I would like to respond to the comments made by Bill Ryan in his letter to the editor that referenced me ("Passenger trains have restrooms," July 18).

Not clear how you got the idea I missed Jim Collins' "key" statements. Your interpretation I suppose. Being classified as one of the "furious few" put a smile on my face. Not because it is true, which it isn't, but because I am a proponent of fair play. To me fair play includes being able to voice one’s observations and opinions without being demonized for them.

I very rarely get emotionally invested in lively discourse which in this case is the Adams Street property. No fury here, Bill. I have several, I think great, ideas for keeping St. Helena alive for the long haul, some of which involve the use of the Adams Street property if it is retained for community/civic use. I hope things work out in a way that those ideas will have an opportunity to be explored in the future. How did I do in the word count department? Best regards!

Nancy Dervin

St. Helena

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