home on Chablis Circle. He’s gray and white with blue eyes and a collar with his owner’s contact information.

1350 — A vandal knocked over headstones and broke a water pipe at the cemetery sometime between 5 p.m. Wednesday and 7:30 a.m. Thursday.

1616 — A dog jumped out of a parked car on Main Street. Its owner came to get it.

2218 — An officer found graffiti at Wappo Park.

Friday, Oct. 250004 — A white truck hit a white sedan on Church Street, then drove away. Police took a hit-and-run report.

1102 — Medical aid on Pope Street.

1207 — A caller requested extra patrol at Friday night’s football game. He’d heard that a 19-year-old was planning to come to the game to beat up his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend.

1215 — Police cited a car parked in the wrong direction near Adams/Main.

1233 — Report of a suspicious man on Oak Avenue.

1531 — A parked car was damaged in a hit-and-run.

1450 — Medical aid on Pope Street.

1721 — A man said he’d hit a parked car while parallel parking on Hunt Avenue. He’d left his contact information on the windshield but hadn’t heard back.

1723 — The contents of a child’s backpack were strewn around a parking lot on Adams Street.

1729 — A 14-year-old with Down Syndrome wearing a giraffe costume was reported missing from Oak Avenue. He was found after a few minutes.

2010 — A Starr Avenue resident received a suspicious phone call from someone claiming to be from the St. Helena Star and asking for personal information. The resident hung up, but thought the phone call was strange. The call was not from anyone at the Star. Police urge the public to never give out personal information over the phone.

2102 — A party of six were refusing to pay their bill at a Main Street restaurant. They’d been drinking, and they were threatening to fight a restaurant employee.

Saturday, Oct. 260350 — Police arrested a 26-year-old Martinez woman with an outstanding warrant.

2005 — Report of excessively loud music shaking a neighbor’s house on Madrona Avenue.

2048 — The Sylvaner Avenue area experienced a power outage.

2250 — A caller asked police to check on her friend, whom she hadn’t been able to contact.

Sunday, Oct. 270132 — Report of suspicious loud noises in a house on Dahlia Street.

0459 — Report of a power line down on Conn Valley Road.

0640 — Report of a four-car accident with a tree down on Highway 29 near Ehlers Lane. Traffic was diverted to Silverado Trail.

0853 — Report of a loud pop, possibly from a transformer, on Allyn Avenue.

1044 — Power lines were arcing on Vineyard Avenue.

1232 — Report of a fire in a men’s locker room on Main Street. It was quickly extinguished, so the caller canceled the call.

1414 — One of the railroad arms at Vintage Avenue was broken and sitting in the roadway.

1706 — A Honda with a smashed rear window was left with its door open on Hunt Avenue. It looked like it had been rummaged through.

1907 — Report of a small fire on the east side of Silverado Trail on Deer Park Road toward the hospital.

1931 — Report of two small fires on the trail behind the library.

2209 — Report of someone violating a restraining order.

2327 — One of the railroad arms at Vintage Avenue was snapped in half.

Monday, Oct. 280807 — A juvenile came to the police station to ask for help with a problem.

0825 — Medical aid on Hudson Avenue.

1048 — Report of a restraining order violation.

1101 — A pickup had been parked on Pope Street for over four days.

1209 — A lost wallet was returned to its owner after the person who found it posted on NextDoor.

1324 — A woman reported almost being hit by a speeding car on Main Street.

1346 — A parked car was sideswiped on Rosebud Lane. Police took a hit-and-run report.

1910 — A local man came home and found his ex in the hot tub, even though there’d been a court order for her to leave the house in May.

2359 — Report of a suspicious man loitering and looking at parked cars on Oak Avenue.

Tuesday, Oct. 290014 — Report of a possible drunk driver on Pope Street.

0248 — A woman suspected that her son was doing drugs in his room with three of his friends. Police took a report.

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