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Horrified about Lake County development

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I was reading about the Guenoc Valley Resort (June 11) that is planned and I’m absolutely horrified! I can’t believe something of this scale is even being considered, have we learned NOTHING!? Have the developers even considered drought, wildfires, habitat loss and climate change? Golf courses and vineyards are the biggest water sucks! Where are they planning on getting the water?

Where is the traffic supposed to go? Up and down Pope Valley and become gridlock like Highway 29 has become through St. Helena?

Having grown up in San Francisco I’ve watched what’s happened to Napa all in the name of tourist dollars and now the cancer is going to spread to Lake County. I know Lake County is in desperate need of tax dollars but is the only way through massive development in area not conducive especially now with all the environmental concerns we face in the area, not to mention the world?

Is there a land conservancy group that could purchase the land from the investors? I’m hoping the public hearings that will take place this week will scale back the project or at least put on hold. The other saving grace is they have a 10-year time frame and god knows what the climate will look like in 10 years. Let’s hope they’ll get discouraged by skies during certain times of the years turning brown from smoke from burning fires and the constant power shut offs that PG&E will implement.

I hope I’m not the only one with these concerns and the EIR report will deem the whole project (unless someone is being paid off) in the words of Mitch McConnell “Dead on arrival.”

Kate Christensen


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