Vineyard Valley Mobile Home Park

Vineyard Valley Mobile Home Park

One of the owners of Vineyard Valley Mobile Home Park has lodged a formal complaint against the pro-Measure F campaign over a technical matter, as campaigns on both sides of the rent stabilization battle reported their latest fundraising figures.

Greg Reynolds, managing partner for the park’s ownership group, filed a complaint with the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) on May 1.

He accused the Yes on F campaign committee of failing to include the phrase “Measure F” in its name, failing to include the required “Ad paid for by” disclaimer in its campaign video, and incorrectly formatting the same disclaimer on its yard signs and mailers. (The Government Code pertaining to campaign ads is highly specific, even dictating fonts and formatting.)

The pro-F campaign responded Monday by changing its name from “Citizens for Secure Senior Housing” to “Citizens for Secure Senior Housing-Measure F.”

“This Sacramento PAC has hired high-powered attorneys from Sacramento to first sue the city, which they lost in court, and now to file Fair Political Practice charges against our local volunteer group,” said Vineyard Valley resident Michael Merriman on behalf of the Yes on F campaign, adding that the No on F campaign is funded by a Sacramento-based PAC.

“The charges are on such things as how the print on the lawn signs is formatted,” Merriman said. “Making a complaint to the FPPC is only a complaint. It is not a determination.”

An FPPC spokesman, Jay Wierenga, confirmed that the complaint had been received. He said complaints are taken under review to determine whether they merit an investigation. That review process usually takes between a few days and a few weeks. Full investigations are typically completed within about six months.

The June 4 ballot measure would give Vineyard Valley residents the choice between a long-term lease subject to the park’s usual rent increases or a short-term lease subject to rent stabilization. Maximum rent increases for rent-stabilized leases would be tied to the Consumer Price Index.

Yes on F campaign

As of April 20, the Yes on F campaign had received $8,862 and spent $4,111, with $1,938 in outstanding debts.

Recent donors include Cathy Small ($500), Richard Hansen ($450), Victoria Bradshaw ($400), Keith Eaton ($300), Douglas Schmidt ($300), Mae Van Nett ($250), John Alioto ($200), Betsy Holzhauer ($200), Anne Carr ($100), Barbara Dehnert ($100), Christine Killion ($100), Kathleen McCreedy ($100), Robin McGuire ($100), Evelyn Pool ($100), Nancy Siedler ($100), James Wayson ($100), Mary Williams ($100), Sally Heitz ($99), Marianna Hawkins ($75), Judith Hanley ($50), Paulette Keegan ($50), Eve Breckenridge ($25), Deborah Schlesinger ($25), Erica Sklar ($25), Sharon Slayton ($25), John Urias ($25), Pat Rardin ($20) and William Ryan ($10).

The campaign has also received loans from Michael Merriman ($1,888.40) and Pat Dell ($50).

Expenses include $1,901.55 to Gutenberg Transfer & Printing, $1,191 to Modern Postcard, $406.54 to Signs on the Cheap, $142.04 to GoDaddy, and $120.84 to PayPal.

No on F campaign

As of April 20, the No on F campaign had received $59,623.44 and spent $30,032.09, with $10,037 in outstanding debts.

The campaign is primarily funded by the Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association’s Issues PAC, which has contributed $49,050. The other contributions came from Vineyard Valley Mobile Home Park, LLC ($7,500), Golden State Mobile Lodge LP in Tustin ($1,000), Trade Winds Mobile Associates, LLC in Rosemead ($1,000) and Oakwood Mobile Home Park, LLC in Stockton ($500).

Expenses include $18,027.65 to Bell, McAndrews & Hiltachk, LLP, the same law firm that represented Vineyard Valley resident Tom Vence in a lawsuit involving the wording of the Measure F ballot question; $8,500 to GOCO Consulting for campaign workers’ salaries; $1,674 to H&S Signs for campaign paraphernalia; and $1,537 to Gilliard Blanning & Associates, Inc. for campaign paraphernalia and IT services.

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