There is a beautiful new shop on Main Street called Carter And Co. The proprietor is Richard Carter, an artist, whose wonderful pottery studio and home are in Pope Valley.

We have another Richard to thank for this new occupant in an historic building on the west side of Main Street.

Richard Larson owns the building and managed his antique store there for 38 years. His friendly, bearded face and warm smile greeted so many through the years. He was a fixture in what had originally been a butcher shop and then transformed into the Little Dress Factory by Jeannie Phillips.

Richard Carter has renovated the space with great care and respect for its origins and for St. Helena’s Main Street.

The reason we can celebrate our new neighbor is because Richard Larson is a landlord who loves Main Street. He is a landlord who is charging a reasonable, affordable rent as compared to others who have no interest in our community and are charging exorbitant rents.

Empty storefronts are proof that there are few Richard Larsons in our midst.

Thank you to Richard Larson and Richard Carter for enhancing the quality of life in our community!

Nancy Morrell

St. Helena

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