The St. Helena Star supported the losing candidate for mayor, and its response reminds me of a 6-year-old, pouting, when a toy train was taken away from him. The lack of respect shown for the newly elected Mayor Geoff Ellsworth is both rude, and unbecoming for our local newspaper.

Here are several examples:

1. Instead of bold headlines reading “Congratulations to Geoff Ellsworth, St. Helena’s mayor,” the Star announced that the old mayor was defeated.

2. Pictures speak louder than words. Readers, you have seen only unflattering photos of Geoff -- either a view of his back, a strange expression, or a detached pose. Subtle, but belittling.

3. Readers have read not once, but twice, about campaign expenditures in this newspaper. Why two articles on the same subject? One can only assume the paper was trying to discredit Geoff. Mayor Ellsworth not only received the most votes from St. Helena residents, but unseated a mayor supported by this newspaper and by local politicians -- not an easy task, nor inexpensive.

Restore the dignity our new mayor deserves by reporting in an admirable, respectful manner, giving attention to Mayor Ellsworth’s leadership and team play so far.

Joan Westgate

St. Helena

Editor’s Note: For the record, the headlines regarding the election are as follows: “Too close to call,” Nov. 8; “Four votes separate Galbraith, Ellsworth,” Nov. 15; “Galbraith concedes election,” Nov. 22; and “Ellsworth sworn in as mayor,” Dec. 13. Also, there were several stories and one cartoon regarding campaign finances throughout the election cycle, reporting what all the candidates raised and spent.

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