Tuesday, Sept. 3

1104 -- Report of a car speeding down Pope Street at about 50 mph.

1120 -- There was a two-car accident involving a Ford Escape and a delivery truck. One driver sustained a shoulder injury.

1148 -- Medical aid for a man feeling dizzy on Fulton Lane.

1556 -- Police notified Caltrans that the light at Main/Madrona was changing too quickly.

1612 -- Non-injury accident at Main/Grayson.

1655 -- A caller said big trucks were carrying an enormous building into town and dropping things on the road, which gave the caller's car a flat tire.

2006 -- Report of a power line down on Main Street.

2121 -- A citizen asked for help interpreting a court order.

Wednesday, Sept. 4

0739 -- A man reported being threatened by another man near Main/Pope.

0922 -- Report of a gravel truck dropping dirt on the road before unloading on Spring Mountain Road.

1539 -- A driver said two middle-school-aged boys on bicycles had run the stop sign at Railroad/Fulton right in front of her. She’d been able to hit her brakes. She suggested that an officer go to the middle school and talk about bike safety. Dispatch will notify the school resource officer.

1544 -- A white 2005 Ford F-450 flatbed was stolen from a Main Street property where it was undergoing parts service.

1611 -- Medical aid on Springbrook Court.

1654 -- Medical aid on Crinella Drive.

1659 -- Report of a pickup truck with a 30-foot trailer trying to get through the parking lot near Wappo Park. The caller was concerned it was going to hit other cars.

1852 -- A car ran off the road and hit a tree on Highway 29 near Rutherford.

2044 -- Report of a man on a bike acting aggressive near a business on La Fata Street. He was last seen heading towards McCormick Street. Police checked the area.

Thursday, Sept. 5

0743 -- Photos of graffiti at Meily Park were sent to dispatch.

0805 -- Report of a reckless driver crossing over double yellows on Silverado Trail near Oakville Cross.

0858 -- A car had been parked in front of someone’s house on Meadowcreek Circle for three days.

1142 -- Report of someone making threats.

1533 -- Police were asked to provide extra traffic enforcement at Main/Elmhurst when school gets out, due to cars failing to yield to pedestrians.

1638 -- A pickup and a car had been parked on Hunt Avenue since Monday.

1713 -- A car parked on Main Street sustained minor damage in a hit-and-run.

2307 -- A Park Street resident said a suspicious man parked behind her car in the driveway and was approaching the front door. He looked around, then drove away very fast. A second car followed him.

Friday, Sept. 6

1228 -- Report of a garbage truck with an untarped load dropping trash along northbound Highway 29 from Madrona Avenue almost to Bale Lane.

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1448 -- A person got a scam phone call from someone fraudulently claiming to be from the Santa Rosa Apple Store.

1722 -- Report of a suspicious man watching cheer practice near Tainter/Stockton. He sped off once he was noticed. He was a Hispanic man in his late 20s or early 30s, driving a blue Corolla.

1834 -- Non-injury accident at Main/Grayson.

1847 -- A lost purse was returned to its owner.

2120 -- Medical aid for a man having trouble walking on Hunt Avenue.

Saturday, Sept. 7

0658 -- Report of a domestic disturbance on Allison Avenue.

1307 -- A man said someone called him and threatened to send him a virus on his website.

1702 -- Report of construction noise continuing past 5 p.m. on Spring Mountain Road.

1715 -- A juvenile reported being yelled at by an adult on Crane Avenue. The person was gone now. Police told the juvenile to call back if the person returns and starts yelling again.

1809 -- Report of a small dog in distress in a car parked on Hunt Avenue. An officer found the owner and the dog, which did not look like it was in distress.

2012 -- Report of loud thumping music on Arrowhead Drive. The caller said it wasn’t a problem right now but agreed to call back if the music hadn’t ended by 10 p.m. The caller called back and was referred to the sheriff’s office because the music was coming from outside the city limits.

2015 -- Police checked on a loud music complaint on Sylvaner Avenue. An officer contacted a neighbor who agreed to stop for the day.

2042 -- Report of a possible drunk driver in a gray Honda on northbound Highway 29 near Yount Mill Road.

2124 -- Report of a possible drunk driver in a red Land Cruiser at Main/Adams.

2248 -- The last Aussie was spotted near Main/Grayson. An officer couldn’t catch it.

2319 -- Police responded to a loud party on Chiles Avenue. The revelers agreed to go inside for the night.

Sunday, Sept. 8

0243 -- A woman said her boyfriend was drunk and refusing to get into their truck. He took off on foot near Main/Spring. Officers conducted an extensive search but couldn’t find him.

1125 -- Police warned someone on Hunt Avenue who was making construction noise on a Sunday.

1824 -- Someone left graffiti on the Starr Avenue bridge, at an electrical box near Railroad/Adams, at a bus station on Hunt Avenue, and at a Caltrans control box on Adams Street. A citizen said he will clean it up.

2017 -- Report of a drunk woman insulting people, acting belligerent, and refusing to leave a Hunt Avenue house. Police arrested the 50-year-old Napa woman on suspicion of resisting arrest.

Monday, Sept. 9

0007 -- A woman asked police to check on her daughter, who hadn’t responded to phone calls or texts.

0503 -- Police pulled over and cited a pickup that had been crossing double yellows and speeding near Main/Madrona.

0637 -- Report of someone driving under the influence on northbound Highway 29 from Dowdell Lane.

1245 -- Report of a reckless driver speeding on North Crane Avenue and Birch Street.

1716 -- A leaf blower was blowing dirt everywhere on Hudson Avenue.

2311 -- A loose Aussie dog was spotted at Oak/Adams. It ran south toward Tainter.

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