Vineyard Valley Mobile Home Park

Vineyard Valley Mobile Home Park in St. Helena.

The No on Measure F campaign has vastly outspent the campaign in favor of the measure, which would introduce rent stabilization at Vineyard Valley Mobile Home Park.

As of May 18, the No on F campaign had received $72,623.44 and spent $70,894.18, while the Yes on F campaign had received $12,318 and spent $6,526.99, according to campaign financing reports filed at City Hall.

With the campaign entering its final week, the No campaign has $16,248.03 in cash on hand and $14,518.77 in outstanding debts. The Yes campaign has $3,852.70 in cash on hand and no debts.

Ballots in the special mail-in election are due Tuesday, June 4.

No on F

The No campaign is organized by the Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association (WMA) and funded by the WMA’s Issues PAC and various mobile home park owners.

Greg Reynolds, the managing partner of Vineyard Valley’s ownership group, has contributed $20,073.44 to the campaign, including $12,500 in the most recent reporting period between April 21 and May 18.

The other recent donors were Del Amo Mobile Park in Long Beach ($250) and Trailerancho Mobile Home Park in Santa Maria ($250).

Recent expenditures include $18,880.32 to Gilliard Blanning & Associates for campaign paraphernalia and IT costs, $17,000 to GOCO Consulting for campaign workers’ salaries, and $500 to Political Data for IT costs.

The campaign owes $14,518.77 to Bell, McAndrews & Hiltachk, the legal firm that represented park resident Tom Vence in a lawsuit challenging the wording of the ballot measure.

Yes on F

The Yes campaign is primarily funded by St. Helena residents, including many who live in Vineyard Valley.

Recent donors include Lora Laird ($500), Michael Merriman ($300), Pat Dell ($250), Grace Kistner ($250), Jerri Patton ($250), Cathy Small ($250), Cio Perez ($200), Robin McGuire ($149), Robb Cohen ($100), Barbara Dehnert ($100), Susan Kenward ($100) and Jack Casserly ($25).

The campaign has also received $2,670.09 in loans from Merriman and a $50 loan from Dell.

Recent expenditures include $964.75 for advertising in the Star, $412.19 to U-Printing for door hangers, $369.50 to Signs on the Cheap for yard signs, $250 to Adam Adreveno to produce a commercial, $150 to the Cameo Cinema to air the commercial, and $20.05 to PayPal.

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