Tuesday, Sept. 24

0729 -- Someone left graffiti at the Meily Park bathrooms.

0915 -- Lift assist on Allyn Avenue.

1245 -- The fire department responded to two reports of a fire on Spring Street.

1253 -- A border collie found on Spring Mountain Road was returned to its owner.

1257 -- A number of trucks were trying to turn left from Mitchell onto Main, even though the signs say right turns only.

1328 -- Report of a little dog panting inside a truck parked on Main Street.

1337 -- Report of a reckless driver at Main/Elmhurst.

1720 -- A van reported stolen from North Crane Avenue was found in Richmond.

1724 -- Medical aid on Starr Avenue.

Wednesday, Sept. 25

0201 -- A license plate was found in the middle of Main Street.

0820 -- Report of a man standing outside a Main Street gas station making a rude hand gesture.

1908 -- Medical aid on San Juan Court.

1915 -- Smoke was coming out of a golf cart on Birch Street.

2027 -- A female juvenile called the police and said her parents kept yelling at her because she wouldn’t tell them about a conversation. Her parents had told her they were going to call the police, so she said she’d do it for them.

2322 -- Lift assist on Del Campo Court.

2345 -- Report of a drunk driver heading from Pope Valley to St. Helena.

Thursday, Sept. 26

0805 -- A license plate was stolen from a car on Hudson Avenue.

0807 -- An employee reportedly stole confidential documents from a La Fata Street business.

0938 -- A Vallejo Street resident asked for help after finding a rattlesnake in the garage.

1543 -- A semi truck illegally crossed the Pope Street bridge.

1851 -- A juvenile was briefly reported missing. She was soon reunited with her parents.

2012 -- Report of a man and a woman having an argument on Tainter Street.

Friday, Sept. 27

0052 -- Report of a drunk man standing in the middle of Main Street near Spring Street.

0137 -- Medical aid for a man having trouble breathing on Pope Street.

1129 -- A pedestrian said a driver ran a stop sign at Hunt/Church and almost hit him and his dog.

1445 -- Patrons threatened a downtown bartender over the phone after the bartender refused to serve them alcohol because they were drunk.

1515 -- Report of a suspicious man who masturbates while watching people walk by on White Sulphur Springs Road. The location was outside the city limits, so police referred the matter to the sheriff’s office.

1712 -- Two-car accident at Hunt/Main.

1908 -- Report of a water main leaking on Walnut Avenue.

2019 -- A big rig driver got lost and needed a place to turn around to reach a local winery.

2216 -- Police responded to a backyard party on Hunt Avenue.

2233 -- Police checked on a report of loud music and drums.

Saturday, Sept. 28

0745 -- Someone left the ashes of burned toilet paper in a public restroom on Crane Avenue.

0947 -- Medical aid on Highway 29.

1224 -- A woman reported buying a $3,000 skin machine at a pop-up store on Main Street. She no longer wanted it, so she tried to return it, but the store was refusing to process the return. One of the women at the store told her it was “out of my hands.” The second time the customer went into the store, the employees made her walk out, locked the doors, and left. The customer found complaints about the company online. Police referred her to City Hall.

1301 -- Report of a reckless driver using the middle lane of Highway 29 for about a mile. The car turned onto Inglewood Avenue. Police notified the CHP.

1444 -- Report of a possible drunk driver weaving and slamming on his brakes on Silverado Trail at Taplin Road. Police transferred to call to the CHP.

1523 -- Medical aid for a woman having abdominal pains on Hunt Avenue.

1548 -- A man said two men chased him down Adams Street five months ago and he dropped his phone. Ever since, he’s been having issues with his wife whom he suspects of cheating on him with those same men. He’s been receiving suspicious phone calls from different numbers, and he believes the two men are involved. He also noticed suspicious activity on his phone bill. Every morning between 3 and 4:30 a.m. he hears people outside and neighbors jumping around upstairs, which prevents him from sleeping. Police advised him to cancel the lost phone, contact his phone company, change his number, and call 911 if he hears something strange outside his home.

1621 -- An oak tree limb fell at Hudson/Spring.

1738 -- Report of a possible drunk driver in a white Yukon swerving and crossing over double yellows on Silverado Trail at Oakville Cross Road.

1751 -- Report of a possible drunk driver in a white Camry swerving all over Highway 29 at Oakville Cross Road.

1758 -- Report of a car swerving and tailgating on Main Street. Police arrested the 25-year-old Napa man on suspicion of DUI.

2119 -- Report of loud music on McCorkle Avenue.

Sunday, Sept. 29

1144 -- A dog found on Voorhees Circle was reunited with its owner.

1153 -- A vehicle was impounded because it was being used as a charter bus or limo without the proper permits.

1255 -- Public Works was dispatched to a sewer backup on Allyn Avenue.

1409 -- A man reported having problems with his mother.

2040 -- Police checked for a missing person whose phone’s last ping location was in St. Helena.

2223 -- Someone was talking or singing into a microphone on Spring Street.

2356 -- A brown chihuahua/rat terrier was reported missing.

Monday, Sept. 30

0127 -- Report of someone screaming near Signorelli/Pope.

0309 -- A Charter Oak Avenue resident said his tap water tastes like bug spray. Public Works was notified.

0737 -- Gang graffiti was found in the men’s bathroom at Meily Park.

0804 -- A utility line was hanging low over a sidewalk on Stockton Street. AT&T was going to respond.

0908 -- Report of a silver sedan pulling off the road and making a bunch of U-turns in the middle of Spring Street.

0922 -- A person searching on foot found a car wrapped around a tree off Silverado Trail south of Pratt Avenue. The deceased driver was believed to have crashed early Saturday morning.

0936 -- Medical aid for a man with chest pain on Main Street.

1116 -- Non-injury accident at Adams/Main.

1205 -- Multiple cars were parked in a no-parking zone on Monte Vista.

1253 -- Two coyotes were seen up on a berm near Pope Street.

1743 -- Medical aid for a teenage boy who’d cut his arm on glass on Oak Avenue.

1911 -- A female juvenile jumped out of her window and ran away from home on Park Street.

2129 -- Medical aid for a man having trouble breathing at Fulton/Main.

2142 -- A loose Australian shepherd was spotted near Oak/Mitchell.

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