I deeply respect the mayor’s Christmas wish for 2020 that the city proceed with the building of a new City Hall. I heartily endorse this wish.

My suggestion: with City Hall vacated as a result of the most recent sad smoke/near fire event, and City Hall functions now moved to the City-owned Railroad Avenue building, that the City Council limit further expense for the City Hall building strictly to its complete demolition -- and not a penny for rehabilitation for further use.

Why this suggestion? It has been basically a generation of acknowledgment in community thinking that City Hall must be replaced. We are beyond the end-of-the-line. As is well documented, the building is far beyond possible rehabilitation.

Regrettably, we are a community with an unblemished record of not timely addressing our infrastructure issues. So, with the demolition of City Hall, there is no escape from the harsh reality of replacing it – and soon.

This is not an easy message to inaugurate a new year, but it is the message with which the most fervent procrastinator among us must agree.

Happy New Year to all!

Alan Galbraith

St. Helena Mayor, 2014-18

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